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Bill Treasurer gives a rather simplistic view of leadership calling it an “open door” policy and cites Johnny Carson as opening the doors for many other comedians. 605 more words

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Embodied ways of knowing in physiotherapy - unexplored competencies?

Each day over the next week I’ll post up an abstract for a paper being presented by a member of the Critical Physiotherapy Network at the In Sickness and In Health conference in Mallorca in June 2015.   378 more words


Just because you have the title pastor/elder doesn't mean you are one...

This post by Tim Challies nails it regarding men who may have the title pastor/elder at their respective church but according to Scripture, don’t fit the bill. 778 more words


Experience and competence, not title

Organizations can motivate and engage employees by appointing and supporting sustainable leadership. Leadership that does not focus on self-rewarding but on serving the company they represent through long term planning and positive workplace energy. 241 more words


Unconscious ways women hold back

The year was 2013. Definitely the 21st century. I had just finished a marathon 6-week training for several batches of Management level executives of a top firm in Nigeria when one of the participants walked up to me to say thank you…{Read More – Click below} 9 more words


Principle #3: True Confidence

Alright, I want to return to applying the 4 Principles Mr. Harry Kraemer lays out is his Values-Based Leadership ideas to looking at Jesus as a model of confident, competent, and content. 592 more words

February 23, 2015

How many of you enjoy dealing with incompetence? You know what? I HATE IT!

It’s so important to love what you do! If you are in a place that makes you utterly unhappy, to the point where you absolutely HATE going in to work, then it’s time to re-evaluate some things in your life.

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