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She Who Believeth In Me

At the narrow path between
the righteous and corrupt
“we” still have our
twisted way of smiling..

Every time confusion
gets entangled
in between “us” 128 more words

Journal Of The Profane


Last night I had a horrible nightmare.

This is not uncommon, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep. 672 more words


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday – I am 62 years old, or will be at 12:32pm (evidently time flies, even when you’re NOT having fun). It also means that I’m 45 days away from starting my life on the road with Frank. 1,811 more words


Pushing Away Empathy

Next week I have three practical exams. Yeah, not fun. My classmates are all losing their freaking minds right now. We’re all putting in crazy long days trying to practice our clinical skills over and over and over again. 1,022 more words


What is it with you People??!!!

Now-a-days it seems like almost everyone is
having children with the plan to
“Play Parent” for a couple of weeks;
then go right back to work again, shipping their…

82 more words

Observations on messiness, romanticising and taboos

I’m realising more and more that this blog is a work in progress, and about a work in progress – and as such, it deals with unfinishedness. 702 more words