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Competitive analysis is analysis of your competitors and one of the important part for high ranking in terms of SEO. Studying thoroughly the competitors success and failures will help you to improve your website performance. 299 more words

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LMS Evaluation for Major Educational Publisher

  • For a large educational publisher, evaluated several learning management systems (LMSs) they were maintaining after a series of acquisitions. Worked with marketing and acquisitions leader to document the broad requirements for the platforms, performed a market scan to look at competitors and available technologies, and worked with the technology team to target platforms for retirement.
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Educational Publishers

CMS Vendor Transition to Cloud-Based Solution

  • For a content management vendor, helped transition their product offering from primarily on-premises based to a completely cloud based solution. Conducted qualitative research with current customers and prospects, bench-marked their current product offerings against competitors, and worked with the technical team and company management to develop reasonable, predictable plans for the long-term transition.
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Content Management

Look Out, It's A Price War!

There are early warning signs. Because price wars just don’t happen out of the blue.  You won’t wake up one early morning, scratch your head and say, “S*%&t, I need to lower my prices!” 377 more words


Competitive Analysis for CMS and Workflow Vendor

  • For a leading editorial and workflow technology company, provided competitive analysis in the content management and workflow system markets.
Editorial And Production

Your Marketing Strategy (Part 3 of 5): Organizational Analysis

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Let us take a look at your proposed company’s capabilities and what your competitors have.  Part 3 of our series discusses organizational analysis. 774 more words


Autry Interactive

Project & Problem

The Autry Interactive is part of the user engagement portion of a digital photograph collection held by the Chicana/o Studies Research Center (CSRC) at UCLA. 1,018 more words

Competitive Analysis