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I find the occupation of my
mind unsettling, a thousand
tiny mistakes – but only one
you.  Lock weakness away,
the half of someone I know
better than myself.


Integrating Ministry & Marketplace (Part 1)

So lately I’ve been pondering the divide between vocational and marketplace ministry, specifically its relationship to spiritual gifts.

‘Cause I’ll be honest: I don’t get the chasm…the compartmentalization among these facets. 717 more words


Lisa Renee - Splitting Behaviors

Thanks to Time Shift Blog

Splitting Behaviors

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Splitting is a very common Ego Defense Mechanism. Splitting (also called black and white thinking or all-or-nothing thinking) is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together the dichotomy of both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. 2,356 more words

Read with a passion fruit

Compartment 1, The page: There is no meaning behind the passion fruit, it was just a word vomit sort of thing

Compartment 2, the academics: You know that you were built for the MCAT when you’re cheering in the middle of your lecture because your pseudo-professor is telling you that you need to consistently read periodicals and articles and (1) read with an interest and (2) comprehend and highlight and bullet point the arguments and meanings and (3) LOVE IT. 251 more words



One of my biggest strengths, one of my greatest weaknesses.

Without it, my life would be impossibly impossible to organize, recall and learn from.

I was told in an evaluation of my performance as a worker that this is a skill of mine–one that will help me out tremendously on a professional level, but horribly on an emotional level. 609 more words


shhh... cancer

When I was young nobody ever said the word ‘cancer’ in a normal tone of voice. It would always be said in a whisper. For example,  “Did you hear, Joanie has… cancer…?” with the last word barely said, or just mouthed, without sound. 292 more words

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