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Some have a night side |
They compartmentalize|
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April 3, 2018

Thought to share: Don’t compartmentalize your life, dividing it into segments for easy management. Instead, opt for the “open concept” plan. Tear down the walls and give ME full access to every part of you. 158 more words

Tuesday Texts


She had accumulated a certain

amount of “baggage”

she was forced to

take with her

where ever she went

It would be



to leave it behind… 370 more words



As I started my travel today on a long bus ride early in the morning with almost 90% of the people sleeping around me as they commute for their daily financial survival while rest had their headphones on listening to music. 435 more words


Internal speculation/Bdsm thoughts

I find it interesting that there is a dichotomy of perception about me. Those who know me at a surface level get someone forceful, sardonic, and cynical. 383 more words


My Life is my Work

My life is my work.  I thought this as I hash tagged #worklifebalance in a post on Instagram.

That got me thinking about what do I really mean?   281 more words

Coach's Corner

The Vanishing 1988; a film directed by George Sluizer; Dutch

God forbid that it ever happens to one of us: a loved one leaves, never to return. There is no dreaded call from the hospital or the police. 678 more words