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Victory Road- Path to the World Championship?

Almost 18 years ago, children across the world watched Ash get Pikachu and start his unaging, largely unsuccessful campaign to become ‘the Very Best… 342 more words

What Will It Take? (Committing to the Fight)

My next major exploration is finding out exactly what it will take for me to get good at fighting games. I’m sorry, I believe you meant to say… 217 more words

Overwatch: A worthy eSport?

This FPS has a competitive mountain to climb.

Turner Broadcasting have recently announced an Overwatch Open. As ELeague will now include Overwatch in its television broadcast, a critical look will be taken at how engaging this will be for the spectators and analysts of the game. 383 more words


Why All Gamers Should Watch eSports

One of the biggest months for the competitive fighting gaming scene just passed, and boy was it fantastic. EVO 2016 was one of the most adrenaline-filled experiences I’ve ever had watching video games 583 more words


Team Infirmitas Announcement

So if you’ve been following us on twitter you will have heard of Team Infirmitas the new organisation we’re launching for 2017. Infirmitas is going to be a professional gaming organisation competing on PC titles with a potential to invest in console in late 2017/18. 214 more words


What you need to start an E-sports Team

Alright so you know you want to create an e-sports team or better yet an entire organization. Thats fantastic! You are on your way to becoming a true Entrepreneur. 1,398 more words

Competitive Gaming

When Sports and eSports collide

PixelFire Gaming takes a look at how sports and eSports are coming together.

For sports and eSports fans, here is a guide that keeps you in the know of professional sports teams and players that are entering (have entered) the space. 894 more words