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God's Word...Life and Truth - "No Complaining" Thanksgiving Challenge

On my commute to work this morning, $1.88 per gallon caught my eye.

Rarely pumping my own gas, I don’t take too much notice of gas prices. 285 more words

Seasonal Celebrations

Earth full of monsters - a poem

A: I don’t want to
Live in this world.
B: Why so? What’s wrong?
A: Because whatever plans I made for me have whirled.

The plans were moulded… 238 more words


How To Be Happy 101: Abandon your Black Clouds

I used to wonder why I had so many friends as a kid and then less through middle school, less through high school, and even less through college.  765 more words


The Thanksgiving Effect

Is giving thanks easy for you, or are you more inclined to grumble and complain?

Did you know that both giving thanks and complaining are contagious? 294 more words

Exchanged Life Truths

Persistent Grumbling Results in Defeat

The Lord is not pleased when His children persist in stubbornness and disobedience. Even though His mercy prevents you from being consumed you will not escape the consequences because your negative words will become a curse and prevent you from inheriting your blessings. 60 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion

A game of focus for today, are you up for the challenge?

Challenge yourself today – decide to stop all your complaining for 24 hours.

This is a game I love to remind myself of often, it is of so much value to let go of all complaints and just begin to find new positive good-feeling ways to focus and express ourselves. 29 more words

How To Allow

Take action

Note to Self:

Don’t like something about your current situation?  Change it.  Don’t like something about yourself or your habits?  Change it.  Simple, not easy. 188 more words