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VGBS Live 08 @ A Video Game Con - Favorite Game Stories, Compile & More! with Kurt Kalata

VGBS goes Live at A Video Game Con in New Jersey. This is a live panel with Kurt Kalata from HardcoreGaming101, published author and amazing all around dude. 77 more words


How to add an I/O Scheduler to your kernel

How to add an I/O Scheduler to your kernel:

Praise God, another succesful addition to the TBLTE kernel was that of adding the FIOPS I/O scheduler to the kernel. 494 more words


Selecting Files During Compile in Scrivener

When you have finished writing in Scrivener—or you have reached a point when you want to extract some of your work from Scrivener to use it in another application or to share it with a non-Scrivener user—you will probably use Scrivener’s compile function to output your work. 494 more words

Scrivener Tips

Blender Game Engine: Publishing

At some point you might want to get your game out to more people. You could just export it with the built-in Save As Game Engine Runtime… 678 more words


Building a kernel for an Android phone without the rom source

For the record, I do not recommend building kernels this way, I recommend that you build them within your ROM source. This method will work, but is far more labor intensive. 573 more words


Overclock an apq8084 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge!

In my continuing quest to make a better kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (TBLTE, N915T), I decided to tackle overclocking the kernel. There are already some overclocked kernels out there, but I decided to do something slightly different with mine. 478 more words


Adding a kernel governor can be a Nightmare!

Okay, so a little play on words, especially since I am adding the Nightmare governor to the tblte (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge) kernel, but it did turn out to be a bit of a problem child, fortunately, it was quickly corrected. 297 more words