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Terrorists vs. The Dangerous Child: On the Amsterdam-Paris Train

There was no time to plan, they said, no time even to think.

“We just kind of acted. There wasn’t much thinking going on,” Skarlatos said.

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Situational Awareness

Tips for sharing with Hindus (from IMB.ORG)

Many people of other faiths are open to hearing about Jesus and Christianity. Just begin with a conversation with them.

Hinduism is the major religion of both India and Nepal, but is also found in other parts of South Asia and around the world. 624 more words

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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

I just don’t understand it Kev

I’ve worked for them for years

Started from the bottom and worked my way up

Gave them my blood, sweat and tears… 462 more words


Can your job love you back?

Very happy to be asked to be a guest blogger for Elevator – they connect good people with good causes at work.

I write about the importance of using our natural strengths at work so that we stay energised – we are good at lots of things, but are they all good for us? 9 more words

Measurement day

Today I have done tests, they are supposed to measure my knowledge within an area. If I do good… I might get to go a new education. 226 more words


Stifling Political Diversity

The acting leader of the Labour Party is a great believer in diversity – even if she does not stray much beyond the dimension of gender. 436 more words


"Labour is the party of economic competence"

Anthony Robins makes a case at The Standard that Labour is the party of economic competence.

The old myth that National are good managers of the economy should now be well dead and buried.

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