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The History and Future of AI Opponents in Game Tournaments

Since the existence of electronic computers back in the late 1940s, scientists have been trying to push the boundaries of their problem-solving capabilities. Solving complex math equations was cool and all but wouldn’t it be cooler if you could teach a computer to play a game. 1,556 more words


How to go pro: A gamer's journey.

With the current amount of consoles and platforms to play video games, and the application of online play, competitive online gaming has become the norm for our generation. 629 more words

Fantastic news for the Alpha testers in Smite and their data

For those who have been playing the Alpha test of Smite, fantastic news about all of your progress has been delivered. 341 more words


Rumor: YouTube preparing to relaunch live-streaming for gamers

Rumor has it that YouTube is looking to re-launch its live-streaming events with a focus on gaming. 209 more words


Splatoon looks to splash up Nintendo's competitive side

Nintendo is definitely getting back to doing what they do best: making weird, yet fun experiences. One of their newest IP’s, Splatoon is due to arrive in May and there are some fun details about the game to surely get your competitive spirit up. 254 more words


900 points tournament with army swap

Hello everyone!
I participated in a tournament about week ago. Small points – 900 and crazy special rule – Army Swap. For 4 battles, you play 2 with your opponent’s army. 277 more words


Notes on: Starcraft II - The Curse of Korean Dominance

Tomorrow, Starcraft 2 viewers and players alike will set their eyes on Poland. The Spodek arena in Katowice will once again host one of the biggest Starcraft II tournaments: the The… 1,043 more words