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Out Of The Ashes Of My Youth I Rise A Man

Would you look at that! I am finally getting new routines. It feels like I have been trapped, practicing and improving the same Bronze routines for 5,000 years, and suddenly someone has opened the window and I am able to finally get a breath of fresh air. 1,304 more words


The Mental Health Competition

AKA ‘My problems are worse than your problems’

Talking about mental health isn’t as tabboo as it once was. There is a general acceptance now that humanity survives on a mental health continuum and we all drift in and out of good mental health days and bad mental health days. 491 more words


How to Prioritize Your Training: The Training Pyramid

It may come to a surprise to many of you that your competitive training might not be prioritized correctly.  I know it sure was a bit of a shock to me when I first really began digging into the subject and this was after I had spent nearly a decade competing!  1,220 more words


Finding the basis of India's TsuNaMo

(note: This is the part 1 of the series I will be publishing on the blog.)

My phone rang minutes ago, it was from my friend who is a doctor. 242 more words


Huawei's Predicament Underlines the Need for a Third Mobile OS

We need more choice than just Android and iOS. It’s become apparent that having only two “phone” operating systems is becoming a problem. Android, the Google-backed OS, has become the only option for many handset makers, giving Google too much control of the phone OS market. 692 more words


GIVEAWAY: Amazon Gift Card Worth $50

How would you like to a $50 Amazon Gift Card?

Of course you would! Think of all the cool things you could use it for… 135 more words


Big holiday giveaway!

GIVEAWAY! (Worldwide entries accepted). 🎉

I have just arrived back from a fab holiday and found this gorgeous lacy shawl that is perfect wear for a balmy summer evening, and I brought it all the way back from Mallorca for one lucky winner. 88 more words

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