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Falling foul and fatigued

It’s been a long and hard week. I’ve not grossed a thousand calories in the last six days and I’ve lost 7 hours each day to syncope and fitting and I’ve been feeling really bummed. 152 more words

A Letter to Patients With Chronic Disease 

A Doctor’s Letter to Patients with a Chronic Illness

As chronic pain patients, we often get frustrated and even angry with doctors. We just want a doctor who will understand how much pain we’re in and will try to help us get some relief. 1,580 more words


Strong Enough To Fight!

We can have faith in the future only if we have faith in ourselves.” – John F. Kennedy

“You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices. 107 more words


Are you ready for change?


What are you willing to change to get the life you want?

The change I want you to understand is transforming yourself from your core. 515 more words


Paula Abdul: Putting the Spotlight on Rare Disease 

SMILING THROUGH THE PAIN: Paula Abdul maintains a positive attitude throughout her battle with chronic pain caused by RSD.

Pop icon, Paula Abdul, opens up about her daily struggle with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. 1,127 more words


To Sleep, Is To Dream 

Shakespeare once said “To sleep perchance to dream.” Unfortunately, those of us with CRPS/RSD don’t see sleep that often and we rarely dream.

The question of sleep is one we often bring up.. 179 more words


CRPS awareness // it's not just a pain condition. By Nikki Rowe

️Excuse the ” hideous ” foot look I am walking around with at the moment, but I am putting it out there to show what happens with CRPS ~ many people see it as just a pain condition ~ but unfortunately the pain is only apart of the CRPS. 500 more words