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The Flowers Littering the Backseat

It’s very hard for us, as emotional beings, to cohesively organize the failed loves of our past. More often than not we squirm, cry, cringe, burn, long, collapse in thought of someone that we had once shared with our most intimate thoughts and moments. 324 more words


i don't have internet but this was last night

After being surprised by, and then watching, slightly strained in the opposite direction, the cockroach crawl into that hole that I don’t but you might know what is for in the back of your sink, I realized that is one of my things. 675 more words

Infinite space

It’s the space between the words where I find myself. It’s this infinite space I understand myself. I can’t live in your book. I live in this infinite space of who I am. 188 more words

Miscellaneous Midnights

It’s currently midnight, ten in the morning in Africa and four in the afternoon in China and I am terrified of what’s to come.

Some people in the world are already in the future while I sit beneath my bed sheets thinking about the past; what I did today, how many times I could have done this, or should have said that. 845 more words


Compartments for coping

Do you ever separate things into different compartments to help you cope?

I was thinking about how this became a kind of coping mechanism in my younger years. 287 more words

Covert Abuse