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The Chinese Miracle and the Economics of Growth

I’m in Shenyang, China, as part of the faculty for Northeastern University’s International Economics and Management program.

My primary role is to talk about the economics of fiscal policy, explaining the impact of both… 1,524 more words


Tax Complexity Is a Tax on Paying Taxes

What’s the best measure of the tax burden on the U.S. economy?

Is it the amount of money that we’re forced to surrender to the… 584 more words


Singapore is a Brand!

Singapore is an island city, became an independent republic of Singapore on 9th August 1965. With a GDP of over $ 455 billion, per capita of $ 56000+ and a population of around 5.5 million, it is often known as the “Lion city”, the “Garden city” and is also a Global city. 458 more words

Blue State Fail: California's Long-Term Economic Decline

Something doesn’t add up. People like me have been explaining that California is an example of policies to avoid. Depending on my mood, I’ll refer to the state as the… 1,394 more words

Big Government

The pulse of Asia is the culture- understand, embrace and lead

When I started exploring my options for moving into a corporate job in Asia, the first thing that I looked at was its economic growth as compared to other regions of the world and how that could support my aspirations for the next step in my career. 426 more words

Being Silenced

This post is about being a female in the United States.  It’s different here than in other places, because we expect that we will be treated a certain way:  with equality.   821 more words