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Cara Compile Nginx Dari Source

Kenapa harus compile dari source? Karena ada modul yang tidak disertakan dalam repo Ubuntu, seperti modul mod_pagespeed. Langsung saja berikut ini langkah-langkah compile nginx dari source beserta 2 dynamic module, yakni nginx image-filter dan mod_pagespeed. 275 more words


Dynamics CRM: Adding custom attributes to Entities and access them from PowerShell

I want to add a couple of new custom attributes to the Account and Contact entities. I want the attributes to start with a prefix of “tlk”. 423 more words


How to Compile MP3 Cds

A typical CD-ROM can hold 12 or 13 tracks of music, but will hold 650 MB or more of data; MP3 files for high sample rate audio files will be in the realm of 3 to 10 MB. 6 more words

How to compile, install and run hashcat (password cracker) from Github source in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using a bash shell script

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cmake build-essential
sudo apt install checkinstall git
sudo apt remove hashcat
sudo rm -rf hashcat/
git clone https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat.git
cd hashcat
git submodule update --init
sudo make
sudo checkinstall
hashcat --version
# hashcat version should be v3.5.0 or newer

Using the Linux -pf kernel on Slackware

The pf kernel is a fork of the Linux kernel containing several patches to help with desktop responsiveness. You can read more about it here at the official website: … 945 more words



We have seen Cid’s stink eye, and now we have seen a quail star. Check out the error:

[ 3% 1534/40974] Checking API: checkpublicapi-current
FAILED: /bin/bash -c “(( /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/host/linux-x86/bin/apicheck -JXmx1024m -J\”classpath /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/bin/../lib/tools.jar:/home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/host/linux-x86/framework/doclava.jar:/home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/host/linux-x86/framework/jsilver.jar\” -error 2 -error 3 -error 4 -error 5 -error 6 -error 7 -error 8 -error 9 -error 10 -error 11 -error 12 -error 13 -error 14 -error 15 -error 16 -error 17 -error 18 -error 19 -error 20 -error 21 -error 23 -error 24 -error 25 -error 26 -error 27 frameworks/base/api/current.txt /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/public_api.txt frameworks/base/api/removed.txt /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/removed.txt || ( cat build/core/apicheck_msg_current.txt ; exit 38 ) ) ) && (mkdir -p /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/ ) && (touch /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/checkpublicapi-current-timestamp )” 734 more words


BASIC Command Options


The MV# BASIC command creates executable code for use by the Microsoft .NET or Mono Common Language Runtime (CLR).


BASIC filename [(options] 623 more words