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First to Ten venoms up with Canada’s own Biohazard

December is already flying by!

Right now, is a good time to be an Injustice player. There is still a lot going on weekly to do.   2,506 more words

Competitive Gaming

F2T goes down under with Injustice 2 Superman, Badge3d.

Hey everyone.

Thanks for tuning in for a fun mid-week special.  I realized there’s a whole creative side of our community and it’s casual and competitive players.  1,132 more words

Competitive Gaming

Rainbow 6 Siege Infographic


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Competitive Gaming

The Rise of the eSports Economy

Competitive video gaming has existed for decades, as both amateur competitions between friends in suburban basements and professional level tournaments with large audiences and cash prizes. 750 more words


HADO AR from Singapore

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting since the first time you played the Street fighter on the SNES to throw a hadoken foreal. Well my friends that day may never happen I’m terribly sorry to break the news, however there is one hell of a consolation prize. 106 more words

Attack Of The Blerds

One of the UK’s Finest Condiments: PND Ketchup

Greetings everyone! Welcome back!

This week I would like to start off with a big thank you to everyone who read, shared, or commented on my previous article.   2,101 more words

Competitive Gaming

Franchising Esports: A New Era in Competitive Gaming


If you don’t yet know what Esports is, it is defined by dictionary.com as “competitive tournaments of video games, typically by professional gamers” and if you’ve never heard or experienced them you probably think, as many do, “who would want to watch someone play a video game?” This is a notion that many people that have never watched or played a video game in any highly competitive manner have because it’s something they just don’t understand. 712 more words

Call Of Duty