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Simple Gratitude

I wrote the other day about letting go of a friend who complains a lot. So here is a quick post to mention my own history of complaining and how I have gently nudged it out of my life using… 414 more words


Ok, so I lasted two months. I’ve been finding out recently that so many more people cared about my little corner of the Internet and were disappointed to see it go than I realized, so I’ve returned by popular demand. 587 more words

Learning Experiences

Whatta piss take

I am finding increasingly that people are self centered arseholes. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the way we live our lives online putting forward our own profiles, thinking about ourselves and what we put out into the world. 107 more words

Tips to a Successful Work Week

February 3-5

Dear Journal, the reason I have combined three days into one entry, is because they all were pretty much the same. Wednesday. Thursday and Friday consisted of me waking up, eating breakfast, then going to work until 7:30, coming home, showering, then ending my night by having my dinner while watching a documentary. 740 more words


Rainbows v. Rainstorms

I have a niece who turned three yesterday. She has the energy of a college kid hiked up on red bull during final exams week. If she’s not sleeping then she’s up jumping around and ramming into anything in her way. 292 more words

of tissue and glass

I’ve been crying a lot lately.

It’s mostly been over inconsequential things, like dog videos. And they’re cute videos about dogs tucking in babies or… 3,405 more words


An inconvenient truth

You’re poor and earn a minimum wage

You’re poor because you don’t have skills that companies need. The better your skills the more money you make. 464 more words