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ThredUP launches Stitch Fix competitor for try-before-you-buy clothes

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Consignment startup thredUP is launching Goody Boxes, for people who want to try on clothes at home before making purchases. Customers will be able to order on-demand shipments, with personalized items sent to their home. 300 more words


Trivia game HQ finally has a competitor called The Q

(Source: www.theverge.com)

It was only a matter of time before HQ Trivia had competitors. The live mobile trivia game show for iOS has skyrocketed in popularity in the four months it’s been around, seeing hundreds of thousands of people log into the twice-daily game to win as much as $10,000. 610 more words


On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast: Marketing Your Small Business; 5 Tips To Stand Out in 2018, Podcast #56

When it comes to marketing your small business, differentiating your business from the competition can be difficult with consumers’ short attention spans and online platform threats with low-cost options. 274 more words

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How to Choose Which of Your Competitor’s Keywords to Target

All is fair in love and SEO. And sometimes the competition can get a little heated when you re vying for highly sought after keywords. If you re able to usurp one of your main competitors for a prime keyword, this can give you a tremendous advantage and potentially be a traffic goldmine. 27 more words

Theater chain Cinemark launches its own MoviePass competitor

(Source: www.theverge.com)

The subscription ticketing service MoviePass has been steadily lowering its prices to entice customers, and now theater chain Cinemark is striking back with its own subscription club. 435 more words


Uber Customers: Beware This Scam

(Source: www.inc.com)

Criminals are exploiting the news that Uber suffered a serious data breach to inflict more harm on Uber customers. As if it the pilfering by hackers of the names, email addresses, and mobile-phone numbers of 57 million customers of the ride service as well as the driver’s license numbers of 600,000 Uber drivers was not bad enough, criminals are now crafting sophisticated phishing emails that prey on the same group of people. 336 more words

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