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How to Monetize the Data in Your Business

A three-tiered approach to the monetization of data that follows the framework of Aggregation, Analytics, and Actionable Predictions.

Just about every business is awash in data these days. 605 more words


The Secrets To Lose-Lose Negotiation

The best negotiators don’t look for win-win behaviors, they try to find a lose-lose compromise that everyone can accept.

When it comes to negotiating a deal, we have all been taught to try and find a so-called “win-win” solution. 505 more words


Culture Remains Relevant, Ask PMI

ARTICLE SUMMARY    Achieving Greater Agility:
                   The Vital Role of Culture and Commitment

Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility is not “being fast” or stating that the organization is “going agile,” rather it is the ability of the organization to adapt to any situation/idea while simultaneously delivering… 479 more words


Web 2.0 as a KM tool to build social capital or intellectual capital?

I come you from wonderful Kentucky today where it is a bright and beautiful sunny day outside and the conversation is on Wikis, social capital, and Web 2.0.  768 more words


So! How do you manage your knowledge?

This next post will jump lanes and talk a little about knowledge management systems.  Knowledge management systems and the development of knowledge management best practices are essential to organizations in their never-ending pursuit of the competitive advantage.  792 more words


What motivates us to share and what motivates us to receive?

As I sifted through the content available to write about I came across the articles by Argote, L, & Ingram, P. (2000) J., Rhee, M., & Kang, K. 930 more words


Why do leading companies not compete?

By: Kamil Toume

Good competition is galvanised by the higher callings that businesses exist for. Learning from others is a key to a continuous progress. The accumulation and the sharing of ideas, experiences, concepts, arts, and sciences are what enabled humans to build such great civilisations and cultures throughout history till our modern day. 208 more words