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Death's Knocking

No, this isn’t going to be as morbid as the title might make it out to be. At least I hope not.

I don’t know if it’s a function of getting older or if it’s someting else, but “Death” seems to be trying to get me to notice him a bit more. 1,844 more words


Why DBT and mindfulness is helping me get the most out of therapy.

For anyone suffering from BPD who wants to undergo psychodynamic or trauma therapy, I definitely recommend taking some DBT (or CBT) classes first. This also applies to people with complex PTSD, as the symptoms of C-PTSD and BPD can be almost the same (and for Borderlines, usually co-exist together). 1,214 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Pain is my Power

Vulnerable posts aren’t always easy and last week held a lot of pain and growth for me. All good things overall. But this post is particularly hard for me because it involves admitting something that’s rather humiliating. 2,589 more words

Crystals for trauma & (C-)PTSD.

AMETHYST is a supportive stone for healing, recovery, courage and stress relief. Amethyst protects against recurring nightmares, it reduces feelings of being victimized, can help heal the sense of loss of innocence. 592 more words



Is a project that began forming in my mind last year, as my history of trauma + abuse began to manifest and, as a result, my C-/PTSD became harder to cope with. 327 more words


What's it like living with Complex-PTSD?

Trigger Warning: mentall illness, social anxiety, depression, suicidal feeling, trauma, abuse, PTSD.

I’ve recently came to terms with the fact that my shitstorm of mental illness stems from the one cause: Complex PTSD. 1,687 more words



I hate February.

I was born in February. Late February.

I have many trauma anniversaries. Probably at least one for as many days as there are in a calendar year. 832 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder