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I find myself...

People don’t always seem to like that I am a confident person.

Maybe because I’m young.  Maybe because I’m a woman.

I really don’t know.  But I have had many confirm this – one person told me I came across as someone who needed to be knocked down a peg. 145 more words


Wednesday Writers Pad: Are You a Competent Writer?

So, you’re a committed writer. But you’re struggling with your confidence and competence. Writing everyday will certainly help boost your confidence (some days) and build your competence (most days). 877 more words



Professionalism is all about success, influence and excellence; having a reputation for excellence and when one exhibits professionalism under any circumstances it is rare to come across closed doors either in the workplace or in your personal ambition because everyone loves to associate with excellence. 922 more words


5) Incompetence Confirmed

People paid to do a task are supposed to be good at it. People paid to lead an agency are supposed to be exemplary. It’s hard to remain civil when beset by professional incompetence. 289 more words