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Completed: Cozy Organic Sweatshirt (+ discount code!)

Nothing very exciting on the blog here today, I’m afraid. I spent my Valentine’s Day with whatever cold bug is currently being passed around (and, ugh, I’ve never been so tired in all my life MAKE IT STOP), and I don’t really feel like doing much of anything now, which is a huge bummer because we have been blessed with a pretty awesome snow day this morning (for real, my street is a literal sheet of ice and my gate is frozen shut. 792 more words

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Completed: Floral Butterick 5526

What’s that, you say? This is Butterick 5526 overkill?


In all seriousness, though, I did have a small internal debate about posting yet another shirt of the pattern I’ve talked about to death, but ultimately – I mainly use this blog as a sort of digital diary of my projects (truth: the entire purpose behind my tagging system & the… 1,283 more words

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Completed: Ooh La Leather Leggings

Ok, so, the title of this post is a tiny bit misleading – these aren’t leather leggings so much as they just have a panel of faux stretch pleather. 1,356 more words

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Completed: The Portside Travel Set

For the past couple months, I’ve been planning to up my luggage game. Over the years, I’ve made do with a fairly old suitcase (handed down from my parents – I’m not sure exactly it’s age, but I know there are receipts in the pocket from when we went to Disney World in 1994, so at least 20 years!) and a really ratty/cheap duffel bag. 1,723 more words

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Completed: Dotty Jamie Jeans

In case you couldn’t tell, I spent the first weekend of 2015 making pants. You already saw my Ginger Jeans – now let’s revisit an old favorite! 1,068 more words

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Completed: Ginger Jeans!

Ok, now for the forreal first finished project of 2015 – jeans!!

Damn straight I made jeans! And pretty good-looking jeans, if I do say so myself :) 1,559 more words

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Completed: Albion Jacket for Landon

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2015! I’d like to start ringing in the new year by showing you something that I made last year (lolz, sorry). 1,173 more words

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