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bored to tears

Tonight my mother will be making fish. I saw the heads and tails were still on them. I won’t be eating that tonight, because ewww. I know that is how they come but her having to dissect them just freaks me out. 827 more words


Pain and suicide

I started off my day in pain, around 0400. I hate waking up in pain. I stayed up for a little while and finally gave in to taking pain meds around 0800 when I just couldn’t take it anymore. 710 more words


Standing at the entrance of a cave

I’m in a bit of a funny place right now. For years because of the chronic pain I’ve felt like I was living life from the sidelines… 354 more words

Chronic Pain

Post sex flare up!

Whilst my limbs are painful and my joints are as smooth as my wife’s mashed potato, my brain is convinced that everything is okay and it wants my body to join in on activities that it just can’t handle anymore. 390 more words

Best damn ride of your life..

Got a taste, can’t be saved, I’m a junkie for life
She fuels my fire and adrenaline high
My need for speed’s got me gunnin’

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Chronic Pain


I had a pain management appointment yesterday and the consultant prescribed me a drug called Duloxetine (Cymbalta), a drug that is used for
prescribed for major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. 308 more words

The Valley

I shut the door quietly behind me as I slipped out into the night.

I’d heard the rumors that it would be clear. Looking up, I saw the soft white light and was glad. 821 more words