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Your Ultimate Spring 2016 Mani Pedi!

This Spring I am mad for poppy and periwinkle together. Love it! This pairing is demure and sassy at the same time which is what Spring is all about. 97 more words


The best nude nail varnish...ever!

When I say this is the best nude nail varnish ever, I’m really not joking! The Sally Hanson brand is known world-wide for being a quality nail varnish and it really doesn’t disappoint. 225 more words


Ultimate Favorite Brand: Nails

I think every beauty blogger/vlogger/grammer has a favorite brand for every kind of product. But, I’ve never seen anyone who loved a brand so much it is thier entire collection. 346 more words


My Favorite Nail Brand

Nail polish is one of those things that makes me happy that I was born a woman (although men enjoy the perk too!) I truly love every part of painting my nails. 218 more words

Jurassic World Theme

I am an embarrassingly huge fan of all things Jurassic Park!  The first one is great, the second one is watchable, the third one is junk, but I still watch it.   678 more words


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Jaded

I have so many nail varnishes that I usually just go back to the same ones each time instead of sifting through them to find new ones  but I am going to try and make an effort this summer to switch it up and use different ones. 229 more words

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