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The Linux Series - My Manjaro Customization

Hey guys, Ryter here, and this video demonstrate some of the power of customization on Linux.

Commands to get the programs on your Linux Distro: 18 more words


How to speed up Ubuntu's Unity

On my notebook I am running Ubuntu 14.10 since Debian didn’t work with it at all – I guess drivers were missing. So I installed Ubuntu 14.10 on it and it works since then properly. 219 more words


Ubuntu workspaces problems

This is a compilation post, for workspaces problems as I’m tired of searching for solutions each time when this hits me (upgrades etc.). 276 more words


How do I make Unity launcher more responsive in AutoHide mode?

In System Settings, There is an option for increasing reveal sensitiviy. But this will not decrease the amount of Pressure needed to show the launcher. You can test this by slowly moving the cursor to the left edge and pushing it. 43 more words


Ubuntu Tech Snippet #12 - Fix the NVIDIA screen flicker bug in Ubuntu

NVIDIA. Oh how we love to hate thee.

NVIDIA and its proprietary graphics drivers have long been a bane of users on Ubuntu. If you needed performance, then you had to use the proprietary drivers, as Nouveau just couldn’t keep up. 319 more words


True transparency in CentOS

I have enabled transparency for my gnome terminal but I am always getting my desktop wallpaper as background of terminal after googling I found compiz missing. 27 more words


No animations, please

I disable animations on all my computers (even the Mac) and people wonder why. It’s very simple: I find them annoying. I use the keyboard more often than I use my mouse, and keyboard navigation is significantly faster than mouse navigation for many, if not most, applications. 547 more words

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