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Ten Sources of Competitive Advantage

In The Origin of Species by Natural Selection, published in 1859, Charles Darwin wrote:

“The most successful species are those which adapt to the changing environment.  814 more words

Building a More Data-Driven Culture

At some point, every company asks themselves the question, “Am I succeeding as well as my competition?” In a competitive landscape, no one operates in a vacuum.  768 more words


Developing Competitive Advantage

In my home town, there are two independent cinemas.  One has taken the route of Porter’s niche generic strategy and concentrates on art house cinema.  The other, a family-owned cinema has taken a different strategic route, it shows the same range of films as the big chains but it does so in such a way as to give it a unique market presence.  1,022 more words

The suffocating Embrace of the functional Frankenstein!

The functional organisation is fast becoming a Frankenstein!

This could result in an implosion of organisations or companies unless ‘management’ finds a formalised structure and approach to tame the ever growing challenge on hand. 3,120 more words


Entrepreneurs and Dog Walking

Don’t you just love those Saturday afternoons when you have an open social calendar? I know, for most of you that doesn’t happen too often, unless you have kids, in which case you might ask, “What social calendar?” 766 more words


How To Make Sustainable Competitive Advantage Work For You

How To Make Sustainable Competitive Advantage Work For You

Really successful organisations generate and keep advantages over their competitors that cannot easily be imitated or exceeded: those organisations that cannot rise to this challenge will always be on the back foot and will be prone to market loss, reduced profits and a push for survival. 212 more words

What Is Your Business, Really?

Years ago my father-in-law retired with the sale of a flexible packaging company that he and two partners had built.  They manufactured and printed the plastic bags for frozen vegetables, and diapers, etc.   266 more words