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Really Listening

I listen to the quiet between the words. In that interval between the sounds of us talking, the true, deep meaning is to be found, if only I am gentle with myself, and the speaker, moving into the space of the depth of true understanding. 807 more words

Words for a Wounded World

Today there is such conflict and strife around the world that when I saw this today on elephant journal, I wanted to share it here. 41 more words

Personal Growth

Compassionate Listening

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Zen master, spiritual leader, poet, peace activist, and founder of Plum Village. In this short video he introduces deep listening, also called compassionate listening.


Learning to communicate ... all over again

Everyone is busy these days and no one seems to have the capacity to listen, to really listen. How often do we speak and feel cut off, or politely interrupted and find ourselves biting our tongue? 1,679 more words


Listening to the Spaces

Listening is not about words or sound, it is about creating space. It is about creating a special kind of space. When the farmer plants his crop her prepares the space for the seed to be planted. 308 more words


Communication Skills With Someone who is Grieving

~ Worth Reading From Off The Web!

Active Listening: A Powerful Gift to Someone who is Grieving, by Jeff Brookshire

Probably the number one question I hear from people who want to care for a grieving friend, coworker or family member is,“What can I do?” We want to be a part of the solution by helping them on their grief journey.  1,111 more words

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Our Story....

It is nearly impossible to continue “hate” once you understand a person’s story.

If what you think about yourself (or other’s) isn’t kind, then you haven’t found the whole story yet. 29 more words

A Therapist's Thoughts