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Lovers and Agressor

The noblest of creatures
Love with compassion
The less nobler ones
Love with aggression
And indifference


Embrace your Inner Child

Note to Self:

We all come into this world, beginning our journey as a a newborn baby.  We innocently explore the world, soaking in all the wonders (and the not so wonderful) as we grow into the curious and playful child.  827 more words


It's Still A Beautiful World

That there is still decency and kindness in the world.This morning on the downtown eastside I sat in my locked car at a busy intersection and witnessed an action that reminded me there is good in people all around us. 241 more words


All penalties, all punishments, are inflicted under a belief that man can do right under all circumstances.

There is a prevailing belief that the conduct of man is absolutely under his control, and that his will is a pilot that can, in spite of winds and tides, reach any port desired. 341 more words


Greater Good at Berkeley University

Science-based practices for a meaningful life, curated by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley has become a great source for science-based practices and articles on how to build Awe, Compassion, Connection, Empathy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Happiness, Kindness, Mindfulness, Optimism, Resilience to Stress, Self-Compassion… 52 more words


Healing Art

I have wondered if art has an effect on healing of minds, not just bodies.  Yesterday, I went to an art show where six artists of different disciplines were placed in dementia care settings and looked at the different arts they produced- ranging from poetry to paintings.   569 more words