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When Enough Isn't Good Enough

Taking a three-week trip from Texas to Michigan and back again with five children is nothing to sneeze at, especially if one is crazy enough to drive. 713 more words


What Bothers Me

It seems like everything does. At least it seems like it because all I post is me complaining. Me being sad or depressed. Maybe not a lot of angry posts but there have been a few. 501 more words


To My Fellow Millennials: Stop Complaining And Actually Do Something For A Change

As I observe my peers within my generation, via social media, in the workplace, in public spaces, I notice one daunting characteristic that we all have in common – And that is our overwhelming need to complain…about everything. 448 more words

If You Had a Friend Who Spoke to You the Way You Speak to Yourself, Would They Still be Your Friend?

Thoughts are like the streets of a city, and you get to choose which street to drive on, even a street that’s full of pots holes and hazards. 565 more words


The portal

There is a portal I can go through any second of any day. It has taken me a lifetime to find it. It takes me from hell to heaven or heaven to hell. 352 more words


It keeps going 

As much as you voice your concerns or complaints about something to someone else, unless it happens to them, they won’t understand. Then when it does, all you can think is “bitch” because the tables have turn. 18 more words

Zeal for Kindness

There’s a video by David Wolfe, titled “Think of This,” I saw floating around Facebook. The premise of the video is to encourage people to always be grateful and refrain from complaining. 604 more words