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Governor Reverses Cuts to Foster-Care Families

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday said he’s reversing cuts to foster-care families that he had earlier approved, saying the proposal to cut their compensation had been “a mistake.” 284 more words


Getting Answers to Your HR Questions

HR professionals manage the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes. Questions regarding government regulations arise frequently and searching for the answers can take up valuable time. 588 more words


Early Appearance of School Supplies Traumatizes Child – Mom Demands Compensation

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Summer holidays are supposed to be a happy, worry-free time for kids but one Portage youth’s vacation has been destroyed by careless retailing. 419 more words


Quebec floods: More access to compensation money for victims

Flood victims worried about whether they will able to rebuild may have some good news, according to the Quebec government.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced changes to the government’s flood compensation package on Wednesday, aiming to make the process more “fair.” 214 more words


聽眾來信問及關於 Zeigarnik Effect, 以下是問題及答案:

1) 問題:咁多成年人鐘意買/收藏玩具,仲要整個柜展示,又係唔係因為未完成的夢 (小時候買不到!)。
答案: 有機會係。但亦有機會主因唔係『Zeigarnik Effect 未完成的夢』。而係因為內心不安全感、冇自信,所以要搵啲嘢嚟填補心靈上面嘅欠缺,所以儲儲埋埋好多嘢,例如玩具。

例如集郵,就未必因為『Zeigarnik Effect 未完成的夢』。我覺得因為以前有一封信,無疾而終消失咗,而令到今時今日要集郵嘅機會比較低。

講開集郵,我諗到另外嘅原因,佛洛伊德的『自我防衛機制』入面嘅其中一種:『反作用 reaction formation』。因為內心接受唔到自己係一個咁樣嘅人,所以做出黎行為就同內心諗嘅相反。 例如,接受唔到自己係同性戀,所以行為上,就同好多異性發生關係,跟住仲要影相集郵,黎到證明比自己睇,自己咁多異性伴侶,當然係鍾意異性,而唔係鍾意同性啦。




但如果內心空虛,無論點樣儲,都唔會儲到可以解決內心嘅空虛、欠缺,而不安全感仍然繼續,所以 一味儲嘢,儲極都唔夠。

咁就有機會成為儲物狂,hoarding。根據 DSM 5,是『OCD 強迫症』嘅一種。 7 more words


Filing construction defect claim and getting compensation

Buying a house insurance coverage is an effective way to avoid wasting your funding as being a coverage holder makes you eligible to get compensation from the insurance provider, in case of property loss. 25 more words