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Our Mothers. Our sisters. Our women. Our girls. Ladies.

‘…and verily, Heaven/Paradise lies at the feet of your Mother.’

‘You is kind, you is smart, you is important’ – (The Help)   ..x

To the girls. 227 more words


The Power of Love - Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I talked about how the Lord miraculously changed my heart towards my daughter. The lesson I learned there is that no amount of anger on our part, no amount of sermonizing, no amount of scolding will ever bring out the best in our children. 877 more words

Cure with Compassion: Relief for Every Day Perfectionists

Perfectionism is a common form of suffering today, and manifests in several ways. According to researchers of perfection, these manifestations include holding very high standards for ourselves, and judging ourselves harshly for perceived failure. The…

The Nature of Expansion

“Your problems are so big compared to mine.”

Not really.

The thing about problems is their intense individuality.

There is no large.

There is no small. 108 more words

Just Bitchin'

Anger & Violence

remember when you were first learning to walk, and your parents filled you with kindness and encouragement?

Humanity is in this phase of social development right now. 340 more words

Love Bargin

I love you
makes me feel
trapped by your need.
The price is too high
for your love
comes with demands.

Do I do the same… 37 more words


Family Memories Combined

This was such a wonderful project to have been involved with. (I love it when my customers cry!      ; )

I am honoured to have been able to modify these three important pieces, to one that she will happily wear. 138 more words