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Who are the Joneses?

Ever since I was in junior high, I’ve been the kind of person who cuts things out of magazines and plasters them to her wall. As an adult, I try to keep myself from doing this–it isn’t a very “mature” way to decorate, after all–but sometimes I can’t help myself. 384 more words


Kidzone Compassion Market

Here at Chase Oaks Church, we have always tried to find alternative and creative ways to make an impact both locally and globally.  We’ve partnered locally with organizations such as Allen Community Outreach, Gifts For Moms, surrounding area school districts, the City of Plano, and more (check out all… 553 more words


The Power of Compassion

How often do we get a physical letter from someone?  Before the wonderful technology known as email came about, a handwritten letter was a common way of talking to someone and telling them what was happening in their life.   889 more words


Hello, strangers.

It’s been far too long. I’m starting to feel the void of not blogging affect my motivation.

I will give you a brief explanation for my absence. 495 more words


3 new Correspondents

I have three new Correspondents from Compassion! They look like really sweet kids!

Cinthya, 18, and Damian, 14, from Ecuador

Franklin, 16, from Kenya

A Family Affair

My kids love getting the mail.

I don’t mean that they just love getting letters or magazines addressed to them, but they love to literally run out to our mailbox and get the mail. 364 more words


Water is Life

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you.

Water. It’s such a normal thing. You drink it. You wash your hands with it, brush your teeth, shower. 638 more words