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Compassion Versus Enabling of Sin

The Bible calls us to be compassionate.

It also tells us to help a fellow Christian if they are overcome by sin.

Compassion and pointing out sin don’t seem to go together, do they? 736 more words


Why Are People Mean?

Why are people mean?

Why don’t they green?

What is their damage?

Are they just savage?

As they wake up,

Do they tell themselves the suck? 73 more words


#ThrivingMindfully Self-Care Challenge, Week 2 – Compassion

Today marks the beginning of the second week of the #ThrivingMindfully Self-Care Challenge, a four-week experience that invites you to practice and reflect on loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. 320 more words

I Am an Outlier

Do you highlight or underline the profound things you discover while reading? Do you try to commit to memory the insights or inspirations of others so you can ponder them or share them in conversation? 655 more words

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again*

It’s easy for me to feel happy and contented seven years post-divorce. I wasn’t always happy and contented after my divorce. The first few months, even years, after my divorce, I was still angry and bitter. 413 more words


Kindness In Between

How do you move mountains? I believe this can be done one pebble at a time. If people were pebbles, put us together and we become a mountain. 297 more words