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Introduction: Gaming to Win

Hey there, I’m Jammy. I love to play competitive video games and constantly strive to improve at them. Essentially, this blog is to formulate my thoughts on gaming and improving oneself in any video game. 242 more words

Casual Gaming

Publishers SCARED of Reviews– 2 Nerds In A Pod Ep. 29


WHY DON’T PUBLISHERS RELEASE REVIEW COPIES OF GAMES NEMORE??!! It’s a hot topic, and we discuss it in this episode. Also @Macktion shares a killer kickstarter and tells a story about someone who mistook him for a male nurse! 41 more words


Kyle Nolla

Kyle Nolla, PhD Student 
Northwestern University


What is your work/research topic? I’m interested in two areas of cognitive psychology: creativity and the cognition of competitive video gaming. 1,092 more words

Women In STEM

Sports World

In order to thrive in this competitive market in terms of sales and sports one has to be right along with the next big trend. Energy drinks and extreme sports go hand in hand with one another. 153 more words

Beyond Energy Drinks

Call of Duty Global Pro League!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s post centered on another interest of mine; Competitive Call of Duty! I’ve wanted to keep up more frequently with the Call of Duty teams, tournaments and standings as I have in previous titles since Call of Duty Black Ops II. 745 more words

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My Community, Video Games, and the Radio

With the rise of competitive college gaming, my mind has recently turned to the possibility of school teams for competitive gaming in a more mainstream format. 361 more words