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The Glorious Hammer By Douglas

When we went to Portugal, we saw an amazing Cathedral. We walked up to the first sign and it talked about this ball peen hammer that was used in the building of the church. 620 more words

Douglas's Weekly Blog

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up, BT Article, Sunday, June 17, 2018

I met the my friend for breakfast as we normally do. We are slowly building a friendship meeting bi-weekly, having good conversations about life. We come from different backgrounds but seek the peace of God in our lives. 743 more words

The Salty Anime Challenge (the comeback is real)

Okay, alright, so.

Just because I don’t write here anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t stalk the interwebs from the shadows. I sometimes like your stuff, I sometimes comment and I sometimes fucking bookmark that shit. 392 more words


Foot in Mouth

I struggle with “foot in mouth” disease. I see some point in the spiritual life that we are missing. Then I try to express it so that others might grow. 490 more words

Douglas's Weekly Blog

Rant ∞

WTF. I just wanted to started with that and I’ve probably done it before, mostly not. I can’t possibly imagine myself doing anything in life at this point. 340 more words

Personal Writing

Always A Choice

I can complain about anything

Or I can be thankful for everything

There is always a choice




I think dandelions are the most awful and amazing plants on the planet.  Their deep roots head straight down but break easily, very much aware of my ability to pull them out – regenerate.  168 more words

Life Happens