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GARY USHER - Hot Rod U.S.A. [1960-1965]

”This quasi-legitimate bootleg compilation collect 30 tunes (mostly hot rod & surf) that Usher had a hand in as producer and/or performer between 1960 and 1965, most taken from rare collector 45s. 266 more words


Collected Obscurities - Svartsinn

If you are new to a band or project, a compilation album is often the best way to gauge what they have done and how their sound has progressed. 690 more words


Marina Tsvetaeva

An Attempt at Jealousy

How is your life with an ordinary
woman? without the god inside her?
The queen supplanted—

How do you breathe now? 96 more words


H. D.

What is left after this?
what can death loose in me
after your embrace?
your touch,

your limbs are more terrible
to do me hurt. 20 more words


CĂ©sar Vallejo

Moon! Maddened celestial heart
-why are you rowing like this, inside the cup
full of blue wine, toward the west,
such a defeated and aching stern? 36 more words


Stephen Crane

LITTLE birds of the night
Aye, they have much to tell
Perching there in rows
Blinking at me with their serious eyes
Recounting of flowers they have seen and loved… 52 more words