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Enjoy the ride

So I’ve finally gotten around to pening some thoughts down. I’m at a stage where it’s challenging trying not to make honest sound negative. Well I CBF now. 293 more words

Training Updates

Competitive Sport and Eating Disorders

Years ago, I managed a provincial Eating Disorder Awareness Week campaign themed, “Fitness or Fat Phobia?” I had long been concerned with the growing numbers of athletes – amateur, varsity and professional – who had been contacting the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of British Columbia with concerns of disordered eating, over exercise and/or body dysmorphia. 1,255 more words

Eating Disorders

Winner takes all - is competitive sport at school a good thing?

By Lexi Welch

Sometimes I wonder, where are all the girls who were chosen first for the hockey team? I still have miserable, visceral memories of standing in the drizzle on a blustery hockey pitch being ignored by the two cool girls who’d been chosen as team leaders. 1,550 more words


Goodbye again...

One of the critical tests of freelancing, I believe, is being asked to come back again. As the saying goes, be nice to the people on the way up as you may meet them again on the way down the mountain. 132 more words

Rules of the game

OK, so caregiving is not a game. But there are rules among caregivers. This I’ve learned. The hard way.

Rule 1. Know the difference between mouth and ear. 227 more words


Seeing sport differently: Developing a more rounded perspective

In my previous post on thinking critically about sport, I discussed the idea that sports have become culturally-embedded as beneficial to individuals and society. In short, sports are (unquestioningly) perceived by most as a force-for-good in the world. 1,350 more words

Thinking Critically about “Sport”

Sports are so complex and paradoxical that scholars in the sociology of sport often denounce sports at the same time that they seek to perpetuate…

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