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OK Moms…How many times a day do you hear, “That’s not fair!”? Between The Tween and The Boy, I think I might hear it well over twenty times a day. 340 more words

Mom Life

After the US Open (it ain't pretty)

If you’ll recall, the husband and I had an opportunity to go to the US Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course back in June. Last weekend we decided to head back to Chambers Bay (for the first time since then) for a walk.   717 more words

Western Washington

A girl from work

There is a girl at work, like me she is there for the summer. And I don’t particularly like her…

It’s just that she is very slow. 150 more words

My Life

Complaining day

First thing.
Congratulation to one of my friend from university.
He just had a little baby boy.
He decided to name his child Lucius.
It’s a beautiful name – Lucius means light. 336 more words


I Don't Care About Your Cookie

Dear Children,

I don’t care about your cookie.  I may come across as angry and uncaring right now, but someday you’ll understand.  It’s not you.  I love the heck out of you.   301 more words

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whine: verb (used without object), whined, whining.1.to utter a low, usually nasal, complaining cry or sound, as from uneasiness, discontent, peevishness, etc.  268 more words


Complaining and the Christian -- Stephen Hughes

When I was a teenager, I hated doing chores. My parents would tell me to clean my room, wash the dishes, or mow the lawn. I would eventually do it, but I would grumble and complain the whole time. 1,402 more words

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