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Apple's Amazon Echo Competitor Could Feature Camera, Facial Recognition

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Apple’s rumored product designed to compete with the Amazon Echo could come equipped with a camera and facial recognition capabilities, reports

Once the device determines who is in the room, that information could be used to pull up each person’s preferences, “such as the music and lighting they like,” allowing for a customized interactive experience for each member of the home. 516 more words


Apple's Rumored Amazon Echo Competitor Could Be a Next-Generation Apple TV

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Earlier this week, The Information said Apple was

Citing an unnamed source,

A future version of the Apple TV may gain a dedicated microphone and speaker, along with deeper… 493 more words


Apple Working on Amazon Echo Competitor, Opening Siri Up to Developers

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Apple is actively developing a product that would compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home, reports

In addition to developing such a device, Apple is planning to improve Siri by opening the voice assistant up to outside developers. 577 more words


One of Road Competitor 5's biggest mysteries solved

Oh, so that’s exactly what he says.

Street Competitor 5 players have had a couple of months with the game and are reaching grasps with the personalities and how everything works. 25 more words


Competition Season is HERE ...and so are some posing tips and tricks for the stage.

I received quite a few messages on Instagram and Facebook asking about bikini posing in the Naturally Fit Federation. I am not the best at checking my direct messages, as I just get quite a bit with my work and so forth, I miss a lot. 73 more words


Sense of Responsibility

Employer ‘I give you salary every month, so what is harm in you abiding by the employee agreement”

Employee ‘I do my work zealously and you too earn from my contribution and make money, so what is harm in clean exit.. 307 more words

A week in review - week 3 of the reverse diet

Yesterday marked the last day of my third week reversing my diet since the Cutler Classic. To say this week was easy would be a lie, but to say it was hard would be a stretch too. 1,967 more words

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