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A Light in the Dark By Athenian Grace (Words: 103,722)

Harry Potter and Twilight

Vernon and Petunia Dursley didn’t see the letter Dumbledore left and brought baby Harry to a hospital. Will compassionate Doctor Cullen be able to let Harry go? 17 more words


Nothing is Complete

The words are held back. Unable to properly release myself, I become a mute, crying for help. The sounds shouted out, but no noise is found, and my ability to create words fall back into silence, swallowed into my mouthful of doubt. 295 more words


Complete History Book of Big Johnson Plans

A number of interviews were taken from people in the area who suffered and can be found in Three Mile Island Alert, Three Mile Island: The People’s Testament as well as other online reading material which can be found in PDF form at PDF Search Books. 274 more words

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On November 9, the Sibley Brigade started its 650 mile trek to Arizona. As a result of shortage of water alongside the desert route, the regiments had been divided into small groups which marched a day apart from every other. 265 more words


There may be no way to airbrush them on the red carpet in real life, but a body slimmer is close to it!

Yet, the largest consumer market for women’s… 362 more words

One Sweet Moment - Chapter three

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On the day in question, Arthur and Eames ensured that all preparations that were required of them were complete well before they were expected at Alverstoke House. 6,958 more words


One Sweet Moment - Chapter two

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Alverstoke House in Berkeley Square was only a half a dozen doors down from Exeter House. As they approached, Eames decided that proximity was probably a good enough reason for the Dauntrys to venture out to the ball of a girl they could hardly know and had no connections to. 8,782 more words