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Who Needs Sight to Play Street Fighter?

As we’ve talked about in the past, disability and gaming are two things that are rarely mentioned in the same setting. Until recently, there haven’t been many game protagonists with disabilities, nor are disabled pro gamers really talked about in Esports circles. 752 more words



There is a common theme that I have noticed eventually becomes a plague upon every eSport. Metagaming. No matter what game you are playing, if it is online and competitive there is going to be a meta. 550 more words

Competitive Gaming

Competitive Melee: Favorite Sets

Any Hax Set ever.

M2K vs Leffen EVo 2017

M2K vs Hungrybox Set 1 GTX 2017

Competitive Gaming

How to Improve at Your Game of Choice

Getting better at anything is difficult. But jeez, trying to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends, Overwatch, Street Fighter, etc. can be really rough. 766 more words

Olympic eSports?

Will eSports be in the 2024 Olympics?

eSports has recently been on the rise of popularity and acceptance by many people who normally fall outside the realm of gaming. 505 more words

Competitive Gaming

Competitive Halo: History and Knowledge

Cursed Lemon:

ClipenTV – Cursed Lemon Interview Part 1

ClipenTV – Cursed Lemon Interview Part 2


Gandhi’s Thoughts #50 Top 20 Halo Players of ALL time

Gandhi Interviews ChaosTheory

Competitive Gaming