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Viva La Resistance Bands

“In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band.” -Michio Kaku

I’ve mentioned the convenience and versatility of resistance bands before — they’re great whenever you want to avoid the assorted annoyances of the gym, prefer to exercise in unconventional locations, or only have a small amount of space to work with.

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5 Areas That Trigger Insecurities In Men

Many aspects of life are observed through the prism of male behavior and so the average man is under pressure to ‘man up’! Just walk along the street today; what do you see? 603 more words

5 Practices That Will Make You A Good Liar

What kind of personal development writer encourages a vice? And more importantly; does telling lies affect an individual positively or negatively?

Folks, let’s not even lie to ourselves, in order to survive in this world, you must tell lies period. 1,228 more words

5 Core Causes Of Negativity

If you’re on social media chances are high you have been a victim of people’s negativity. Probably you put up an innocent post about celebrating life and – boom – creeps appeared with absurd statements, and you were left wondering, what’s wrong with these people? 1,198 more words

5 Surprising Mannerisms of Insecure Men

The society puts a heavy strain on the male child on the need to ‘act like a man’ or ‘man up’ whereas the girl is seen as adorable for being fragile. 537 more words

Heavy Complexes: The Solution for Strength & Endurance

Heavy complexes are a great workout…simply put, they are a series of movements paired together to tax the body in a variety of ways.