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The return of competitive sports’ days? - Headmaster's Blog - 21st June 2017

The return of competitive sports’ days?

I expect many of us will remember our own sports’ days from when we were at school? At my small Scottish prep school we began the afternoon with a whole series of choreographed physical training routines (PT) set to music. 568 more words

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Sexism at the Olympics: A History

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you won’t have missed the (unsurprising) news that sexism has been rife at the Rio Olympics. From the language used to describe women athletes, to debates about their clothes, the media has been a big culprit of sexist coverage. 1,028 more words

10 Ways Competitive Dance Prepared Me For The Real World

Though I put that career path behind me, it would be a HUGE waste of money if I didn’t get any takeaway from it. I find myself getting upset every now and then that I’ve essentially lost all my skills as a ballroom dancer, and though it may seem like it was a waste of 16 years, I definitely got some irreplaceable experience from it that benefits me every single day in the real world. 954 more words