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How Jeff Bezos inspired GE CEO Jeff Immelt

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is a highly admired role model to a lot of people. And the guy that he admires? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. 320 more words


Mentoring and Motorbikes

Article by Tarnya Brink 03.08.16

So now you are wondering what on earth mentoring and motorbikes have to do with one another.

Let me give you some context. 752 more words


อยากรู้ไหมว่าคู่แข่งของเราเลือก Target ใน Facebook อย่างไร?

จะดีไหม ถ้าเรารู้ว่าคู่แข่งของเรากำหนด Target อย่างไรใน Facebook หรือ เอเจนซี่ที่ดูแลแบรนด์ของเรากำหนด กลุ่มเป้าหมายตรงตามที่เรา Approve ไปหรือไม่ วันนี้ผมมีวิธีตรวจสอบการกำหนด Target ใน Facebook แบบง่ายๆ มาให้ลองดูกัน 25 more words



Don’t get confused by the title , it does not refer to my second best post but it refers to me!!

You must have read many articles on being one among the crowd , being a sidekick and heard about stuff like, giving your best shot ,failure is a stepping stone and the very famous “Don’t give up , keep trying” quote. 484 more words

Winning Dads

“YOU BETTER NOT STOP RUNNING!” My dad was shouting as his voice drowned out my coach and the crowd.

We are all products of some inner wiring built in by our Heavenly Father producing the individual personality that we grow into. 624 more words

Quietly Into The Night: What Make a Competitor?

by S.A. Prince

What does it mean to be a competitor? Being a competitor simply means to compete. Compete comes from the Latin competere which means to “strive for.” Competere is then broken down into… 472 more words

My Bikini Diary!

So I competed in my first bikini competition last weekend! I chose to keep this quiet and away from social media as I didn’t want any pressure or negativity. 974 more words