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5 Psychological complexes that could blow your mind!! (literally)

Psychology is a scientific study of a human mind and its functions.

Sounds easy? Well it’s not. We all know (well, the ones with a mind know) that understanding the reason for our day to day actions can be really difficult, we can act aggressively, stupidly, and go against our own expectations without even having a clue why we do that. 694 more words


But Why.....

This going to be a bit of a rant so I’m sorry…………..NOT! I like to write down a lot of things….

There is nothing more that annoys me than people who pinpoint people weakness. 115 more words

Edmonton Commercial Cleaning

Commercial complexes like Companies, Industries, infrastructures and party…

Creek Hamsters podcast Episode 10: Birth order, Fears, and Statues.

For the 10th episode the conversation involves the effect of the birth order, irrational fears, and a statues life.

The topics are:

Searching for me

My horoscope today told me: ‘it may feel strange to feel sad or melancholic since you’re so light hearted by nature …’ Really ?
Know thyself the Greek oracle said… but that’s easier said than done…. 1,485 more words