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You may have noticed a few changes going on at Spoon Deep Gaming over the past couple of days.  You may also have noticed that we have not posted anything substantial in the last few weeks.   534 more words


Watch This Pro Gamer Celebrate His Tournament Win With A Stone Cold Stunner

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How do you celebrate a (presumably) hard-fought video-game victory? The same way you celebrate a graduation, apparently: Stone Cold Stunning the nearest (hopefully consenting) person to you. 117 more words


Taking Advantage Of Players’ Bad Habits

One of the things I never really thought about was how to identify people’s habits, in particular their bad ones. In competitive games, everyone (even if they don’t realize it) fall into habits; things they do by routine, in each game they play. 440 more words




Among all the games one could play on the computer, many don’t consider that you can actually play card games. To some this may sound silly, but if they’re as well made as Hearthstone, you’re really in for a treat. 1,022 more words

Card Games

"Positive mental attitude" in Competitive Gaming - At what point is it overkill?

At what point is the “positive mental attitude” mindset just a derivative of a popular consensus? I have been thinking recently about the way that people develop psychological mindsets in hyper competitive environments, especially in competitive games like Dota 2 and CS: GO. 410 more words


Nintendo World Championshps Announced

Nintendo World Championships returns 25 years later. I was no younger than 7 during the first one. But I am looking forward to qualify first chance I get.