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Free-Market Reforms Are Needed to Boost Chinese Prosperity and Stabilize the Economy

At the risk of stereotyping, the Chinese people are remarkably productive when given the chance. Hong Kong and Singapore are dominated by ethnic Chinese, and those jurisdictions… 646 more words


The NBN – the single biggest failure of our 'infrastructure Prime Minister'?

The National Broadband Network was announced by the Kevin Rudd Labor government on 7 April 2009. The plan announced would have bypassed the existing Telstra copper network by constructing a new national broadband network combining… 685 more words


The Mummy Olympics

Is there a sport more competitive than parenting?! When I was pregnant, I assured myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into the game of comparing my little bundle of joy with other bundles of joy not of my making. 444 more words

New Mummy

Economic Freedom in America Is Declining Mostly Because of Creeping Protectionism and the Loss of Rule of Law and Property Rights

This century has not been good news for economic liberty in the United States.

According to Economic Freedom of the World, America has dropped from being the 3rd-freest economy of the world in 2001 to the 12th-freest economy in the… 492 more words


Bernie Sanders Is (Sort of) Right about Europe Being a Role Model for the United States

Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s pseudo-socialist senator, thinks that America can learn from Europe.

He’s right.

But he’s also wrong. That’s because he thinks that Europe is a role model to emulate rather than a warning signal of mistakes to avoid. 761 more words



An awesome reminder of the counsel at Romans 12:3 to help us deal with others’ successes.

How Do You Handle the Success of Others?

Maxine :) 19 more words

Low Taxes, Poor Wages and Weak Regulations do NOT make you competitive

When I began writing my dissertation, I investigated what other political economists had theorised about state-market relations and economic governance. One such theory was the ‘competition state’, a functionalist theory for how globalisation forced states to compete against each other in a rat race for the bottom – lowest taxes, poorest wages, weakest regulations. 667 more words

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