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Quotes from, Legend of a Suicide, by David Vann

“Watching the dark shadow moving before him, it seemed as if this were what he had felt for a long time, that his father was something insubstantial before him and that if he were to look away for an instant or forget or not follow fast enough and will him to be there, he might vanish, as if it were only Roy’s will that kept him there.” 814 more words

Academic Writing

Anaesthetic Faith

Anesthesia, or anaesthesia (from Greek ἀν-, an-, “without”; aisthēsis, “sensation” is a temporary state consisting of unconsciousness, loss of memory, lack of pain, and muscle relaxation. 165 more words


Beauty Bible: Complexes! [Multiple Subs - Instructions in Video]

I love this one! I saw this today and I just love it! So this episode really talks about highlighting your good features and how to do “plastic surgery make-up” without actually getting surgery. 45 more words


In a sense our inner sense is innocence and innocent till we’re still, totally stilled and able to distil the form to fill and fulfil its outer sense, and so whole it goes or flows into the warm world it already knows innately true to each and every one bespoke ornately.


Growing up is hard to do...

In the past few months I realized something:
I gave myself up for much too long.
I was so afraid of being alone and not having any friends… 379 more words



I’m always looking for ways to change up my training and lately I’ve fallen in love with barbell complexes. It’s a type of circuit training in the sense that you move quickly from one exercise to another. 486 more words