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The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

It’s the second month of 2018 and with my birthday coming up, I want to reflect a bit.

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Stressed out by our fractured nation?
Try compartmentalization!
Climb inside a tiny box
And seal it with some big-ass locks.
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Whistleblowers and Compartmentalization - Lisa Renee

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Whistleblowers and Compartmentalization

Recently, there is a pattern of witnessing more people that have been entrenched deeply within the various covert factions that underpin the basis for the Controller Pillars of Society, as they are coming forward as Whistleblowers. 2,230 more words

Maybe C is for Catalyst

I want to talk about how finding out what motivates you can lead to personal liberation.  To do that, I will take you back to my junior year of college.  1,683 more words


Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

I’m onto you people. You’re only here for the sexy men! Not so much of that this week, unfortunately. But we did have adorable goats, which is always a bonus in my book. 2,367 more words

Probabilities in what we can Find (Come to Learn about - And from) - In the Near Future

Rederick: Yess Mario, in the future as things do change a lot, concerning the effects of what or where individuals make conscious remarks (With Awareness BEING) – The core structural Compound – Utilized for Telekinetic connectivities… CONCERNING, by the effects of Transmutational Machineries (In matter) – Delocalizing perpetual Ritualistic Matters (Associations) of and In Terminologies utilized for our better conduits in times. 619 more words

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“Arboriculture means the care of trees”

Although man and trees always have been close associates, trees were here first. Unfortunately, this association was not always beneficial for trees, since they were stripped of their fruit, burned for cropland, ad cut for buildings and for firewood. 2,185 more words