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Submission Dominance

Submission is only given to those
That deserve it
Dominance is asserted on those
That are incompetent.

Requested dominance is different
“I would do anything for you.” 55 more words

Feeling Competent

Today was an amazing day.  I had to lead a meeting this morning and I worked hard to prepare for it.  In previous meetings, we had discussions and conversations but we lacked structure.   283 more words


Day 14

Have I been doing things to prove that I can understand difficult concepts? It feels good to accomplish something difficult, but a person produces good energy when she actually enjoys doing what she is doing. 63 more words

800 Words

The Prize Goes to the Winner: Success has 4 Cs not two.

A few good men served today ( Nov 28, 2016) at Ohio State University. During a campus attack from a madman, they responded with character, competence, compassion, and chemistry. 681 more words

Effective Operations

The Sick-Child-Competence-Gap

Originally I wanted to write something at least partly intellectual and controversial on working Moms. However, I a.) somehow lacked inspiration and enthusiasm and b.) was sabotaged by TMD (my very own, sometimes more, sometimes less dear husband) who suggested a hot topic which we had the pleasure discussing last night at around 1 p.m. 887 more words

Social psychologists have identified when it's smart to brag about yourself and when to keep quiet

Social observers are particularly attuned to braggadocio. What do you think of a person who claims to be a better driver, performer or lover than average? 840 more words

3. Preparation, preparation and more preparation

Whether you’re going to give a speech to your managers or whether you are looking to approach someone that you like, preparation is one of the foundations of confidence. 215 more words