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Christianity Today- What would Jesus Say?

Jesus, whether you believe he is the son of God, a prophet, good teacher, or just a fictional character from history, etc., he is an example and a model of what we could all learn from on one level or another about forgiveness, love, compassion, mercy, etc… 473 more words


the little girl is proud

You have the power of overcoming fear by facing it.

I meditated on this one this morning and became really emotional.

Some fears popped up immediately, but there are some that run deep that I can’t quite put my finger on. 95 more words

the little girl heals

A pain in your body is the invisible threat of self-sabotage.

I’m talking about deep-seated pain here. Pain that has lived with you since you were a kid. 151 more words

Can't help but laugh

I’ve recently decided that I should stop using the phrase “I can’t help but laugh” because I have become very suddenly aware that it is nearly always towards a person and their problems. 318 more words

Random Thoughts

Swear word!

I’m laying here sprawled out before you laying in a pool of my own blood. I reached into myself and gave of me freely to let you know I cared. 142 more words


A Father's Love

With the recent celebration of Father’s Day, I’ve come to an interesting realization.

I, like many of us, grapple with the issue that a good God could love me knowing some of the things I’ve done. 817 more words

Character Profiles

I’m a writer which means I’m also a people watcher with a great imagination. Spending time studying faces and reading the clues they give has become second nature. 302 more words

Be A Good Human