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There're few impotence treatment options for men with conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases.

You wont believe how big your boner gets now
Your erectile dysfunction will disappear for a great price
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Happiness is *email*!

Work is so fragmented yet so many people insist on a 10-minute conversation based on emotion rather than a two-minute email that can provide some detail. 38 more words

My Glamorous Life

Play the social media shame game, don't be left red faced

In todays world, everything is connected. Through our smartphones we engage with friends and brands as well as observe our world through digital eyes. Mistakes happen, that is a fact of life. 428 more words

Social Media

Adult Bullies

I work with many adult bullies and so do many of my colleagues. Recently at a meeting, my colleagues and I were discussing being the target of adult bullies, the result of the work we do. 747 more words

Aim for a Hassle-Free Move with BBB's Tips

Moving is never easy. In fact, it can be a real hassle, especially on a fixed budget. I’ve done it at least a dozen times since I graduated college, moving all across the country. 520 more words

Consumer News

May 5 - In the Face of Persecution

Acts 16:16-40; Judges 4-5; Job 35

It’s interesting what people will put up with from followers of Christ, until we affect their financial status. Paul and his companions were preaching in Philippi. 406 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Enduring Idiocies Legacies

I get more and more like a middle-aged lady every year, but I’m just going to go ahead and ask how it is that it’s May already… 308 more words

Indifferent Ignorance