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Not a Training Recap

“No recap this week,” Doug half-asked, half-tsked at me as I sat and pouted about falling off the boulder for what seemed like the 43,874,295th time Saturday morning. 723 more words


From Bad to Worse

Yesterday was not a good day, not for me studying anyway.
I woke up with some not very fun or pretty health issues yesterday and as I result I wasn’t able to be there when my daughter took my son out to his bus. 367 more words


When a neighbour complains...

In my practice, I have met a few owners who have received complaints about their dog’s excessive barking.  Unlike the note seen below, most complaints in Christchurch seem to be made by people to Animal Control, which instigates a visit by an officer to your home. 524 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 Complaints with the Sheep in England

Z57 Complaints with the Sheep in England Well… Actually I don’t have any complaints with the sheep in England! They get all good reviews from me. 32 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents back again

Z57 needed another break from work, so they decided to head down to the streets and take in some free street entertainment. No complaints from the performers as they will still get a tip! 28 more words