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Painsomia and me

Another night of pain. My foot and ankle are lighting up like a Christmas tree. I’m really tired and want to sleep but I just hurt too bad. 359 more words


Doctor Doctor, I keep falling asleep

…during the only hour you can book appointments. Which is infuriating.

I tried booking an appointment through their app, but the next available one is 6th May. 334 more words

A weekend of firsts

A weekend of firsts… first weekend of the season without Li, first bar shift without Li (I’ll explain why that was such a big deal) first Bank Holiday and my first near miss melt down at work. 361 more words

Ketamine Infusion Update

Hi everyone!

I recently went back to Arizona for the follow-up set of ketamine infusions, or “booster” infusions as they call them. The protocol was a 3.5 hour infusion, two days in a row. 526 more words


Me & my CRPS...

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or as I like to call it, Crappy Relentless Pain Sucks 😕

As if coping with losing Liam wasn’t enough, life decided to chuck a bit more my way. 865 more words

Saturday Blog 17-Mar-18

Saturday Blog 17-Mar-18

Every time I open my laptop, within 5 fricken minutes I get the Win 10 update thingy that says it needs 8GB of space for security updates. 370 more words