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Responsibility leads to courage: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 26

Guiding Thought

We are responsible! We are able to respond with and through conscious awareness of our inner-centered, silent knowingness, moment by moment. Anchored in the inner harmony, we face our own thoughts and actions with courage. 655 more words



When I get treated badly by someone for no apparent reason-I always wonder why this person feels the need to be such a bully or let me just say it a “bitch.” This has  recently happened to me and it seems to happen too much. 172 more words

Doctor With a Heart

When my daughter was ten, doctors discovered a growth behind her middle ear. The intricate operation to remove it called for a surgeon with exceptional compassion as well as consummate skill. 865 more words


Processing Trump

I am having an incredibly hard time with our current U.S. president, Mr. Donald Trump.

I want to read the news and stay informed but I find it’s extremely difficult for me to neutrally peruse the abundance of news articles describing some recent policy development or statement made by Trump or one of his staff. 863 more words


A motorcyclist's ordinary day,

I have traveled across the US via motorcycle for well over twenty years along the two-lane asphalt, dirt and gravel roads tying the small towns of America together, like knots of a rope. 596 more words

A Pre-published Author

Be Happy, Be Happy by Matthew T.-S.

“Be Happy, Be Happy.”

Innocence untainted by this armpit of Existence

Yours is the Love that will save the World

I see you there, so curious… 30 more words


we are fighters, Jill

you and me
explode through our mothers’ thighs
the same year
It is 1963, Jill
you and me
surrounding ourselves with winged creatures
clutching word and song… 131 more words

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