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Appearance can be Powerful

Like it or not, we are judged on our appearances, so if you are serious about moving your career forward, you have to consider how you dress. 622 more words

Self Worth

001. Cultural Competence In A Global Culture

As identified in Dr. Swallow’s video, a critical understanding of cultural communication is vital within this global culture. Extensive communication enables a higher competence of various lifestyle’s is fundamental in gaining a… 490 more words


Pourquoi faut-il éviter de baisser son prix?

Récemment, je lisais une discussion sur le réseau LinkedIn à propos de la concurrence entre prestataires freelance et les effets indésirables que ce mécanisme peut engendrer.  1,316 more words


Leadership and the competence factor

Of the 6 traits of successful leaders we’ve identified previously, surely competence, laid on a solid foundation of strength of character, has to rank right up there. 572 more words


If you're going to be a Christian, you need to be as smart as you can be

I guess I will start this post by linking to something a friend of mine named Joel Furches wrote about an atheist engineer. (link is dead) 1,145 more words



Something I struggle with as a parent/stepparent is going through my day adding up my failures. In fact, one of the lies (hear that, it’s not the truth) that is a near constant refrain in my heart and mind is that I am a failure as a parent. 325 more words