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Is Being Vegan Really Necessary?

I gave up meat in November 2015 and the end goal for me was always to transition to a completely vegan lifestyle. But there were always some questions that made me wonder: is being vegan really necessary? 785 more words

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Dirty Little Secrets

Back when I was thinking about starting a blog, I attempted to thoroughly examine my motives and the usual suspects of character flaws, looking for the… 934 more words


Hearing Voices Video

This short video conveys the importance of medical professionals, social workers, mental health clinicians, and the community to have compassion and empathy to those who can not cope with the experience of hearing voices. 58 more words

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Always Default to Compassion

By my definition, she is a special missionary. The article she wrote doesn’t talk about which religion she follows, or that she is of any religious persuasion at all. 874 more words

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A time of sorrow

sorrow and tribulations can be the same. In the Word of God a time of sorrow God, (Jesus) The WORD, and the Holy Spirit with in us, over us and who made us. 798 more words


I want to talk about those days we wake up feeling lost, right down to the marrow of our bones.

I want to talk about those days when the lost feeling doesn’t shift, despite all of our best intentions and practices and life. 301 more words


The Not-Quites: Who Are They?

Imagine yourself, the entity that you know yourself as, sitting in a room. This room, for all intents and purposes, is nondescript—the color, size, proportions, and contents completely of your own choosing; it does not matter. 1,410 more words