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so low

I want to give up.

I cant do it any more. I’m feeling so alone. So down. So dead.

I feel like somethings gotta give. I’m just so sad. 19 more words


Reasonable Expectations from your Partner

Before I start this topic, a quick update may be in order for anyone that has noticed my absence. Feel free to skip this part if you only want the subject matter I planned to write about. 934 more words



What a 24 hours it’s been-I’ve been on a whistle stop tour of loneliness, emptiness, deep heavy depression, then a full blown surge of EMOTION (3 distinct times). 1,404 more words

Mental Health


It is blue Monday-officially the most depressing day of the year apparently….I don’t know who exactly came up with this idea or if there is any truth or basis to this claim…but that’s what I keep hearing on social media today. 821 more words

Mental Health


Instagram cut off the sides 😂

Here are some selfies of my recent R.E.D exercise experiences to prove to you I have actually been doing it… 😊 127 more words

Mental Health

Really very mentally ill

I’m just awake after another bad night. Dreams of everyone hating me, people leaving me, bombs and bullets, cold, isolation, loneliness and hopelessness. Now I’m awake I feel ill. 177 more words


Well, I have to report my mental health is NOT in great shape. I actually am beginning to feel increasingly poorly. I’m not quite sure what is happening and why which is unusual and quite unnerving to me as I pride myself on my ability to handle my mental illness with insightful personal badassery. 1,070 more words