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apprehension about tomorrows visit from the police

well tomorrows the day. the day the police come to interview me about what happened. about the sexual assault that took place a couple months ago. 254 more words


PTSD Therapy: Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles

This week sucked.  It’s 90 degrees in Seattle.  I’ve been in PTSD hell since April 20, and I fired the third therapist in a row who doesn’t have a fucking clue how to treat somebody with Complex PTSD. 146 more words


My Mental Health in Numbers

I’ve kept a log since this started. It was initially to help me report on whether the antidepressants were working. I knew my own recollection would be fallible so I started taking brief notes. 388 more words

The unravelling

I am beginning to realise that the stories we tell about things, can either make our bodies tight, or in telling the truth to someone who hears the truth beneath the words and opens us to that truth, we can unravel.  1,042 more words

Emotional Recovery

Another Rock Bottom

“There’s rock bottom, then there’s 50 feet of crap, then…there’s me” said Rachel in Friends back in the 90s.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. You think you’re at your lowest and then, somehow, you plunge even further. 500 more words

Medical Update

So as it turns out, I have something wrong with my heart. There’s a blockage. The test I took was digital, in a manner of speaking. 555 more words