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Creek Hamsters podcast Episode 10: Birth order, Fears, and Statues.

For the 10th episode the conversation involves the effect of the birth order, irrational fears, and a statues life.

The topics are:

Searching for me

My horoscope today told me: ‘it may feel strange to feel sad or melancholic since you’re so light hearted by nature …’ Really ?
Know thyself the Greek oracle said… but that’s easier said than done…. 1,485 more words


When does Ambition Leave? (Uncover, Never)

Thinking about my crash of projects when I came to high school, I would like to determine the variables which led to the breakdown. Why didn’t I realise why bad mood/state came from cheap incongruent ambitions? 833 more words



I went through a stage, I say a stage probably more like 4-5 years where I would religiously loose things. And I don’t mean like, losing a pen or my favourite rubber, I mean full bags full of stuff. 600 more words

Growing Up