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Old Tech Fades Away

Some tech companies hold on from the point of leading edge to end up being known as a “legacy” company, producing a nostalgic widget that actually surges a bit in popularity due to antiquity and collectibility. 208 more words

Once in a Lifetime

I’d like to introduce Bailey and Bucky, shown in this post’s photo, to my readers.  These are my performance hounds.

Planning a wedding takes a significant amount of time and effort.   386 more words

The Competitive advantage in any business is one thing only.

By: Kamil Toume 

The term competitive advantage became a business term when Michael Porter published his book in 1984 of that title. Warren Buffet has said that he evaluates a company by looking for a sustainable advantage. 1,349 more words

Crisis Leadership Notes

So, something has gone seriously awry. The media has caught wind of it and portrays you as the Joseph Stalin of your widget industry. To survive, you have to immediately and completely change…everything! 543 more words

The Responsible Supply Chain Management and its effect on Corporate Reputation

(image source: Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota)

Corporate reputation has often been defined as “a set of attributes ascribed to a firm, that is inferred from the firm’s past actions” (Weigelt & Camerer, 1988, p. 765 more words

Corporate Sustainability And Responsibility

Four forces disrupting retail today and ways to respond

Incumbents and new players alike are exploiting digital ways of working and technology to create new forms of competitive advantage. Here are some examples impacting retailers today… 669 more words


The Legacy

Yes, you have that business humming along. You have obtained all the best hardware, software, and personnel. You own the market. Life is good.

What is next? 510 more words