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I Bow Deeply Before You

I bow deeply before you all

Oh yes

It waits within each of us

To be so caring, so compassionate, so peaceful, so humble, so quiet, so powerful, so kind, so creative, so wise, so loving… 118 more words

Winter's abyss

Feeling super unmotivated to blog anything lately. I keep starting drafts and not finishing them. Motivation has fled, and words are failing. Started a something new tonight, then shelved that and worked on the draft of a poem, then re-shelved that and decided to push this out the door in what I feel is probably its final form even though I am not thrilled with it. 210 more words

Heart of Forgiveness

Why Forgive?

The heart of forgiveness is compassion and the motive behind forgiveness is restitution.

You forgive out of compassion, regardless of the other person’s actions.  975 more words


episodic translations

Last Sunday night I had a severe panic attack. I woke up at 2 am my heart rate didn’t come down nor was I able to get my breathing under control until about 5. 960 more words

Scotch Tape (a.k.a. I Have an Idea About How Lucky I Am)

Of all the bad and dangerous ideas in the world, perhaps none is worse and more dangerous than the idea that there is no such thing as luck.

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Career Change

The Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

The path of the peaceful warrior is one of infinite strength. The power of love, compassion, and understanding knows no bounds. The human heart has an infinite amount of compassion to give to oneself and the world. 659 more words