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The Most Persuasive Argument for Slashing the Corporate Tax Rate

What’s the best argument for reducing the onerous 35 percent corporate tax rate in the United States?

  • 1. Should the rate be lowered because it’s embarrassing that America has the…
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I want to be a warrior,

Squeeze blood from a stone,

And have everyone admire me,

As it flows around their feet.

The animal inside me, 155 more words


Morning Thought #2

Everything in life’s a contest,
Winning’s all, and nothing more:
Love and honor, truth and beauty,
All lie bleeding on the floor

Let’s get trophies, let’s be winners… 15 more words

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Carbon Tax Elders Offer More Bad Advice

By Marlo Lewis Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute

Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

They’re back! The same GOP elders who have been pushing what American Enterprise Institute economist Ben Zycher charitably calls “ 1,830 more words

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Competitiveness Boost Urgently Needed to Meet Africa’s Demographic Challenges

DURBAN, South Africa, May 4, 2017—Without urgent action to address stagnating levels of competitiveness, Africa’s economies will not create enough jobs for the young people entering the job market, according to a report released today. 722 more words

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