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Daily Riches: Seeing Your Enemy as a Human In Distress (Susan Edmiston, Leonard Scheff, Thich Nhat Hanh and Cynthia Bourgeault)

“Action taken when I am angry is going to be irrational and probably stupid.” Susan Edmiston, and Leonard Scheff

“In dealing with the emotion that arises when we are attacked, it’s necessary to first allow space for the other person’s anger without reacting. 429 more words

Loving Well

Turn the Teacher Off!

“I used to confuse and misuse the two kinds of listening, and I bet many other teachers can relate. As a consequence, the people I cared about, who only needed me to… 1,354 more words


Daily Riches: The Rare Gift of Attention/ A Love Without Strings (Belden Lane, Simone Weil, Alan Jones and Edward Abbey)

“Attention consists of suspending our thought, leaving it detached, empty …ready to receive in its naked truth the object that is to penetrate it.'” Simone Weil… 439 more words

Loving Well

Prickles and Peace - Hugh Smiley

This photo of my living room cactus and buddha-statue on a sunny afternoon inspires a possible sequence for getting to the informed and compassionate action required for healing and transforming the gargantuan backlog of accumulated and self-perpetuating trauma in our human race (whew – all that in one breath!). 109 more words


compassionate listening

Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh is a delightful, inspiring soul, and I really enjoy watching his 2012 interview with Oprah. (You can also read the interview… 54 more words

Compassionate Listening

Taking Care

“Take care.” It’s a popular thing to say, as friends part, or end a phone call.

There’s a great need now to take care in our culture. 555 more words


Writing in Response to Our Times- Event

Writing in Response to Our Times

with Sarah Zale and Gina Marie Mammano

May 20, 1-4 pm

Cost: $60. 

Has the aftermath of the election affected you personally? 282 more words