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Do We Have a Choice in Being Competitive?

In gaining an understanding of Berg’s red-blue exercise the reader may misinterpret the results to mean that competitive practices are invariably negative. Upon closer examination however, it becomes evident that Berg’s argument is more accurately one of rational decision making and the awareness of our inherent competitive behaviors. 537 more words

Halloween Contest Contributors! Part 3 of 3

A closer look at the contributors of the hamper up for grabs… PRIZE DRAW on 31st October! LAST CHANCE TO ENTER 30/10/2020

C. M. Rosens… 407 more words

The Crows

The difficulties of life when your brain works differently

At an early age in life, I realized that somehow my brain worked differently than others. For one thing, I abhorred boredom. Still do. That’s why I write this blog and others on a daily basis. 1,648 more words


West Yorkshire Police Christmas Card Competition

Today, October 27th, we’re launching our children’s Christmas card competition!

Budding young artists are being offered the opportunity to see their festive artwork to be used for the official West Yorkshire Police Christmas card. 110 more words


Chapter 22

As despicable as his own personal situation was, Tamrissa’s was clearly a good deal worse.

I’m going to keep saying this until Tamrissa herself actually gets it, but: TAMRISSA’S SHIT SITUATION WITH VALLANT IS ONE OF HER OWN MAKING. 332 more words

Daily Snark


Its a winter day – a real one finally. Snow has fallen overnight and shows no sign of stopping. The street, wide anyway, looks twice the size and magnificent with the pale sun on it. 1,770 more words


The Matrix

Who out there with an ounce of grey matter would actually decide to change who they vote for/support because they saw a name/slogan on a sign on the side of the road, on a bumper sticker, on a flag or banner, watched a mudslinging TV spot/interview attempting to harm a challenger, believed someone else’s gossip or manufactured drama, or put on an article of clothing with their insignia/motto stamped upon it? 685 more words