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I’ve gone off page lately in my therapy sessions. With therapy (especially Clinical Psychologist NHS evidence-based time-bound psychological therapy,) you start with a blank page. 1,297 more words

Child Abuse Survivor


Good evening world/oyster/pearl/wisdom…here is a sharpie scrawl to kick this post off…

I’ve been busy :)

I am shattered, exhausted, drained out, and any other similar description of a very tired person. 995 more words

Child Abuse Survivor

Another Rollercoaster Ride

I awoke today (Wednesday) with more energy than I’ve had in quite some time. It was nice, although strange and a little guilty feeling. That lasted about three hours until the aggravation and anxiety set in. 476 more words

Depression And Anxiety

When resistance against control and shame imprisons us

Conflicts lead me to question myself deeply.   I am aware that with a strong Saturn defence against emotions that my relationships have not been easy.  I am beginning to see how fear has dogged them, that and mistrust which all relates back to essential losses, abandonment and lack of people being there when I needed them which then can make the outer critic stronger.  265 more words

Emotional Recovery

PTSD,"Breakthroughs", and random musings (journal entry)

It’s difficult to know sometimes where we are on our healing journeys. I can only assume that it is still fairly early in mine. (“We’re just getting started” were the words my counselor recently used.) These are random musings and journal entries, so this may or may not be interesting. 883 more words

Is It True?

I’m confused. Was that therapy?

I was terrified going into my one-to-one with Monica today and I told her so. She briskly went about business, about how this therapy wouldn’t work unless we were more specific about my behaviours. 615 more words

The factor structure of complex posttraumatic stress disorder in traumatized refugees

Author(s): Angela NICKERSON ; Marylene CLOITRE ; Richard A. BRYANT ; Ulrich SCHNYDER ; Naser MORINA ; Matthis SCHICK




The construct of complex posttraumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) has attracted much research attention in previous years, however it has not been systematically evaluated in individuals exposed to persecution and displacement.

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