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14 years old and I am making plans to get away, counting down the days until I turn 16 because I think that, finally, I can move out, get my own place and be free. 319 more words

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Fear & Feelings: Effects of Complex PTSD

The above diagram is something my therapist drew for me in order to explain one way in which Complex PTSD is working inside of me. 261 more words

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"Grieving and Complex PTSD"

The following article was shared with me by ShiraDest. Thank you Shira!


PUBLISHED Nov 2011 in The East Bay Therapist… 6,002 more words

A Broken Blue Sky

When Trauma Won't Quit: Understanding Complex PTSD

The current accepted diagnosis for experiencing a single traumatic life event is posttraumatic stress (PTSD). In diagnosing posttraumatic stress, clinicians must see that the person experienced a traumatic life event in which they were involved in or witnessed events where death or serious injury was threatened or there was a threat to physical integrity of self or others (D’Andrea, Ford, Bradley, Spinazzola, & van der Kolk, 2012). 1,086 more words

Complex PTSD

How to Grow Up Again

I walked into my therapist’s office in March 2015 with a mind to figure out what was wrong with my marriage and, thereby, me.  I told him that I knew something was happening to me that was probably not good, but, seeing that I was in the center of it all, I could no longer discern what was true and false.   2,082 more words



A few days ago, I read an article on complex PTSD symptoms. I don’t have a diagnosis of coplex or regular PTSD and I realize there’s a lot of overlap with borderline personality disorder traits, which I do have a diagnosis of. 538 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Psychiatric Diagnoses I've Been Given

I just checked out the “30 days of mental illness awareness” challenge and was inspired to write a timeline of my mental health. Then I realized I… 627 more words