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 Fitness has grew a lot in the past years, fitness is a very common thing now and fitness is very important now because it’s very healthy to have a good wealthy body and in order to be fit you need to eat a lot of good nutrition and give up lots of unhealthy food. 137 more words

giving up competitive sport

I don’t feel that I missed out on my childhood mines was just a bit tougher, more intensive and far more structured. I didn’t go to my friends every day to play video games or hang around the local shop until all hours of the morning. 330 more words

Transgendered Competitors in BJJ

The internet forums have been full of discussion recently regarding transgendered females and BJJ competition. As someone who could potentially compete (and has) competed in the same category as a transgendered female, I’ve listened to the debates with interest.   3,047 more words


The return of competitive sports’ days? - Headmaster's Blog - 21st June 2017

The return of competitive sports’ days?

I expect many of us will remember our own sports’ days from when we were at school? At my small Scottish prep school we began the afternoon with a whole series of choreographed physical training routines (PT) set to music. 568 more words

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