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Three key factors to look for Growth stocks

Given the current turbulent economic environment wherein stock prices get impacted every now and then, growth stocks have gained a lot of attention in terms of sticking around and getting benefitted in the long run. 1,100 more words


Establishing Your Barriers to Entry - Defending Your Castle

As you prepare your value map, consider how you can create an antibiotic against harmful organisms. Antibiotics have long existed in the biological world before Alexander Fleming’s work on penicillin in 1928. 711 more words


What's Your Value Proposition?


Value Proposition:  The definition of your company to your customer.

The stated value proposition for your company should be one, very descriptive sentence that communicates who your customer is and the value you provide them. 185 more words


Times Change and Moats Change With Them

Times change, and we change with them.

—Latin Proverb

Times Change and Moats Change With Them

In his 2005 letter to shareholders Warren Buffett discussed the topic of competitive advantage, or moats in his own words (emphasis added). 2,100 more words

Warren Buffett

Advanced Analytics or Neanderthalytics?

For thousands of years, two Hominid species existed simultaneously – Humans and Neanderthals.  There are no Neanderthals today (though some in Customer Service may argue differently).   1,023 more words

Data Science

Peter Thiel's Stanford Lecture Nr. 5: Competition is for Losers

«Escaping competition will give you a monopoly, but even a monopoly is only a great business if it can endure in the future.»

—Peter Thiel, Zero to One… 75 more words


Video: What makes us distinct as a brand?

Brand is tossed about casually in marketing these days, but it’s so critical to a company.

At a recent talk, an attendee asked me about standing out on social media.  54 more words

Social Media