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I hate when people complain and typically try not to because no one really cares to hear it.  But now it’s time for my pity party.   58 more words



Oh so true and something we all do now and then!

It’s those people that complain every day about something that makes me nuts whether it is the weather, their weight, job, kids, family or whatever. 39 more words

No Whining Wednesday - Don't be a Negative Nancy

Welcome back to another episode of No Whining Wednesday, the only day of the week where you do not get to whine, complain, or criticize. Now, if you are new to this blog or new to this segment please visit the first post… 521 more words


Wired to complain?

Sometimes it feels that we are wired to complain. Or rather, it feels that people need to inevitably complain about something in the framework of a normal small talk. 758 more words


Insaanirant To My Muse

  1. When my mind boils over
    I don’t need anyone to care
    I write my words like a battle
    To remain
    Nothing matters…
    Only the explosion of thought…

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Always Express Gratitude

Whenever I become anxious or complain, that suggests that I know better than God on how to govern my world.  I am not aware of everything He knows and sees and today I will be so grateful that governing  the universe is not my job!  30 more words

Until I see your load

My burdens are heavy
I complain to God
Why? I cry aloud
Until I see your load

Blessings from God
I take for granted
Blood covers you… 56 more words