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Industrial Competitiveness And Technological Advancement: Debate Over Government Policy - Feb 2010 MOBI

Industrial Competitiveness and Technological Advancement: Debate Over Government Policy Description There is ongoing interest in the pace of U.S. technological advancement due to its influence on U.S. 530 more words


Kentucky Adopts a Flat Tax

The best policy for a state (assuming it wants growth and competitiveness) is to have no income tax. Along with a modest burden of government spending, 508 more words

Fiscal Policy

Economic Freedom in Europe

I periodically share data comparing the United States and Europe, usually because I want to convince people that America’s medium-sized welfare state is better (less worse) 526 more words


Against the Cult of Competition

Sandeep Vaheesan –

Competition is one of the talismanic words in law and economics and American life. It is often hailed as an unqualified good and touted as a solution to what ails society. 1,023 more words

Be yourself and be proud

Key takeaways:
– No one is perfect so don’t pretend that you are;
– Be true to yourself and be proud of it;
– Turn your imperfectness into your strength; 427 more words


William Watson: How much are all these barriers stifling competition hurting Canada? Plenty

To normal folk “rent” is what you pay your landlord. It means that to economists, too. But for us “rent” or “economic rent” has an additional and in our business, more important meaning: any payment you receive that is more than what’s really necessary to get you to do what you’re currently doing, whether you’re a worker, a professional, the owner of a piece of capital you are, er, renting to someone, whatever. 761 more words

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GOTP Notepad: Falling levels of competitiveness in Europe

THE latest report by CIES Football Observatory reveals there has been a general decline in competitive balance across Europe.

The UEFA Champions League has seen 29.5% of its games involve a three-goal or more margin and an average goal difference of 1.87 – both these figures are significantly higher than in 2016-17. 177 more words