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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Yet another post complaining about women’s fashion.  I do own a sewing machine.  I’m getting more and more inspired each day, wondering if I should start up my own business for women’s clothing & accessories.   746 more words

Things I Have To Say

Things I Sometimes Like To Complain About...Even Though Nobody Cares What I Think

Things I Sometimes Like To Complain About…Even Though Nobody Cares What I Think

Dumb Cartoons…

I have tried watching some of these newer, dare I say stupider  things they are claiming to be cartoons…they are all based on a card games or stupid Japanese creatures that make no sense, all of them are ridiculous. 387 more words


Being Sick Just Doesn't Work For Me

I get mad when I get sick.  I have things to do, but a virus doesn’t care.  I’m mad at life today because I want to write, and I’m having trouble stringing together a paragraph.   256 more words

Things I Have To Say

An unnecessary product

The Apple Watch deeply confuses me. On the one hand, I love the idea of a tiny wrist-mounted computer that I can write software for. It’s the sort of thing I’ve wanted since I was a child. 481 more words



Today is a good day. Almost the right amount of answers for my survey and my tutor said I was on track. Yesterday I had a complaining day. 309 more words

Picking a fight with Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Listen up, lady. This time, you’ve gone too far. It is the end of April, we are well into spring, and it is freezing in my humble apartment. 133 more words