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An Affectionate Syndrome

An Affectionate Syndrome

Mystified by the churning totem, oh beauty!

Someone must defy her existence.

What are you, a wonderful serendipity?

In this life, I must magnify your presence. 67 more words


One and Complete!

In your eyes you may see two people together but, what I fully see is two imperfect brings who become One and complete! They were both formed and fashioned just like you and me but within their hearts, souls, and even their minds they became one and complete in unity and harmony! 198 more words


20 Questions with WDA Punisher, DRMB YouTube Manager

This weeks 20 Questions will be with Paul aka WDA Punisher (Dont Revie Me Bro Youtube Manager, NoScope Gaming Glasses Sponsored) @WDA_Punisher

1)What do Youtubers do that annoys you? 1,417 more words



Sitting beneath the warm rays of the sun,
I gaze up to the breeze as it runs its waves though the ribbons of my hair. 58 more words



Because we dream a new dream and live a new life whenever we sleep!!!

In this fast life that we live today, we forget how important it is to sleep… 248 more words


The Evolution Of Balloons | foodforthebrainblog

No party is complete without balloons. The beautiful and colourful balloons have always been enchanting people. Everyone indeed loves balloons, regardless of the age. But have you ever wondered how balloons came about? 27 more words