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Another Reason to Reject the Border-Adjustable Tax: Value-Added Taxes Undermine National Competitiveness

My crusade against the border-adjustable tax (BAT) continues.

In a column co-authored with Veronique de Rugy of Mercatus, I explain in today’s Wall Street Journal… 882 more words


How to be competitive in the modern workplace? Part V

(Pic: #246 was finishing his 5K run and was finishing strong!)

Internet is great, because you can find a lot of resources on it to help your work. 367 more words


The Melitz Model – A Darwinian Commerce

When Charles Darwin sat in his study in 1838 to write one of the most fascinating scientific cornerstones in the history of mankind, little did he know the repercussions of his findings would transcend the realm of natural science to exert a tremendous influence in the functioning of unrelated fields, most notably the study of international economics. 763 more words

Charles Darwin

Economic Liberty and the Rise and Fall of Nations

I wrote yesterday about the most recent OECD numbers on “Average Individual Consumption” in member nations.

There was a very clear lesson in that data about the dangers of excessive government. 676 more words


Another Reminder that the United States Should Not Become a European-Style Welfare State

One of the more surreal aspects of the 2016 campaign was watching Bernie Sanders argue that the United States should become more like a European welfare state. 960 more words


How to be competitive in the modern workplace? Part IV

(Pic: #246 just finished 1KM swim and 20KM cycle. Heading the transition area and prepare to run 5K)

Dressing smart is just the appearance. To be successful, you need something in your ‘brain’; something that makes you ‘standing out’ in the crowd. 315 more words


Is Your Envy Leading You To Hating Someone For No Reason?

Have you ever hated someone without any reason? Have you ever wondered that it might just be your envy? Don’t feel ashamed of admitting it. Jealousy or envy is just as normal as feeling all other emotions. 1,125 more words