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Distrusting the Doctors

I am dreading this upcoming week.  I have an MRI on Tuesday and immediately after that, I get injections in my hip.  Doctor “You’re Just Fat & Old” has already told me that he probably won’t find anything on the MRI.  1,572 more words

Best Pain Management Doctor In Town

Despite the fact that I had to terminate my care with Dr. D. Joseph Meyer of Meyer Spine MD & Interventional Pain Management, he is by far the best pain management doctor for CRPS in the City of Columbia.  1,144 more words


Thursday my puppy, Kelly who is a beagle/border collie mix knocked me down.  It has been miserable trying to catch up with the pain.  I’m starting to feel like I never will. 805 more words

Found A Bottle

I found a bottle in one of my travel bags from this summer.  An ER doctor had given me 5mg Percocet to relieve some of my pain from a viral infection in my head that had caused me facial pain and since I can’t take NSAIDs or steroids orally, the Percocet had been part of my treatment.  308 more words

Everything Else

I worked for nearly 2 hours today on Demonic Dreams my next Aislinn Cain novel.  It wasn’t much but it was something.  More something than I had been managing in a long while. 1,617 more words

chronic love

Chronic:  long lasting and difficult to eradicate. Persisting for a long time or constantly reoccurring.

I had four appointments with physicians/specialists last week. My old-lady-thinning-hair is even scarcer and grayer. 671 more words

PT news and other things

PT news and other things

I woke up later than I wanted to. I really didn’t feel like showering as my ankle was being a bugger. 813 more words