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I recall, in my early years at work, of being told that middle-managers need to be bi-lingual; they must understand the language used at the work-face as well as the language of the board-room. 300 more words


The Silent Performance

I’m sat across from my client and the silence is waiting.

We begin and the client speaks, settling in and starting to share what is important to them; what is important right here, right now. 167 more words



This water is cold
This cycle’s grown old

I wash her blood off me

Watch it crawl towards the drain
Though I know I can’t complain… 51 more words


The Three Most Basic Psychological Needs, and Why We Need to Satisfy Them

Are you aware that psychological need satisfaction is crucial to your well-being, and that it should be one of your biggest priorities? This post will show you why. 415 more words

Personal Development


Every now and then when you read scholarly articles you come across a word you have never seen or heard of before. When you type it in an MSWord document, the red line appears underneath. 141 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

How often did you hear the words, “You must know your place”, while you were growing up?

452 more words

Good with Money

FAIR Money has just published its first report, Good with Money: Getting by in Silicon Valley. The report, which is based on interviews and a diary study with 10 people struggling to gain or hang on to firm financial footing in a booming local economy, focuses on the most striking finding: how skilled people are with money and how little their skill set overlaps with the money management skills traditionally taught in financial literacy classes. 327 more words