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error: use of undeclared identifier 'LED_ADJUSTMENT_G'

After synching my source with AOKP for Nougat 7.1.2, I ran into this error when trying to build for the JFLTETMO:

target thumb C: lights.MSM8960 <= hardware/samsung/liblights/lights.c… 554 more words


webpack custom plugin

Recently we work with a platform which need to use webpack to build some ng2/4 assets and also some custom steps to pull data from a headless cms(via gulp) and eventually render components. 599 more words


OpenBSD + liquidsoap

Get the sources: https://github.com/savonet/liquidsoap/releases and untar them.

Add some packages:

# pkg_add ocaml
# pkg_add ocaml-graphics
# pkg_add fdk-aac
# pkg_add faad
# pkg_add libao
# pkg_add libmad
# pkg_add taglib
# pkg_add ocaml-pcre
# pkg_add ocaml-camlp4
# pkg_add libogg
# pkg_add libvorbis
# pkg_add flac
# pkg_add lame
# pkg_add gmake
# pkg_add ffmpeg
# pkg_add findlib 
… 192 more words

M.U.S.H.A. (Genesis)

Oh, yeah. She just looks thrilled at the prospect.

I thought I’d take a little break from platformers this week, so I decided to give Compile’s acclaimed 1990 shooter M.U.S.H.A. 1,353 more words


Fixing the blank developer settings on SlimRoms Nougat

After building SlimRoms Nougat for the H811 (LG G4 T-Mobile), I ran into an odd artifact: when you enabled and opened the developer settings, it would be blank, or crash. 183 more words



Halo Kawan,

Kali ini saya akan berbagi tips mengenai masalah compile arduino yang tiba-tiba lambat”.

Seberapa lambat sih yang jadi masalah disini??, saya asumsikan (berdasarkan pengalaman saya) yakni  449 more words


The Guardian Legend (NES)

Aww! You’re so sweet, game!

After playing it for the first time, I can report that The Guardian Legend is really, really damn good. The sheer scope of the game is amazing for the NES: 23 space shooting sections linked by hundreds of screens of overhead dungeon levels, ten different weapons that can be upgraded three times each and utilized in both gameplay modes, RPG-like character improvement, moody and memorable music, and stylish graphics. 271 more words