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An Interview with Liquid adreN

            Cover image via https://twitter.com/teamliquidlol/status/553403343880478723

This week, I got to talk to another figure on team Liquid. Eric Hoag, (commonly known as adreN), answered some more questions about himself and his team. 428 more words

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Duelyst Review; 8/10

Note: At the time of publishing, this game is in v.56 open beta and has numerous features planned for development before beta end, including a casual constructed mode. 638 more words


Interview: KJP831's experience in eSports

Recently, I talked to one of the “Behind the Scenes” characters in eSports. Kieran, from team Liquid, is a team analyst. Kieran’s role for his team is to: “Make sure we are up to date with the meta as well as research the other team we are facing”. 538 more words

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Is Competitive Gaming a Sport?

Is gaming a sport? Some say it is, some say it isn’t. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument!

It totally is! 383 more words


Activision Blizzard Acquires eSports Firm Major League Gaming

Activision Blizzard has acquired the businesses of Major League Gaming in a reported $46 million deal that furthers the publisher’s ambitions in competitive gaming.

The deal dramatically expands Activision’s presence in eSports with MLG’s online network dedicated to coverage of competitive gaming and its expertise in organizing professional competitions and running gaming leagues. 421 more words


Disney XD Holds Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 Esport Event

Friendships are usually on the line when it comes to multiplayer Mario games, especially Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8Disney X D will how the… 87 more words

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The Life and Death of cK1-Laura

In the days before every game came with an account login, before ubiquitous voice chat, before social media, before matchmaking systems with stat tracking and MMR, a player’s identity was far more personal. 4,520 more words

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