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Hulu is building an online cable TV competitor but it says it's not 'declaring war' on cable

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Hulu is developing a cable-like online TV package, CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed to The New York Times.

The offering is part of a push to rethink TV, which will include a greater emphasis on personalization (understanding what you want to watch before you do), Hopkins says. 366 more words


Amazon's new Staples competitor has sold over $1 billion worth of products in one year

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Amazon Business, the online retailer’s Staples competitor, has sold over $1 billion worth of products since its launch last year, the company announced Wednesday. 294 more words


Hulu is building a cable competitor that will cost around $40 per month

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Hulu is developing a cable-like online TV package that will be priced “in the ballpark” of $40 per month, sources tell The Wall Street Journal. 375 more words


Guile signs up with Street Competitor 5 cast on Thursday

Street Competitor 5 fans can get their Guile on this very week.

Guile joins Road Fighter 5 cast on Thursday
The next Street Competitor 5 DLC personality, Guile, was promised for April release – – as well as will merely make that target. 12 more words


April 26, 2016



3-7 Strict Pull ups

*3 Rounds for quality

50 Ft. HS walk

30 sec. L-sit hold (Parallettes)


5 X 3 Starting @ 65% – Build on feel… 14 more words


April 25, 2016

*Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS – Work up to a heavy complex

*3 TnG Power Cleans – Every 90 sec. for 6 sets. Build on feel… 17 more words


Tekken x Street Competitor development "on hold".

Bandai Namco has out advancement of Tekken x Street Fighter on hold to stay clear of “splitting the communities.”

Tekken x Street Competitor growth “on hold” 24 more words