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Disappointment, lethargy, and Trump

Never has this been so dangerous, when lethargy follows disappointment. In a world where a Trump rules, we cannot let lethargy or depression take over. We cannot allow the world to go backward and be stripped of the advance and progress of equality and freedom. 146 more words


2017.01.22: respect

woman with shovel

the dead don’t bury themselves

tabby in the road


Dare to be you...

Day 2

In light of the mass march in the US and many other places around the world I feel it is pertinent to highlight how truly amazing women are. 151 more words



A lot of people were upset after the election. And rightfully so. I have no threat posed to me, so I cannot judge the fear and apprehension of people who Trump has spoken out against. 443 more words


Why I march

I march because, while I don’t discredit my own work ethic and determination for my lot in life, I am also a beneficiary of the birth lottery, having arrived in this world on third base, despite never even hitting the ball. 193 more words

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This Is Only The Beginning

The phrase “This is only the beginning” can be read in a few different ways. And I’m going to share with you how I mean it. 900 more words

Life Of A Romance Writer

Healing Energy

The term and concept of Healing Energy, can be used in different ways, as a non conceptual tool, that applied with depth and method, can resolve, doubt, worry, and mainly is a course of action, a better perspective in the process of being; in other words, to reassert and reinvent our reality. 1,100 more words

Oscar Basurto Carbonell