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The Joy of Completists

I love completists. They come to look at the book shelves with notebooks or printouts and know exactly what they are looking for. And they come regularly and are jubilant when they are successful. 233 more words


Wednesday Words: Non-Surrogate Surrogates, the App Gap and More

non-surrogate surrogate (n.): Political surrogates are those sanctioned to act on behalf of a candidate. According to Politico, non-surrogate surrogates are “consultants, public figures or quasi-celebrities who sometimes thrive on the fringes, throwing rhetorical bombs that ripple for days across the Twitterverse, blogs and cable networks.” These are often unwelcome or unruly actors. 366 more words


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Интересен експеримент, оригиналът Battlefield: Bad Company е твърдо поемане на франчайза Battlefield, е решил да постави нов акцент върху една история задвижване един играч елемент, а от чисто мултиплейър един. 54 more words