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Competence: It's not the plan, it's the planning

Far too often we see leaders who are “winging it,” making decisions on the fly, in the heat of the moment, without a plan or a map.  548 more words


Quotation for Today - 29/03/2017

I know Trump voters can’t deal with facts, actual or “alternative,” but can we please dispense with the notion that Trump is a fabulous businessman? 

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Competent to Instruct 2

I want to take the lesson we learnt last week further by sharing some thoughts on what I believe are the five elements of our competence to do purpose. 595 more words


How to Think

Thinking is a set of skills we learned at a very young age, in an automatic and mostly unconscious manner. We cannot remember how we learned to think the way we do, and so we are stuck with a large number of thinking “tics and foibles” that we might be better off without. 1,229 more words




March 17 was the last day of our school year, nothing happened it’s just like a normal day “that on monday we still have classes feeling” 299 more words

Competent to Instruct

In his all-time classic, The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason tells the story of how Sargon the King of Babylon desired that all his citizens become wealthy. 491 more words