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Regular Expressions in Python:

What is Regular Expression and how is it used?

Simply put, regular expression is a sequence of character(s) mainly used to find and replace patterns in a string or file. 2,562 more words


30 Hackdays Day 10: Dart - "Real" OOP in JavaScript

I first knew the Dart library developed by Google from a GDG conference last year. My initial feeling was that the idea was cool, but for some reason I didn’t delve into it later. 542 more words


How to hide or obfuscate python source code ?

Sometimes we may have the requirement to provide applications without source code. In Java it is very easy and people are widely using also. If we want to hide our source code in python what we will do ?? 135 more words

Tips And Tricks

VGBS Side Quest 10 - Our Favorite Games & Stories

This Side Quest was recorded a long time ago, when we were all together recording in the same room, and obviously drinking a lot of beer. 62 more words


[TIP] Generating Build Numbers for your game

When i am compiling my projects i would like to know how many times i compiled my project. So i made that kind of functionality for one of our¬†project and thought i’ll share it with you guys. 191 more words

Unreal Engine 4

Angular Directives Notes - Priorities

compile and prelink functions of directives with lower priority are run last, whereas postlink functions of directives with lower priority are run first. Lower the number lower the priority. 140 more words