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Dear The Tango,

How are you guys? I haven’t seen you or your drink for what feels like an eternity.  My local supermarket is bereft of your fizzy good and I don’t think I’ve seen any of your adverts on the telly since they all got banned. 808 more words



Dear the McDonalds,

I would like to place on record that my love for your meals runs as deep as the furring they have caused in my arteries. 1,930 more words


Parker Pens

I sent a complaint to Parker Pens. You can see the original letter below and a painful to read transcription below that. 150 more words



Dear The Poundland,

Yes, yes I know, it’s me. And I know you told me not to contact you ever again and all that, but I have an issue with the correspondence you recently sent me. 405 more words



Dear The Smirnoff,

First off, love your booze. Nothing’s better for relaxing after a hard day grafting then getting in from work at the calendar factory, grabbing your world famous vodka from the cupboard and washing the ink and grime off my poor hands. 714 more words



Dear the Wotsits,

Firstly may I congratulate you on your cheesy puff snacks; I find them delicious as well as dangerously moreish. They’ve been a snacking favourite of mine ever since my mum gave up feeding me properly and would just throw a family sized bag of Wotsits at my head. 4,009 more words


Dear Congresswoman Nita Lowey

To Nita Lowey,

Please do your job of representing people, not big chicken corporations and help America’s farmers be able to make 1/10,000th of the living their corporate overlords make. 62 more words

Complaint Letters