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Nine Ways the Football Coach Best Handles Toxic People

Nine Ways the Football Coach Best Handles Toxic People
  1. Sets limits (especially with complainers)
  2. Stays aware of his emotions
  3. Establishes immediate boundaries
  4. Stays joyful
  5. Only focuses on solutions…
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"When I lose ... " Michael Jordan quote

“When I lose the sense of motivation and the sense to prove something as a basketball player, its time for me to move away from the game.” … 16 more words


China banned the use of imported textbooks by its Universities.

China banned the use of imported textbooks by its Universities.

The importance of philosophy to the development of civilisations can never be understated. The decision by China to ban imported products has been lambasted by many in the West; the West has defined the move by China as the suppression of educational freedom. 433 more words


NetRiders 2015 - in a new format

This year Cisco Networking Academy is running competitions in 7 regions  – all participating countries in the region register and then compete during the same dates in 2015… 173 more words


Competitive Entrepreneurs

In a world of increasing global competition, many businesses are progressively working towards increasing their levels of competitiveness. Competitive business enterprises are those firms that manage all of its resources and competencies to increase profits. 721 more words


“L’equip petit”-"The little team": o una lección sobre la competitividad /or a lesson about competitiveness

A medida que fui creciendo, sentí la presión de la competitividad en todas las áreas de mi vida: tenía que ser la mejor en los estudios, la mejor bailarina, la mejor haciendo gimnasia, la más hermosa, la más bonita, la más lista, la más interesante… y todo un montón de estupideces que arruinaron mi adolescencia. 484 more words


The secret to better business management - Mum's the word…

There is a widespread perception that in business you must be ruthlessly competitive in order to survive and more importantly GROW. A constant battle with the competition to have the best products, secure the biggest market share and ultimately win. 372 more words