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Life of Universe

“When we suddenly awake to the realization that there is no barrier,and never has been,one realizes that one is all things mountains,rivers,grasses,trees, sun,moon,stars,universe are all oneself.There is no longer a division or barrier between myself and others,no longer any feeling of alienation or fear there is nothing apart from oneself and therefore nothing to fear.Realizing this results in true compassion.Other people and things are not seen as apart from oneself but,on the contrary,as one’s own body.”-Bruce Lee

The Power of Affection

Written by Chantel (USA)

Founder of: Raising My Father

My father wouldn’t eat yesterday. He wouldn’t come out of his room. The fact that by noon he hadn’t had coffee, I knew the day was a very bad day for him. 153 more words


How to love Lent when Lent terrifies you

“I love Lent,” a good friend once told me. “It’s my favorite liturgical season.” I think I must have looked at him like he had two heads. 560 more words


Setting You Daily Intention(s)

What was your intention when you woke up today?  Did you even have an intention?  If you’re like most people, then your initial thoughts or self talk probably included a “have to.”  “I have to get up,” I have to get a shower,” “I have to go to the gym,” “I have to get the kid’s lunches ready,” or “I have to get that report on my boss’s desk before lunch.”  Although possibly true, relevant and even important, these examples are… 252 more words


Me and me

The other day I experienced an insight with a whole new shock and depth. I am my mother. It’s not that I share the genes of my mother, or that she gave birth to me, or that I grew up with her, or that I’m like or unlike her in looks, behaviour or any other way. 41 more words

Some people suck less than I initially thought

When I was pregnant with Matthew, a co-worker and I had a conversation – she offered to give me all of her son’s baby clothes, because she didn’t plan to have any more children. 977 more words

Child Loss

God's aim

​As long as the sun comes up in the morning, God will keep offering to deliver His children. “Beth Moore Breaking Free Day by Day” Excerpt from the 1-18 devotional… 475 more words