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Your Contribution

This poem is about a time when my mother kicked me headfirst down a flight of stairs and didn’t bother to hide her satisfaction.  Thank you to  121 more words

Mental Illness

No Hope

Hope left a long time ago. It frustrates the life out of me that people tell me I must have hope. Why? Why should I have hope? 228 more words

Normal, Real and Other Adjectives 

I can’t sleep so I’m writing this. A ramble seems likely.


Normal is an interesting word. It’s almost becoming frowned upon. No longer is it correct to say that someone isn’t normal. 560 more words

Public health nurse called

Today my public health nurse came by and she helped me fill out forms so that I could be able to go on respite. We applied to two different places. 155 more words


In My Head

I sit staring at the screen
Wondering what this all should mean
Is this life some kind of test?
Or just some kinda cosmic jest… 104 more words

Mental Illness

Two Heads

I know it’s wrong but what can I do?

There are two versions of me: rational and emotional. Mostly they intertwine so that my decisions and thoughts are made by a back and forth between them. 362 more words

Mental Health

The Elusion of Happiness

Her words pierce my chest and gut
Broken branches crashing into my brain
She just wants me to be happy
The sadness in her eyes… 101 more words

Mental Illness