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The Song of the Siren

There is a sweet, seductive whisper that beckons to each and every one of us throughout our days and our entire lives. These thoughts and things call us outside of ourselves using our fears and insecurities to convince us that whatever “it” is will bring us happiness, security, peace and fulfillment. 179 more words

Self Awareness

Who I Am w/o 💊

Who am I without my meds? It’s who I am with my meds.

I’m the same damn person.

We all have dominant and recessive personality traits, and d.n.a. 345 more words


No Judgment. Just Love

ShaRon Rea.

Founder The Whole Family Coaching and No Judgment. Just Love.

Sharon is a passionate woman on a serious mission to make the world a better place. 128 more words


Squiggly feelings and sleepless nights (hello anxiety, my old friend)

Have you ever leaned back in your chair too far and felt that jolt when it seemed like you were falling? Have you ever missed a step when you were walking down the stairs and suddenly your stomach was in your throat and your heart was pounding in your ears? 1,215 more words


Use Your Voice

Do you know someone going through a challenging time and are not sure how to help?

While you may not be able to predict the future, you can offer your voice – and assure them that things will get better. 27 more words


40. Correct all wrongs with one intention

Last week’s slogan began a discussion of overarching intention, what guides and motivates our every action. Advised by the slogans, the intention was revealed to be simple kindness, moving us towards the end of suffering for all beings through all that we think, say, and do. 664 more words


Merton on Men, Animals, and God's Will

I struggle with how to respond to words and actions that strike at the heart.

“They’re animals.”

“They’re criminals. They don’t deserve consideration and compassion.” 681 more words

Living From The Heart