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Exodus 16:1-12 Foul Mouths and Free Food

God’s people were thirsty.  They complained and their prophet prayed.  God did a miracle to quench them (Exodus 15:25).  He told them to obey and even gave them an oasis.   473 more words

I Believe In You.

I’m not religious. So I don’t believe in a god. What I do believe in is the power of humanity. I believe in each of my friends. 272 more words


Two Ways of Seeing

Look Up (Written January 16, 2017)

Talk and talk and talk some more,
Do you recall what we’re talking for?
Mother always told me, I recall, 421 more words


No! More! Complaining!

People complain a helluva lot these days, don’t you think? Descartes, the French philosopher, said that complaining is easy while working towards your own happiness is difficult. 316 more words

Inspirational Note – 01/16/17

One way to prolong your stay in the wilderness is to keep complaining about it.
– TaVon Morrison

another TM original™


Why is everyone playing Kalista today?

I am Bronze. No one in my elo should be playing Kalista, with the possible exception of smurfs. I supported three Kalistas and was against one in the six games I played today. 258 more words

Welcome. I'm Not Pleased to See You.

Curiosity must be striking you. What is this? Who is this gorgeous cat that is somehow typing?

(Well, first, I must interject that I am, in fact, a domestic shorthair. 505 more words