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The Soul's Journey - Can the Body Show the Way?

I am standing at the top of my stairs when my throat began to close up. I am puzzled. Is this an allergic reaction, a virus or something more metaphysical? 1,020 more words

The Soul Journey - Reflections on Fate

Recently my friend Cameron unexpectedly died. We had been extremely close in the late sixties when as twenty-three years olds we shared an apartment in Toronto. 537 more words

Are you a bottleneck to your child’s progress?

Are you becoming a bottle neck to your own child’s progress???

This sounds strange, unacceptable and would invoke a strong response of denial. That’s ok.

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A Soul’s Journey – Increasing Stress and The Shadow Personality

My plane is touching down and I notice a plethora of feelings: anxiety, apprehension, foreboding, gratitude and joy. For almost two years I have been organizing a conference for the Spiritual Community I work with; it is in Oaxaca, Mexico. 966 more words

Yourself first!

It is very hard starting to love yourself. You deal with a lot of doubts and other people opinions which affects the way you feel and think about yourself. 513 more words

We are ghosts

The idea of ghosts being unable to pass on, continuing to haunt the land as a result of their unresolved earthly business is not much different from the living. 67 more words

An 1842 Photo Technique Still Has Its Charms

Decades ago, when my brother was first hired out of graduate school, one of their Swiss clients was kind enough to send him a hands-on science-gift every Christmas. 772 more words

Basic Chemistry