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To the Weak Willed Strong

Here’s to the weak willed strong,

So competent, so elegant, so wrong.

So glorious in the bright daylight,

So fearful in the bleak black night. 42 more words


How much Mothering can you take?

7:45am Momma just laid down something.

Round One. Kids who make their own lunches are still going to hear from me if they think two cups of ginger snaps is a lunch ‘snack’. 257 more words


Creating: an aspect of digital literacy

In the article “Citizens navigating in literate words”, I think the aspect the most important of literacy is creating. It is a general competency, not only connected to technology, but easy enough to integrate to school subjects and also to situations outside of school. 264 more words

What I believe now

Turns out, things are simpler than I thought.

I used to think that education and schooling was an unimaginably complex system.  I used to think that because no two people and no two brains and no two circumstances are alike, education, which is a fundamentally human endeavor, was essentially un-replicable.   235 more words


What do you think when you hear the word, Empowerment?

I once booked a venue to present a learning programme for managers on mentorship towards empowerment. When the venue owner heard it was about empowerment, she immediately exclaimed: “Oh, Bee-ee-ee!” 462 more words

Psychological Empowerment

No Tells a Story of Confidence

By: IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Can you say, No! or No.

However you say it, there are big differences. Appropriateness of saying no is determined by the cause of action.

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