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Indie Author Musings & Next Book: "Excuse Me, May I Pass?"

I live in a society where competition is regarded as the norm, cooperation something as secondary. The helpers or behind the scenes persons are often just as described, behind the stages and included in the “menial mentions” at parties. 298 more words


Crossfest - My First CrossFit Competition

Normally right now I’d be typing up how I’d done in the latest open workout but things have gone a little differently past week. On Thursday I headed to Birmingham for a couple of days with some amazing friends, more on that later.. 2,262 more words


The Old, the New: Dealing with Disillusionment.

It seems to me that the shine eventually fades on all new things, they become the old things and we go looking for new ‘new’. This weeks post examines the rollercoaster ride of becoming jaded, finding a replacement sword to swing and then eventually picking up the first one when the shine wears off the replacement. 1,278 more words


Radicepura Garden Festival's new productive ideas from Sicily

Sicily once again hosts an important international garden design event inspired by Mediterranean gardens and environments. The second edition of the biennal Radicepura Garden Festival, promoted by Fondazione Radicepura, will open on April 27th in Giarre (CT), Sicily. 689 more words


Transparence 2017

architecture is more realistic and fun when is competed healthily

4th Year

WATCH: Skier Sends It HUGE To Entertain Chairlift

Love that this competition is called The Legends of Liftline. Skiers and snowboarders at Pebble Creek Ski Area in Idaho were encouraged to go big by cheers emanating from the chairlifts above and they delivered. 98 more words


Cloud Gaming: The Future Landscape of Game Industry

5G and the free-for-all battle to be the next Netflix of game industry

Think about a world where you can play cutting-edge video games on your smartphone. 440 more words