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Prioritize and Compartmentalize

The longer we live, the more stuff – literally and figuratively – we drag along with us.

Career, family, regrets, achievements, friends, dreams, conflicts, promises, goals – all of these take up the valuable – and limited – real estate inside our heads. 298 more words

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There's a Box For That

Travel plans, summer plans, USMLE step exams, relationships, parents, finances, school, and the list goes on and on and on and on!

Sitting in lecture yesterday, a professor that I didn’t have a lot of respect for really took me by surprise for several reasons. 125 more words


5 Steps of Compartmentalization: The Secret Behind Successful Entrepreneurs

Source: Forbes.com (Ryan Blair)

As a young entrepreneur I often get asked this question: “How do you deal with ____________ (insert word here: pressure, people, balance, challenges, family, etc)?”

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The Hypnotic Suggestion Keyword is "Obama"

Ahhh Ha! I just figured it out –

We’ve known for a while that foxnews viewers have been hypnotized and lied to for many, many, years… 352 more words


Standardizing Education - Common Core's Hidden Agenda

Anthony Cody’s article from last year Classrooms of the Future: Student Centered or Device Centered offers a very important analysis, looking at the hidden agenda of Common Core and the technology industry. 1,487 more words

Creative Systems Thinking

Concealed Narrative and Psychopathology part 2.

The experience of invidia, as Robert A. Kaster notes,[9] is invariably an unpleasant one, whether feeling invidia or finding oneself its object. Invidia at the thought of another’s good may be merely begrudging, Kaster observes, or begrudging and covetous at the same time: “I can feel dolor [“pain, sorrow, heartache”] at seeing your good, just because it is your good, period, or I can feel that way because the good is yours and not mine.” 596 more words

Trickle down economics?

“Frankly I think the people are tired of being trickled on and having it called rain.” – Mike Rivero

Change Fearing Hypocrites