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What to Expect at Your First Maternal Fetal Medicine Appointment

I saw my primary care, Dr. L, after seeing those two pink lines show up. She brought up that we should go see Maternal Fetal Medicine, just to keep a better eye on Little Turtle’s growth.   398 more words

Resources on Chronic Pain

In the article on Cognitive Functional Therapy we looked at last week, they mentioned several resources. I thought I’d go check those out. I found them to be interesting and likely clinically helpful! 250 more words


What does having a high risk pregnancy mean?

Well, everyone’s pregnancy is different, however mine just happens to be high risk. Everyone talks about it but what does it actually mean?  A lot of it has to deal with the mother’s medical history. 404 more words

I’m Tired

When I say “I’m tired”, I’m actually speaking in code.

When I say “I’m tired”, I mean that I’m tired of my body. I’m tired of waking up every morning, scanning my body while slowly opening my eyes, and quickly realizing I feel just as bad as I did the day before. 227 more words

Chronic Pain

The sun is shining! ☀️

Well, it’s been a while!

I went camping last week! I had the Bank Holiday Monday off work so the boy booked Tuesday off and we packed up the car for a couple of nights away. 565 more words

Not Everyone Gives Up

A physio I have been seeing is finishing up and moving on to another job. Whilst I am happy for them, there is also part of me that screams ‘please don’t leave!’ Just a bit selfish of me! 776 more words


The Raging Storm- A Visual Representation

As part of my therapy I was challenged to represent CRPS in an image. I have no idea how many sketches were erased or scrunched up and thrown into the recycling bin. 58 more words