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The Life and Death of cK1-Laura

In the days before every game came with an account login, before ubiquitous voice chat, before social media, before matchmaking systems with stat tracking and MMR, a player’s identity was far more personal. 4,520 more words

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M-Learning Goes Big In India

What’s the most common statement heard in India’s smaller cities and villages?—lacks of schools offering high school education! It is true that quality educational institutes are not accessible by every Indian student. 538 more words

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The Comfort of Tech Skill in Competitive Games

The question of how much technical skill or physical prowess should play a factor in competitive games is an on-going debate that really puts at the forefront the tension between “games” and “sports.” … 1,063 more words

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End of a wild year. Goodbye Advanced Warfare.

So that’s it, yesterday OpTic Gaming was crowned MLG Worlds Champions and for the 9th time this season the Green Wall has taken home a championship. 699 more words

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Super Smash Bros. Melee for Beginners

When my brother exclaimed that ‘Melee’ was the one of the biggest gaming phenomenons to blow up in the past couple of years, my first reaction was to look at him and ask, “What’s Melee?” And when he told me that Melee referred to a number of things — a Nintendo game, a series of tournaments, an example of niche gaming competitive culture — I couldn’t quite believe that any game touting characters like Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, and Zelda at the forefront could ever be thought of as anything more than a casual party game. 544 more words

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