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“Arboriculture means the care of trees”

Although man and trees always have been close associates, trees were here first. Unfortunately, this association was not always beneficial for trees, since they were stripped of their fruit, burned for cropland, ad cut for buildings and for firewood. 2,185 more words


Journal #145 - Taking Minimalism To Next Level

Earlier this year I started my journey on minimalism. Then it got more and more extreme where I am reviewing all the things that I have kept because of sentimentality and “just in case”. 260 more words

Life Journey

How my part-time job helped me to confront my own ableism

By Sage Lucas, M.S.W. Candidate

Salem State University

I never thought that my part-time job as a waitress could possibly inform my social work practice in any way. 887 more words


Why "The Compartment"?

I’m starting this blog as a way to practice sharing the pieces of me that I usually keep to myself – the depression, anxiety, self-loathing and body dysmorphia that have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. 566 more words


Relationship and Maturity

Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity….
Hebrews 6:1a (NIV)

The other night Wendy and I were having a conversation with friends. 433 more words


Keeping Stuff Separate (Normal People Edition)

Sometimes I am shocked and fascinated by how cleanly compartmentalized many people’s lives seem to be:

You go to work, which is something you do for money and not fun. 666 more words


Compartmentalizing Delusion

Religious people hold a lot of beliefs that nonbelievers conclude are delusional (see here). Many of these believers also hold important positions of responsibility in the government, in the media, and business. 869 more words