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COMMUNITY UPDATE – Thanksgiving, Rekindle the Spirit, 2016 City Budget, American Heroes Café

Community Update – 2016 City Budget, Thanksgiving, Rekindle the Spirit 

Recap of 2016 Wisconsin Rapids budget

On November 17, 2015  the formal presentation and public hearing of the… 657 more words

Community Updates

The State with the Best Tax Policy Is Actually South Dakota

Federalism is great for many reasons. When you have dozens of states with the freedom to choose different policies, you get lots of innovation and diversity, which helps identify policies that work. 1,185 more words


Three Ways to Turn Your Football Players' Mistakes into Successes

Three Ways to Turn Your Football Players’ Mistakes into Successes

Here are three powerful and actionable strategies for improving your player’s view of mistakes and success: 856 more words


Five Ways to Eliminate Bad Habits with your Football Players

Five Ways to Eliminate Bad Habits with Your Football Players

Understand and identify the motivations as to why you’re engaging in the undesirable habit. Be honest with yourself. 711 more words


How Football Players Can Get the Most out of their Coaching

This is a two-way street.  Coaches work hard to maximize their success; however, players can get the most out of what the coaches are able to provide.   1,086 more words


When the lower cost providers innovate- others need to take heed!

Great article in this morning’s Philly.com.  http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20151113_Rowan_offers_a_cheaper_three-year_plan.html

Public Universities are growing, while many private universities are struggling.  It was so refreshing to see a school like Rowan, take a move that benefits both the University and its students.   41 more words

Discuss: Improving The Business Of The Business

Battling Fatigue & Re-prioritizing

This last week or so has been an interesting shape-shifting one of trying new things, RE-viewing (as in viewing differently), and trying to figure out what makes everything work for me. 1,078 more words