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Point Scoring in Parliamentary Speak

Manchester, a city with one of the strongest multi-cultural communities in this wonderful country of ours, is, of course, trying to come to terms with the barbaric and devastating attack that occurred last week, the victims, not the perpetrator, deserve to be remembered, talked about and considered, so I will only say that those that died that day, they were the victims of one man’s deranged ideology, they are not, as has happened upon the restart of Campaigning for the General Election, darts to be thrown at some political dartboard, they should not be used to point score! 1,580 more words


Growing Pains

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you know that art teachers sometimes say that to draw something as it is, you have to draw it how it ISN’T. 979 more words


Win Doctor Who Series 10: Part 1 on DVD!!

If, like us, you’ve been avidly following series 10 of Doctor Who on the BBC, then you’ll be very excited to know that we have FIVE copies on DVD to giveaway to UK viewers! 216 more words


Digging Deeper

Article by Maram Razouki, student of INTO Manchester and runner up in our 2017 Science Journalism contest.

Can one doughnut kill you? Not quite, but something thing the size of a doughnut could very much do so. 562 more words



Article by Greta Horvathova, student of Oswestry school and runner up in our 2017 Science Journalism contest.

How would you react, if someone told you that somewhere close to your home lies a landmine, an old decaying casserole dish lookalike, buried in your garden, or just somewhere in the middle of the street you walk down everyday to shop for groceries, or on the playground where your children play. 489 more words


The Nuclear (Waste) War

Article by Rose Linihan, student of Xaverian College and winner of our 2017 Science Journalism contest.

The United Kingdom currently faces nuclear threat. And no, not that kind. 583 more words


FloraQueen bouquet & giveaway 

I love receiving bouquets of fresh pretty flowers. Unfortunately I don’t really have anyone to buy me them as I on my own. So.. I had a very big smile on my face when a very nice courier turned up on my doorstep holding these for me. 307 more words