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[TIP] Generating Build Numbers for your game

When i am compiling my projects i would like to know how many times i compiled my project. So i made that kind of functionality for one of our project and thought i’ll share it with you guys. 191 more words

Unreal Engine 4

Angular Directives Notes - Priorities

compile and prelink functions of directives with lower priority are run last, whereas postlink functions of directives with lower priority are run first. Lower the number lower the priority. 140 more words


Using Gulp To Build & Run A JavaScript Project

Gulp is a very powerful tool that can be used to help build and deploy our JavaScript projects (amongst many other things). The benefit of using Gulp, or a similar tool such as Grunt, is that with a press of a button your project can run its tests, minify the JavaScript files, compile the SASS, compress images, and then open up a browser window with your project running for you to play with. 3,612 more words


Morning Reflection 4

How hungry are you for success? Do you really desire to make better progress in your business? Are your goals specific enough? You have got to make the best of this week in order to prevent month end pressure. 199 more words


Jasmine unit test for 'Directive'


Today, we will go through unit tests for directive using ‘Jasmine’. We have to keep one thing in mind that Jasmine unit test is not ‘E2E’ testing framework.

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Cross compile libnl, iw, hostapd, wpa_supplicant, rfkill


Download, cross compile and install the Netlink Protocol libraries:

wget http://www.infradead.org/~tgr/libnl/files/libnl-3.2.24.tar.gz
tar -xzf libnl-3.2.24.tar.gz
cd libnl-3.2.24
./configure –host=arm-linux-gnueabi –prefix=/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi
make install
cd include… 489 more words