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Who am I?

Who, really? And who cares? People play games, or pretend to be so very absolutely transparent… As if. We all have our secret garden. More or less. 180 more words


Depression; Inherent or Development?

Is it an inherent part of us? Or is it something that just develops out of the blue? Is that why they say being depressed is having the blues? 432 more words


Exploring the Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds

(Source: www.wired.com)

Twenty-seven years ago, a group of physicists made an accidental discovery that flipped mathematics on its head. The physicists were trying to work out the details of string theory when they observed a strange correspondence: Numbers emerging from one kind of geometric world matched exactly with very different kinds of numbers from a very different kind of geometric world. 2,513 more words


| My Childhood Complexity |

I have come to be tolerant with people’s view on some salient issues because even in our disagreement, I have learnt more from the high-pitch tones than the urge to debunk gibberish. 1,299 more words


Just The Way We Are

We go to a regional sporting goods store and they have an indoor play area. Our grandkids love the area and want to head there whenever we go to the store. 403 more words


Neurological Fatigue: The Science | El Paso Back Clinic® • 915-850-0900

Fatigue related to a diminished ability to make muscular effort as a result of impairment of the central nervous system and/or peripheral nervous system has commonly been referred to as ‘neurological fatigue’ (NF). 2,783 more words


The Impersonators - "Burning Blue"

The Impersonators came into being when Tommi Tikka, the other half of Finnish pop/rock band Carmen Gray’s songwriting team, joined forces with lyricist… 255 more words