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What is the Key to happiness?

The world today is plagued by so many problems. Life has become so much stressful these days. In the run for materialistic luxuries, we often fail to think and fulfill the needs of our soul. 742 more words


How To Channelize the complexes?

What are complexes? They are certain passions or urges which are present in all of us and play an important role in almost every small and large event of our life. 423 more words


Heavy Complexes: The Solution for Strength & Endurance

Heavy complexes are a great workout…simply put, they are a series of movements paired together to tax the body in a variety of ways.

Si tu as les lèvres gercées, souris au moins des fessiers

Oui, je sais… ce titre ne répond à aucune règle élémentaire du référencement sur internet et encore moins à une quelconque forme d’élégance.

Il neige. Un temps parfait pour rester au chaud et faire des abdos ( 119 more words


A complexity of complexes

I don’t think there actually is a collective noun for complexes, I feel sure that if there were it wouldn’t be a complexity… maybe a difficulty of complexes or a confusion of complexes… 271 more words


The Last Man — southern nights

They have something of which they are proud. What do they call it, that which makes them proud? Culture, they call it; it distinguishes them from the goatherds.

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Pride and Shame

Regardless of what kind of issues we have faced in our lives, we are all proud of being Iranian. Proud of our heritage, history and our culture. 281 more words

Broadening The Horizons