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Dice Rollen Bloopers #1

Dice Rollen Bloopers #1

These are some funny moments that didn’t make the final cut of sketches & short films.


Five Night's at Freddy's Reaction Compilation

Five nights at Freddy’s Reaction Compilation

Five Nights at Freddy’s Game

I finally decided to play Five Nights at Freddy’s & make a compilation of the funny & rather scary moments during those 2 hours for Halloween. 15 more words


Dice's Horror Reaction Compilations

Dice’s Horror Reaction Compilations

These are compilations of funny & scary moment from my previous let’s plays.


Stefan Baciu

I want to write a poem
       as simple as a glass of water
       or as a piece of bread abandoned
       on the table by a child… 54 more words


NYHC Barks of The Underdogs (Promo Compilation)

Found this really cheap at a used record store today, not much of a CD guy or compilations either.

But there were a few artists on there i never heard of so.. 324 more words


Rainbow Six:Siege - Blindfire kills

Blindfiring is an effective method of pinning down defenders momentarily. It can also be used to slow down attackers which can disrupt a team’s breach of the objective room. 18 more words


Rainbow Six:Siege - Blitz killing gadget throwing defenders

The hardest and most annoying way to kill a defender as a shield attacker is when they are throwing a gadget. The immediate fear of realising that you are probably going to die, mixed with the frustration of knowing that you can’t do much about it. 19 more words