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Video: Halo 5 Grifball - AGLA 2017 Weeks 1-3 Highlights: GG's from Tokyo-To

The Summer 2017 AGLA season is in full swing and it has been both stressful and exhilarating! I am really proud of how my team is progressing and if we keep doing well you can be sure that more videos like this will be on the way! 23 more words


What's in a List? Thoughts on the Smash 4 Backroom Tier List v3

Recently, the granddaddy of all competitive Super Smash Bros. sites, Smashboards, released their third Smash 4 tier list. The significance of this version is that it’s the first tier list that did not come in the middle of patches or DLC, so it provides our first big look at the status of… 862 more words

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You're Doing It Wrong

One of the most unique things about games as a medium is the freedom to interact with them however you choose. Other mediums can evoke varying experiences as well, but only games let their players truly control what they do during a play session. 998 more words

Get Video Game Homeschooled by the Pros

Sometimes video games don’t come as easy for people. Maybe you’re that guy out of all your friends that cannot play a game to save your life, so at a friend’s house you find yourself blankly holding a controller not having one clue of what to do with it. 199 more words

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Discussion: Video Game Meta

Discussion – It’s an important part of who geeks are. We like to sit around and talk about who is better, Kirk or Picard. We like to talk about why… 1,109 more words

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NBA announces "2k E-League"

On Wednesday the NBA announced its partnership with game developer Take Two Interactive to kickstart an NBA 2K competitive gaming league. The so called “NBA 2K E-League” marks the first United States sports based competitive gaming tournament. 121 more words


EA's Secret Weapon: Medal of Honor Esports?

Could Medal of Honor be EA’s secret weapon? Why tailoring the next game towards esports would be the best move for the franchise. 

Medal of Honor has came a long way since its initial release in October of 1999. 1,166 more words