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My Complex PTSD diagnosis.

A couple months ago I was officially diagnosed with Complex PTSD. Although having had it hinted to me during my counselling sessions last year, and knowing I identified with some of the symptoms, it was difficult to accept. 493 more words


Ogham Ngetal

Ogham-Ngetal, Broom, Reed.

My harvesting of this essence tonight was blessed with two strong images.

Firstly the Cailleach came to me, broom in hand. Broom to cleanse, to sweep away all that no longer serves me. 155 more words


Anatomy of a Flashback

Time of year, breaking news, the wind blowing a certain way…whatever the┬átrigger

There is no telling when it is going to strike

Are they alive or dead? 146 more words


Well its morning good morning all :-)

Good morning everyone :-)

I’m about to have breakfast. I feel much better after going back to bed and going back to sleep for another hour. 70 more words


Journal entry from 11 June 2006, From The Boulders In My Life That Shaped My journey

Dear Journal,

I am really in a bad mood. I am really tired of working my butt off and getting no respect. I am sick of being treated like I am nothing but a robot, and not being able to go to counseling. 346 more words