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I automatically avoid being vulnerable. It’s probably for good reasons, and I’m not ready to plunge for anyone head over heels, but in ways, outside of romance, this vulnerability-dodging prevents me from being intimate in pure, friendly ways. 67 more words


Compartmentalization is a useful tool, mentally and spiritually, to prevent hysteresis. You don’t want to freak out over every thing that happens to you, and so you decide to not let the driver who cut you off put you in a bad mood the rest of the day. 232 more words

Question into the Abyss: "Somebody's Mom" vs. Just Me

One of my main uncertainties going into motherhood was how I would retain my pre-parent identity once I was a mom, and I know from talking to lots of other moms that I was not alone in this wondering. 672 more words



My original idea for today’s experiment was ‘compartmentalization’. I have always been very good at keeping unpleasant thoughts or subjects at bay (on a conscious level).  228 more words

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compartmentalization: divide into sections or categories.

i’m excellent at compartmentalizing-well as long as there is only one compartment. that’s a kind way of saying an amoeba probably does a better job at compartmentalizing than i do. 797 more words