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Stepping Into Our Leadership...

Life is filled with events. These events can be good or bad. The perspective of one person toward an event may not be the same as another person facing a similar event. 141 more words


Word-Filled Wednesday

Discouragement can plague everyone from time to time. It even happens to those who have a strong relationship with the Father. David was a great man of God, yet he was discouraged from time to time. 208 more words


The Lord is With Us.

As imperfect human beings we all tend to complain to God about our lives, our needs, our suffering and pain.



Time To Put On My Big Girl Panties

I whine,complain,& bitch because I weigh 252,or whatever I weigh…while knowing its my fault…I did this…I am the guilty 1…& I accept blame. I chose to live on high fat comfort foods & avoid exercise. 87 more words


No Whining Wednesday - Understand and Appreciate Your Riches

Welcome back to No Whining Wednesday, the only day of the week where you do not get to whine, complain, or criticize… 189 more words


Snow Days, Where Most Time is Wasted.

I fucking hate the snow. Everything about it just pisses me off. Here are 10 reasons I think the snow sucks.

  1. It’s cold. I hate the cold.
  2. 363 more words

Help Me!

I’m sure that what I am going through, even though it is vexing me. Making me tired. Making me weepy. Making withdraw from others. Someone else with different crisis, would look at me and say, “Let’s trade places.” 248 more words