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Competitive Advantage the Third: Film


I want to open this week with a link to James Clear’s website regarding mental errors, specifically Point 1: Survivorship Bias. This blog entry continues his habit of creating thought provoking content. 1,134 more words


Crucial Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is your systematic, organized, and purposeful set of activities intended to achieve your marketing objectives in relation to your overall business goals.  Marketing strategy empowers you to boost sales, increase market share, tap new markets, and build a strong brand as well as other specific marketing objectives you want to attain. 464 more words


Understanding Michael Porter

Economic Moat is a term synonymous with Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy. Another avid proponent of thinking about moat in investment process is Pat Dorsey – former director of equity research at Morningstar – who has been teaching on the subject for a long while. 1,743 more words

Competitive Advantage

Invest using SWOT and Porter's 5 Forces

Fundamental analysis of a stock is incomplete without some sort of qualitative analysis.  A lot of people (who like stocks but don’t know much about security analysis) base their decisions off some sort of qualitative analysis. 1,143 more words


Has The Pendulum Swung Too Far?

Has political correctness gone amuck? James Damore was fired by Google for posting a memo he’d written. Right or wrong, it was his opinion. Just because you don’t agree with it, does it make it a fireable offence? 423 more words

Personal Development

Why You Need to Invest in Employee Training

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees and training them is never easy; as it can be both expensive and time consuming. In one way or another, every employee can contribute to the well being of an organization. 334 more words

The Secret to the Success of Southwest Airlines, Google, and Ritz Carlton: It's Not What You think

It all begins with answering a crucial question: What makes your business unique?

Southwest Airlines, Google and the Ritz Carlton are three of the most successful companies around. 746 more words