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understanding invisible illness...

Like usual, I’m behind on my blog posts. I have about 5 drafts on different topics, but have yet to find the time to finish any of them.  325 more words

Chronic Illness

10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

I remember the very first time one of my doctors mumbled the letters RSD as she tried to demystify why my feet would not heal and why I was in excrutiating pain. 1,481 more words

Much Needed Vacation 

Haven’t been posting because I’ve been on a much needed vacation and here are some photos from my trip!


Charles Mattocks' Trial By Fire - A Film Based on CRPS/RSD

I’ve been fighting this monster for 16 years –Unilateral CRPS right side of my body. Having said this, I spent numerous years wheelchair-bound and bedridden. I was unable to walk or go about my daily life. 102 more words

The McGill Pain Index Scale 


Did you know that Causalgia is Latin for “burning pain” it was the first name coined for CRPS. 396 more words


Support Our Caregivers! 

RSD/CRSP will impact your everyday life style and make it increasingly stressful for the caregiver to remain focused on his/her loved one daily, says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. 266 more words


Chanelle Checks in Between Hawaii and Australia

August 8, 2016

By Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Clinical Director

Twenty-eight-year-old Chanelle brightened our office during her 10- Calmare Therapy treatments earlier this year. She had been suffering with… 419 more words

Scrambler Therapy