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The Shoe That Grows!

Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Sometimes, the simplest invention can change millions of lives. That’s the goal of The Shoe That Grows, a sandal invented by inventor Kenton Lee that can adjust its size, allowing children in impoverished nations to grow up without having to go barefoot. 189 more words


New Neighbors

This week’s Carrot Ranch prompt is to write about neighbors.

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about nurturing a neighborly relationship. It can be a next-door neighbor, a neighborhood critter or a neighborly place like a schoolhouse or community garden.

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Sending Love Around the World

One of the things I love most about blogging and WordPress is the map on the stats page.  I look at it every day and see that people from all over the world have somehow found my blog and read something I have written.   202 more words


It's Ok to Say No to Negativity 

We all know someone that always answers with a negative if you ask how they are. Or that person that laments about how life is getting them down and all the ways that it sucks but may not be doing much to turn it around. 165 more words

Sheri Musings

MercyfulGrace Diaries with 'Racial Bigotry' - Akala (Rapper) MercyfulGrace.com

“Compelling Watch ..’ The ignorance of some folks on the roots of racism & bigotry, is biasly shocking ..’ Especially, the pre tense of it’s non existence, brain wash and white wash, when we speak of the indignation on the non white race.

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Thrift, Awareness, Compassion for the Earth

“No gifts, please.” “Gently used, re-gifted items only.” “Your presence is the gift.” Our family culture discourages buying new gifts for holidays and birthdays. Less packaging, less stuff. 366 more words


College Students Discoveries in Mindfulness

Here’s a few more great excerpts from student reflections on mindfulness practice. We’ve been adding mindful movement exercises to the sitting practice. You can read for yourself how the minds of frantic students are being slowly transformed: 286 more words