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Why is it easy for some Generation Y to be successful in the future? (part I- Do you know the tips?)

(Pic: my final-year students working on airline disruption recovery in the classroom.)

Key takeaways:
– people skill is essential to success;
– social media often takes too much time from our lives; 381 more words


What Is Competitiveness Pdf

How to Do an Industry and Competitive Analysis Modified from the following source: Dr. Stan Abraham, College of Business Administration, CA State Polytechnic Competitiveness also takes into account the ability to generate a profit while producing a product or service. 446 more words


Dampak Sistem Informasi Sumber Daya Manusia (SISDM): Aplikasi pada Kinerja Organisasi (Efisiensi dan Efektivitas) di Rumah Sakit Swasta di Yordania

Iyad Mohammad Ali Khashman dan Aysar Mohammad Khashman


Inovasi teknologi dalam setiap fungsi bisnis berpengaruh signifikan terhadap kinerja organisasi dan membantu meningkatkan daya saing perusahaan dan dengan demikian meningkatkan nilai perusahaan (Nohria dan Gulati, 1996). 197 more words

Management Information System

Is Your Child Athlete Being Taken Advantage of?

Believe it or not, your child athlete may be too nice.

I have said it time and again, and I stick by it. Child sports… 293 more words


Should Kohl's sell Whole Foods products in it's stores?

An article in Business Insider (March 2, 2018 http://www.businessinsider.com/kohls-could-help-whole-foods-reach-millions-of-new-customers-2018-3) suggests that an alliance between Kohl’s and Whole Foods may provide a winning combination. Last year, Kohl’s started accepting return products for Amazon. 137 more words

Supply Chain Issues

What Do We Need To Become a More Innovative and Competitive Economy

While writing this article local newspapers across the country have been reporting that the UAE has been rated number one globally in 50 indices covering vital community and service sectors, this is according to the Global Competitiveness Index for the year 2017 – 2018. 329 more words

Competitiveness of Netflix

-What are you doing?


When I asked my friend what she was doing, she replied just like this. I marveled that Netflix is so influential to such an extent to as it coined new word, ‘Netflixing’. 115 more words