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Late American Lit

I have an exam tomorrow in Late American Lit that I have below zero motivation to study for, so naturally, here I am. I was not very worried about this class to begin with since my high school American Lit class was so intense. 228 more words


Random Gym Thoughts

This is a list of most of things that I say to myself at the gym.

Cardio Equipment:


Snapchat responds to the Change.org petition complaining about the app’s redesign

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Snapchat has posted an official response to users who signed a petition on Change.org asking the company to reverse its controversial update, which people say makes the app more difficult to use. 784 more words


Problems, Problems, Problems!

I have been fighting a very intense case of pinched sciatic nerve lately, and not doing much blogging.  Sorry about that, but what can I say?  411 more words


We all complain, just admit it. This whole blog is me complaining and giving solutions to those complaints.

It’s normal to complain about something, that’s just how humans were made. 192 more words


Choose "what" not "why"

Are you constantly wondering “why” things happen to you?  When something negative appears in your life or tragedy befalls, do you look into yourself and wonder “why?”  I am a huge advocate of introspection, but at times, I’ve come to realize the way in which we go about looking into ourselves really matters.   430 more words

You Will Change Once You Stop Blaming Everybody but Yourself

John as his friends call him is a young man born in Busia County. His birth names are Patrick Sitati. Since he finished college, John has been in search of white collar jobs but he is always hitting at a dead end. 611 more words

Life Changing