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What I Learned About Competence by Coloring a Flag in Kindergarten

My kindergarten teacher passed out over-sized United State flag coloring pages. “We’re all going to color our own American flags to display on the hallway wall outside our classroom for parents night” she said. 577 more words

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Wisdom and competence

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.” … 374 more words

What does it take to achieve competence?

Competence is defined as having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge, experience, for some purpose.

Either or? No, all of them. Knowledge + skill + experience. 551 more words


'It's the economy, stupid: time to regain credibility?', Progress, 19 May 2015

Restoring Labour’s reputation for economic competence – or perhaps I should say resuscitating or even raising it from the dead – has to be the number one task for whoever becomes its new leader.  870 more words

Does Anyone Use Competence As Part Of Their Therapy?

I ve been doing very badly for the past several months. Past 3 years have been a pretty unsteady decline (oh how many different ways can things get worse, and how fast? 77 more words

7 Top Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. These three Cs basically remain constant throughout your working career. 1,125 more words


Self Esteem and my Weekly Reading

Self Esteem

Self-esteem….it’s a word I hate to hear. It is tossed around way too often. It is a combination of several factors in our lives from people to events to our parents. 1,537 more words

Self Esteem