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Just a Quick Question: Now What?

After watching the “Alt-Right,” “This Right,” “That Right,” or “Whatever Right” protests, one could argue Southern Confederate statues are abhorrent relics of a bygone era that adds only painful memories of America history. 364 more words

Social Justice


Pain is part
of the natural order
of things,
so is healing.
Do not suffer the first
to enter your life
without inviting in
the second.

© 2016 Dennis Ference


"The End is Near Sometimes"

Poem 23 exists as a therapeutic exercise. Thank you to JEB, up in NH. Your suggested phrase helped me to revisit some emotion.

“The End is Near Sometimes” 309 more words

August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

when shame becomes changed by meeting grace

It’s a comforting thought to know Jesus understands us completely and can see into the depths of our soul. Though we might feel shame at what He will find as His gaze scans those deep, dark layers we prefer to keep hidden from ourselves and others. 463 more words


This is not an article and will not be edited for punctuation or grammar. It is a stream of consciousness and will not be reviewed or rewritten. 1,516 more words


Reader Letter: Caregivers reflect best of humanity

Recent tours of Brentwood, The Welcome Centre (Shelter for Women) and Hiatus House revealed the dedication and compassion of the social workers, nurses, professional and others staffing and volunteering in these community refuges. 112 more words


Power And Force

I was out of town when the Charlottesville events happened last week. I have been spending some time processing what has happened, and I have something to say. 509 more words