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Fall or Fly

I wrote this short essay because I wanted to share what I think is the journey of compassion. I have some friends right now going through some hard times, I want them to know it gets better. 326 more words

The Better Angles

Christianity is my north star. It is not my religion, I am a secular mystic. I believe things are as they are and I believe that is understood, absolutely. 577 more words


The Old Age

She stared deep into the mirror
minutely examining every strand of her hair
and observing each thin line on her face

She realized how much she had… 191 more words


Respond, Not React

If there is anything in life, or as I like to call “the external world”, that we can control, it’s our response. You can be deprived and stripped of everything in life but the choice on how to respond to them, will always be yours. 696 more words

"Oh, for God's Sake!"


“Is there anyone here I can talk to?   Excuse me….hello….is there anyone here I can talk to?”

“What do you need?”

“I need someone to talk to.” 462 more words


Sometimes it is the Beautiful Mosquito

Spring is on the horizon and soon the woods will be alive with new life. The wetlands have already moved into this part of the cycle as fairy shrimp and mosquitoes dance and swirl in vernal pools. 398 more words

Thoughts Are Prayers

Our thoughts are our prayers. Be mindful. Be patient. Be compassionate. We are never cut off.