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Every-day Lies

Contain it all, the mess I’ve made,
the little shards that cut so deep.
Piranhas swim in my pain, waiting
to devour every good feeling I can… 27 more words


Compartmentalization as a Christian INTJ.

There is this idea in church that one is supposed to be the same inside and outside of the church. This is a daunting idea for me because I can’t help but compartmentalize my life between church, academics (which I no longer have), family, professional (which I still don’t have), and other. 198 more words

Burn Letter

Krank Ficken:

   I’ve put off this letter to you for a very long time.  I have hidden you in my head since I was a little girl.   1,616 more words

Impromptu Prompts

Children Must be Guided into Creativity – Madeleine L’Engle

“There are forces working in the world as never before in the history of mankind for standardization, for the regimentation of us all… Because of the very nature of the world as it is today our children receive in school a heavy load of scientific and analytic subjects, so it is in their reading for fun, for pleasure, that they must be guided into creativity.” …

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Creative Systems Thinking

Compartmentalized Prayer, Compartmentalized God

“He turns rivers into wilderness and the watersprings into dry ground…..He turns wilderness into pools of water and dry land into water spring……He also blesses them and they multiply…”   1,227 more words

Thinking Outside the Boxes in Our Heads

“I like to experience the Universe as one harmonious whole. Every cell has life. Matter, too, has life; it is energy solidified. The tree outside is life… The whole of nature is life… The basic laws of the universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can’t grasp them. 930 more words

Creative Systems Thinking