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Still Love You Hanz!

Dear Hanz,

Even though you stepped on me the very first day I was volunteering for Horses Healing Humans, I will always love and care for you! 215 more words


Random 347

I did a lot of walking today, more than what I normally do. I am hurting, a little bit, but it was worth it. I have to keep on trying to stretch my limits so I can hopefully get back to work sometime this year. 754 more words


Fashion 4 A Cause ( Sneak Peek) 

Hello all you gifted Fashion Designers out there! I’m Margaret Twitty and I’m looking for a Fashion Designer or even Designers to help me, Why you may ask… Well, since March 2015 I’ve been living with a diagnosis called CRPS/RSD. 44 more words

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Difficult Day

Difficult day

I had a hard time sleeping last night. Pain kept me up till almost 0300. I then slept for a few hours and then it was every hour I was up. 821 more words


God is Good

It’s been awhile.. But with everything with the move and settling in, I needed to take some time and refocus.

This week I met with a physical therapist. 347 more words

Chronic Pain

two days of pain

I woke up around 0630 in pain, again. It was the continuation of last night. I took some pain meds and then hobbled to the kitchen to make some breakfast. 929 more words


Why Am I So Confused? 

Confused, Forgetful, Limited Concentration, Mixing Up Words, Complete Loss of Speech, Severe Short-Term Memory Loss… Many of the millions of people across the planet with severe pain complain of these cognitive difficulties, some even saying that this is one of the most debilitating (and embarrassing) symptoms, referred to as “Brain Fog” when it occurs in other conditions such as RSD/CRPS, Lupus, MS, CFS to name just a few. 1,645 more words

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy