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Blind Fire: On Consoles, The Party System Creates Isolation

I know, it sounds ironic. But, I remember a time when you would enter the public room of any game, and you’d hear chatter. Granted, there’d be a lot of people talking shit, but in my opinion, the psychological side of trash talk while waiting in a dead room, or before and after a game, was part of what made games feel more competitive. 363 more words


Nintendo Announces Its Third World Championship

According to an announcement yesterday, the Nintendo World Championships are officially returning.

This is the third Nintendo World Championships; the last event was held in 2015 at E3, and before that the first was in 1990. 167 more words


Belong: The Rebirth of the Internet Cafe

The idea of an Internet Cafe is nothing new but popular gaming store Game has decided to breath some life into the concept. Now in locations across the UK, you will find Belong, in Glasgow you will find Belong alongside a regular game store on Union Street outside Central Station. 517 more words


Road to the Championships!- Weakness Cup Training

Of all the games I put a lot of my time into, none gets my attention like Pokemon. I remember receiving Pokemon blue as a child and ever since then it’s always been a hobby of mine. 623 more words


Blizzard Announces First Overwatch League Teams and Owners

A couple of days ago blizzard announced the first seven team owners and partners for “Overwatch League”. Overwatch League is Blizzards ambitious project for trying to bring e-Sports overwatch mainstream with city based teams. 257 more words


New Goals, But Not For The Blog...

Howdy folks,

So my new year resolution to blog once a month failed quite terribly, didn’t it? Making any goals was a bad idea; I also haven’t written much in general, or exercised…or done anything other than work, play gears and sleep. 487 more words


Introduction: Gaming to Win

Hey there, I’m Jammy. I love to play competitive video games and constantly strive to improve at them. Essentially, this blog is to formulate my thoughts on gaming and improving oneself in any video game. 242 more words

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