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Focus on the Need! Exploring The Gaps in Humanitarian Emergency Aid

Last week, Jeroen Jansen of Médicins Sans Frontières, spoke at the RHID seminar on “Operating in a Gap: Humanitarian Emergency Aid in Complex Political Circumstances”. 583 more words


Hazards, Vulnerability & Capacity [HAVUC]

No organization planning for crisis management can afford to, prepare, respond, recover or mitigate every possible threat. Stephen Fink includes a list of nearly two hundred possible hazards that can destroy an organization if not handled properly. 816 more words


Do they know it's Christmas time?

This weekend, I fly back to London for Christmas and I have been wondering how it will feel to be catapulted in to the climactic point of the festive season with no warm up. 274 more words

Food, Glorious Food!

War cries

Fighting has broken out in Motot, a couple of kilometres from our compound. Over the past few days – fearing for their lives if they stay in the area – some of our local male staff have been requesting leave from work. 199 more words

Motot (aka Home Sweet Home)

Ever a short term solution

A week or so ago I went to Pieri to assist with the emergency feeding programme. That day, the children who attended were either on our supplementary feeding programme (for moderately malnourished children) or our outpatients therapeutic programme (for severely malnourished children). 366 more words

Food, Glorious Food!