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Ankle strength woes

Never really considered the strength of my ankles previously.

But tonight it because obvious they are oh so weak!

This is week 2 of wearing full heels and tonight I was working through my exercises with boss.  362 more words

Ballroom Dance

Lucky Dancer

Had a 3-hour conversation with Boss today.

Finally, we were able to clear some of the things that have been hanging in the air, and we worked out a plan I hope will work through radiation and beyond. 364 more words

Ballroom Dance


As mentioned, I am going to share a bit about my upcoming dresses, even though they won’t be made until after I recover from my surgery.  685 more words

Ballroom Dance

The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, stretching, or flexibility training’s formal definition is:

“The normal extensibility of all soft tissues that allow the full range of motion of a joint.” 424 more words


Gone from Here

Two things; inpatient care should ALWAYS be proceeded by the word “voluntary”and there’s nothing wrong with getting your brain tuned up if it maintains your status on the mortal plane. 150 more words

Ode to graceful exits

There is a temptation to criticize the places we no longer enter. Past jobs, locations, sports, exes…anything we associate with a past identity…these things tend to become the object of our personal shame, attack, or dismissal. 755 more words


Back 2 basics

Hi :)

Welcome to my personal blog where I will be sharing my journey in getting fit, building muscle and eventually competing in a bikini competition. 288 more words