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New Zealand and Singapore Get Best Scores, America Drops to #8, in 2016 Doing Business Rankings

For data-loving policy wonks, the World Bank’s Doing Business report is a fascinating look at the degree to which nations have a policy and governance environment that is conducive to economic activity. 886 more words


Here's Why America Is Becoming a Worse Place to Do Business

In the past year, it’s gotten easy to start and run a business in a record 137 countries.

The United States, however, wasn’t one of them. 528 more words


The United States Should Aggressively Compete to Attract High-Skilled, Job-Creating Immigrants

While the overall issue of immigration is highly controversial and emotional, I’ve explained before that everyone should be able to agree that it’s a very good idea to bring in people who can be expected to increase per-capita economic output. 2,531 more words


Governments and Business:Breaking or Maintaining the Cycle of Inequality?

In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were laid out as a means for all economies to address collective global concerns. These goals can be themed into seven categories (Figure 1) human capacities development, economic robustness, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability with the quality of life and well-being at the core while governance and technology as key facilitators of all these endeavors. 823 more words

America's Miserably Anti-Competitive Tax System

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the new rankings from the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report and noted that America’s private sector is considered world class but that our public sector ranks poorly compared to many other developed nations. 471 more words


Advice for Taxpayers: If You Can't Move to Hong Kong or the Cayman Islands, Move to Florida or Indiana

One (hopefully endearing) trait of being a policy wonk is that I have a weakness for jurisdictional rankings. At least if they’re methodologically sound. 601 more words