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[QAD] How to compile code trong QAD SE?

1. Vào chức năng MFGUtil bằng cách: ./mfgutil
Chú ý : File cần compile(*.p),file include (*.i) và file list(*.wrk) phải cùng nằm chung 1 folder. 2,862 more words


Install Lynx Browser On OS X

To be honest, this falls squarely into the realm of “shit that isn’t particularly useful to me but which is neat and impresses people who don’t understand it.” You get some interesting looks at the coffee shops when you fire up Lynx as your browser, to say the least. 303 more words


Compiling And Running A Java Program

class Hello


     public static void main(String args[])


          System.out.println("Hello World");



Type the above java program in notepad and save with a class name in the  284 more words

Core Java

How to compile C code in Linux

Hello in this short tutorial i will show you how to compile a C code (ex: main.c) in linux terminal, using the gcc compiler:

1. First make sure you have a file that has the .c extension: 110 more words

Programming In C

Compiling gstreamer from source

I have worked with gstreamer on Windows, but I wanted to play with it a bit more while stepping through the source code, so I decided to compile it from source. 1,001 more words

Linux Development

It's not Tetris, but it's from arcade's past - Puyo Puyo

RadioSEGA‘s a great, independent online fan-centric channel featuring Sega hits 24/7 with podcasts showcasing the best tunes, mixes, and commentary on everything Sega-related from Alien Syndrome to Bayonetta. 1,045 more words


OpenBSD | building the system | building the userland

building the system:
# cd /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf
# config GENERIC
# cd ../compile/GENERIC
# make clean && make
# make install

building the userland:
# cd /usr/src… 33 more words