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I thought of a game!

Let’s play a game. I’ll give you a phrase and you complete it with the first thought that enters your mind. The first thought! I believe you if you say you did, we can all be comfortable with the honour system. 39 more words


Hello There Sleepyhead By: Violet Vicky (Words: 67,974)

Harry Potter and Avengers

After losing her first love at the Battle of Hogwarts, Mia leaves her family. Little did she know that meeting a man from another realm who was being punished for a prank would change her life in the most wonderful of ways. 17 more words


Complete (update on life)

Let the prayers begin.

I’m not afraid because I’ll just pray. Maybe people will laugh and tease at how praying doesn’t work, but I’ll just pray.

93 more words

Where I Am!

Pause and see, this is a beautiful place to be.

Rushing, running as fast as we can

Running for a new motive something different from what we began. 166 more words


A God's Princess By viridianaln9 (Words: 78,926)

Rise of the Guardians and Avengers
Female Jack Frost

Rise of the GuardiansX Avengers Fic: FemJack. Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Frost has never been alone, the moment she is born she got two Guardians of her own. 42 more words


The End!

*sniffles* I have finally finished Gambit’s Siren, it is a sad day. Thank you to all who followed me with the story but now it has come to the end! 10 more words