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Modern theory of school system is learnography of smart brainpage based on amygdala system of brain

Students must give up their traditional way of thinking and learning from teaching performance. They have to develop their own learning skills of brainpage processing in classroom. 785 more words


Rise of incompetence - a dangerous example

So the foregone conclusion is finally concluded – Rahul Gandhi is the President of the CONgress party. While some of his party folks are celebrating and am sure BJP is celebrating as it gives them an inconsequential opponent… am just evaluating the impact of this decision on many young citizens of India. 484 more words

Corporate Musings

7 Characteristics of a Winning Team

In a speech to West Point cadets following the Persian Gulf War, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf said: “In the final analysis, you should never forget that the airplanes don’t fly, the tanks don’t run, the ships don’t sail, the missiles don’t fire, unless the sons and daughters of America make them do it. 729 more words

What to do about Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is the real deal.  It is the fear of being *found out* by not being who you are trying to be.  That fear of being a fraud really can take hold of us, without a moment’s notice. 754 more words

Misspelled name tag: this failure represents fundamental ignorance in use of modern tools

When considering large events manned by many dedicated planners, is there ever an excuse for failing to copy and paste a user’s digital registration information… 328 more words

Here's How I See It

Day 89: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Another big day working from sun-up til sun-down! Although thankfully not as late as the night before…

It’s something I’ve just always had the capacity to do, work long hours. 120 more words


Analysis: Trump's behavior raises questions about competency

CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Dana Bash say Donald Trump is raising new questions about his temperament, his judgment and his understanding of the resonance of his global voice and the gravity of his role with a wild sequence of insults, inflammatory tweets and bizarre comments. 8 more words