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What You Do Speaks so Loudly That I Cannot Hear What You Say

I’ve been having my ass handed to me a lot lately. In part that has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve been acting as if I was more experienced and knowledgeable than I really am. 237 more words



In the fall of 1982, seven people in Chicago’s West Side died after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules that had been laced with cyanide. When the deaths were linked to Tylenol, executives at Johnson & Johnson were faced with a monumental choice: shirk responsibility and assert that the tampering had occurred after the product had reached store shelves, or hold themselves accountable for the entire disaster and take drastic steps to restore trust in their brand and their company. 578 more words



The real major way to influence humans in a good way, be respected, and maybe even be admired is to have integrity or be honest and moral, be trustworthy, sincere, dependable, friendly, competent, empathetic, and a good conversationalist. 634 more words

Common Sense

Competence: Climbing Frames not Ladders

Ensuring children turn into adults who lead a healthy and active lifestyle is the Gordian Knot that PE teachers have a shared responsibility for solving. Part of the solution involves developing competence, but much of the debate about competence is binary. 909 more words

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Competent Advice & Privacy Settings

Rule 1.1 requires lawyers to provide clients with competent representation.  As nearly everyone who has read my blog twice knows, my position is that competence includes tech competence. 592 more words

Tech Ethics

To: the prosecution. With love, the Defendant's lawyer.

89 years ago today, almost to the minute, seven men were murdered in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  The incident became known as the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre… 997 more words

Client Confidences



Instilling the self-confidence kids will need to carry them

through all the failure they will experience because

they weren’t taught competence instead.


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