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If your default state of being is jealousy...

then you have alot of work to do.
My default state is jealousy and other emotions too, but right now I want to talk about jealousy. 279 more words


No Complaining, No Cursing (Day 2)

I ended up with 16 tallies on my hand yesterday.

That’s 16 times that I either cursed or complained…and to be fair, that’s a rough estimate. 87 more words

Daily Dose

A People Who Err In Their Heart

A People  Who Err  In Their Heart

In this world  we see people  who love the LORD  and believe  in His word  —  and we see those  who do not love  or believe  in the LORD.     475 more words


Dealing with a High Conflict Personality? Three goals for survival...

Do you have a partner, a colleague, a friend, a loved one where everything is a challenge and every conversation becomes a competition; where if they don’t get their way, there is hell to pay; where they are relentless in their pursuit; where somehow or other they are always right; where if they lose, someone else is always to blame? 1,305 more words

Muslims (Towelheads) Complain That National Anthem Is ‘Oppressive’ And ‘Forced Assimilation’


Muslims have another complaint against the countries that have been welcoming their religion into their borders with open arms. The National Anthems are just too darn oppressive. 250 more words

Daily News

Sweet 16th

Hello everyone!
I feel like ranting on being the ‘amazing’ age of 16 years.

It’s the sort of age all (Hollywood)movies idolize and make out to be a magical time.Sadly it really isn’t like the movies , I sort of wish it was. 575 more words

Set Boundaries

Wow… is it just me or does it seem like there is so much negativity these days?  People are ready to attack, lash out, and strike at any given moment.  111 more words