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Building resilience in young children-Dr. Vinita Verma

The world is a beautiful place yet so frightening. And if you’re a parent, you already know what I mean. Becoming a parent makes us know fears we never knew existed. 692 more words


Throwback Thursday

I resort to this construct whenever I’m fresh out of ideas.  Two days of mind-numbing proctoring at the bar exam will do that.

Loyal readers know that I urge lawyers to adapt to technology. 225 more words

Paper Tiger

crumpled roars

threaten jungles

of civilized laws

flat-eyed vertical

slits admit light

into night-sight

of predative urge

for prestige

colored leads

stripe the haunches

with hashmarks… 88 more words


How to Evaluate a President, by Scott Adams

It’s way too early to write off the Trump presidency. From Scott Adams on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Richard Branson. 243 more words



Or so sang Peggy Lee, in a bittersweet song about the ironies of despair.

Behind the scenes pic of model Loula bae and Yours Truly, … 1,609 more words

An Apple a day....

I can add the last seven days to the list of ‘good things that happened in 2017’, for this was a week in which I achieved two proud moments in my University life. 584 more words


It's Not a Party Thing

We are heading into what may well be another blistering week.  Petulant, ill-conceived executive orders and memoranda, crony appointments, and purges of both data and civil servants, all reveal this administration believes it is accountable to no one but its donors.   547 more words