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Why Do We Make Excuses?

We all make excuses, its human. Where though, do we draw the line? When do we tell ourselves enough is enough? For me, that day came while in the military. 679 more words


"Do not complain" - That can change your Life :-)

A friend of mine sent the above. It is part of her forwarding of “spiritual wisdom” to her friends.
At first sight, everything seems great with that statement.
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A Fool's Sestina

We could debate innocent love
with the stubbornness of a donkey,
since everything about you seems to struggle—
like a hunter who can’t get a kill. 233 more words


Peace in Obedience

I have been under attack the past 2 days; in my mind, in my heart, physically, emotionally, spiritually. And I know why. It’s because I am being obedient. 838 more words

Day 35 - His Eyes

Today, I saw a man deliver food to my apartment building as I was walking home. I watched him lock up his bike, then limp up the stairs with sweat on his brow. 129 more words


Does this Girl go on Forever?

The answer is yes. I have no mute button.

Welcome to my ranting page! This is where I will be raving about things that tend to get me fired up. 155 more words