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Helpless Dependence

“God wants you to have something

far better than riches and gold,

and that is helpless dependence upon Him.”

-James Hudson Taylor-

There is no other kind of dependence on God other than helpless dependence, a blind unwavering faith.   112 more words


The price of sacrifice.

How far will you go in your obedience to God?

I listened in disbelief as someone who should have shown wisdom and kindness was wounding my heart with carelessly spoken words that left the piercing stab of arrogance upon my soul. 711 more words


~ Victory ~

Today I was dwelling upon the concept of perfection.

It is not something to take lightly, because we live in a society that demands perfection. 1,005 more words


"Wholly For Christ"

Christ died for everyone…so that those who receive His new life will no longer live to please themselves. 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Paul describes here a threefold life. 261 more words



I can try and try to change the course of things but in the end it is his will.
My plans are of my own. 17 more words

A well-ordered life.

Submitting to the God of excellence.

It’s extremely easy to lose sight of discipline in the modern days we live in. Most people live their lives in such a fast pace that they barely have time to keep up with life. 471 more words