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Spirit Mirror

I stand in front of a mirror. Not the kind of mirror that reflects your outside self, it is the kind of mirror that reflects your psyche. 416 more words

Dr. Barry and me talk about her upcoming vacation

Yesterday I saw dr. barry. We spent a long time talking about her upcoming holidays. She is taking a week off next week. I was supposed to see one of the junior doctors whose name is Xuliana but now its looking like that wont be happening. 541 more words


Therapy no show

We never went to therapy this week. Thats very unlike us. Normally we’d have to be really really sick in order not to go to therapy. 240 more words


Too Awkward

It was an innocent statement but the the essence of so much of my trauma over the years and what keeps so many of us suffering in isolation when once we were surrounded by friends, and now wondering where they’ve gone. 737 more words

Mental Illness

Life, Maybe

Maybe in the moments I find myself deeply entrenched in my grief, my longing, my dark dense despair, feeling there is no hope and no help and nothing, just nothing left, … 646 more words


I used to sleep

Or did I?

I don’t know if I have ever been a good sleeper. I have always been a night owl, someone able to run on empty for long periods of time, getting my most “brilliant” of ideas at the oddest of hours… 747 more words

Mental Illness

I've Got Your Back

“I’ve got your back” were the most important and powerful words I had ever heard seven years ago. I was panicked, wondering how was I ever going to have the strength to get through the next moment, let alone the next day. 621 more words