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Money Makes Me...

Today I was pondering the balance in my bank account, and my Mint app was lording over me a negative income balance for the month of October thus far….meaning – I spent more than I earned. 373 more words


A wretched soul

This morning I realised that it is very helpful to my fellow humans to list my grievances and post a selfie on the worldwide web. Online Whinge Day will surely change the world for the better, and as I am perfect, I’ve got a long list of complaints about human behaviour: 250 more words

Self Improvement

Scripture for Saturday, October 21 (10/21)

The scripture for today, October 21 (10/21), is Proverbs 10:21 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of judgment.” 105 more words


Complaint Department…ME?

What when did this happen? Is it because this year I officially became a senior citizen? Does this mean I’m a Matriarch now?! (Said in superhero voice with hands on hips) 819 more words


So in the past I have had issues with YODEL they seem to not care about how they treat people’s parcels & considering that if it wasn’t for you ordering thing’s they would be out of a job…you would think they would be a little more careful. 794 more words


How to deal with people who drain you

How to deal with people who drain you…plus, when is an intervention appropriate?…plus, do we really do the same things as those we judge?

https://karolynmerrimanshow.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/oct-19-karolyn.mp3… 27 more words


The Next Time You Decide To Complain To God, Be a Faithful Complainer and Not A Grumbler!

What do you do when God has given you everything you asked for and after you received it now you wish you had never asked for it? 651 more words