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Revisiting Compassionate Listening

In the two years since I first published a post on compassionate listening, I’ve had many opportunities, both personally and professionally, to experience how very essential to our wellbeing and our relationships compassionate listening truly is. 617 more words


What is Psychotherapy?

In New York City where I practiced for over twenty years, it seemed as if everyone knew what psychotherapy is, even if they hadn’t ever experienced it personally. 690 more words

Personal Growth

Busy brain

Lost in thought

My busy brain

Doesn’t allow for interruption

You could be standing right in front of me

I can’t hear or see you… 213 more words

Rehearsing the Interview

I never know what to expect when I visit one of my young men at the Youth Authority camp. They have busy lives, and have a lot on their mind. 678 more words

What Else Is There to Do?

In his latest book, Make Me One with Everything, Lama Surya Das describes his first meeting, in 1972, with the Dalai Lama. The 22-year-old, who was not yet a Lama, saw himself as a Jewish kid from Long Island, born Jeffrey Miller, “thrilled” to be “in the same room as a living Buddha.” He depicts the Dalai Lama as very much the warm, avuncular fellow I describe in my post, … 594 more words


Really Listening

I listen to the quiet between the words. In that interval between the sounds of us talking, the true, deep meaning is to be found, if only I am gentle with myself, and the speaker, moving into the space of the depth of true understanding. 807 more words