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On the competitive aspect of things

This is bound to get a little confusing, and complex because this is part of life, how I view life, and no matter how much you try to compartmentalize it, box it, label it, life always finds a way, to destroy the boxes, the boundaries, and to flow. 514 more words


On 'Watching' Games

I wouldn’t call myself a Gamer, not because I don’t like games but because I’m too poor to afford the technology I need to play most of them. 499 more words


On Standby for my Soulmate

Last week I saw posts kicking around Facebook about a new project that has been designed to find your soulmate just by answering 8 questions. Ok, I’m listening… 397 more words



My yoga class usually consists of a bunch of middle-aged women with the occasional differentiation. I absolutely love my yoga classes and my instructor. The instructor constantly reminds us to focus on ourselves, let go of any agenda, breathe etc. 401 more words


The Thrill of Victory

When I was 7 I walked onto a football field for the first time. It changed my life. It was half-time when they sent in the third string to play. 198 more words


My biggest grievance with todays society is generally concerned with the people. People are so false and hide behind a mask all the time, no one is willing to admit to failure or fault, no one is honest with their short comings, instead people make this illusion that they live a happy, stepford wives kind of way. 386 more words

Competitive Nature

I don’t think I have one.

This morning brought a mini-bus of students from another college to compete in an inter-college competition. The day was split into three parts; …

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