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It's an urge to make clear

The plans of Man
The hidden can
Of worms
Plying trades of war
Implicating others
Complicating that smothers
Reasonable response
Belittles ordinary concern,
Until the urge to complain… 144 more words


Dear Paper

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Paper, dear paper,

You are with us everywhere,

In different styles and different forms,

You serve us with your life anytime and anywhere. 155 more words

Daily Prompt

Are We Like Jonah?

As I write this, we have three packers in our home. What I have been worrying and stressing over, God granted. We got our movers. 582 more words

Relationship With Christ

To Rathaus civil servants in Siegen Germany

I doubted several times for writing it to the public, but today I could not hold it back anymore. Upon receiving a letter from Rathaus (city hall) Siegen, I know that I need to change my student residential status to job seeker status. 446 more words


Survey says...

My organization historically loves to send out surveys. They can be focused information grabs or more broad scoped “climate surveys” that try to suss out everything that happens to be on an employee’s mind. 255 more words


Sweating It Out

Air conditioner is broken. The Landlord isn’t doing a damn thing to fix it. The 4 fans we are using are blowing hot air. Eating ice,drinking cold water. 34 more words


Hold Your Tongue

“In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire.” James 3:5… 200 more words

Some Struggle