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The glamorisation of mental illness and the damaging effects it can have.

~trigger warning~ nothing graphic, but be careful if your in a bad place! Xox

Imagine this : you are scrolling through Instagram, looking for accounts to follow that show their *positive* mental health recovery stories but somehow you slip into the dark side of Instagram. 276 more words


Horse Racing on 3rd July 14:30

Every day, when there is a race meeting, David Stevens will pick one race and Newquay U3A members have to guess the winner.

Virtual Newquay U3A

David's List of suggested Topics.

*David’s List of Suggested Topics. (A provisional list).

A Anguish

A Artistry

B Bravery

C Cowardice

D Democracy as in Parliament (sorry about that) or not! 56 more words


The Phantasm of Reasonability under Competition Act - Is 3(5) serving its purpose?


Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law have been described as contradictory aspects. The origination of the former can be seen as to promote innovative monopolies whilst the latter one was incorporated to restrict them. 1,554 more words

Competition Law

Are EU New Member Countries Competing against Southeast Asian Countries?

As far as the European market is concerned, the New Member Countries (NMC) have significant advantages over their extra-EU competitors. This argument is based on two sets of strong evidence: (1) statistics indicating the share of imports originating from inside and outside the EU, and (2) distinct benefits that NMCs enjoy but are not attainable by non-EU members. 422 more words

Institutional Reforms

Summer Banner 2020

I am very proud to report that though they are no longer with us, Cagney & Bezukhov feature on the summer-themed banner of a budgerigars forum! 106 more words