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Social Security Is a "Go"

I filed for Social Security benefits at the end of January … did it online.  I couldn’t believe how easy the process was. There were about a half dozen pages of questions I had to answer.   1,099 more words


Breakdown and/or Breakthrough

Ervin Laszlo wrote in his book, Chaos Point 2012 and Beyond, “A chaos point is the crucial tipping point in the evolution of a system in which trends that have brought the system to its present state break down and it can no longer return to its prior states and modes of behavior: it is launched irreversibly on a new trajectory that leads either to breakdown or to breakthrough to a new structure and a new mode of operation.” 210 more words

Complex PTSD

Bad Puns

Actually, that’s simultaneously redundant and oxymoronical! By their very nature, puns are “bad” … and the worse they are, the better they become!

I used to keep a manila folder filled with comic strips that I’d cut out of the newspaper. 928 more words


the only place i am safe from me.

Being a clinician and a client at the same time is an odd combination. It is kind of like being a coach and the worst player on your team at the same time. 352 more words


Making Changes

Dear Readers, I just wanted to let you know that although I’ve been trying to post daily, I’m going to have to reduce posting to every other day, at least for now.   205 more words

Mental Health

More Poetry

The Climb

It’s funny where life takes you
as you head on up the road.
You make your plans. You think you’re set.
You see the “pot of gold”, 222 more words


A New Way of Thinking About My PTSD

I am exploring a new way of thinking and being which contrasts strongly with my past history of dealing with my three biggest challenges which are my severe PTSD, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. 325 more words

Complex PTSD