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31. Dark

~Esha Modi

Getting awestruck by the shade of the sky at dusk
And finding solace in the dim moonlight of the night
Drowning in their chocolaty eyes… 78 more words


Story: Mangalsutra

By Ramprasath


“How much can you afford?” Agent Neel asked.

His eyes fell all over Renuga. Renuga appeared gorgeous despite her simple clothing. She just wore a red cotton saree with sandal blouse. 1,605 more words


Ibadatt Sa Hai

#Shayari #Hindi #Prompt #35 Aei isqh teri ashiqi pai, Thoda shaq sa hai. Tu kuch aur nahi, Meri ibadatt sa hai. Asqh girtey ab nahi mere, Ki inmey paani, Thoda Kum sa hai. 11 more words


Face massage tools - high tech vs manual?

I came across this article from Elle magazine online, vaunting the merits of some very high-tech face massage devices (some of which are exorbitantly priced! The one below comes in at £425). 223 more words

Massage Pessac

Celavive®: 5 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Let’s face it, not all skincare lines are created equal and neither is our skin. My skin has gone through plenty of harsh cleansers, swampy-smelling masks, and layer upon layer of concealing makeup. 1,160 more words

Healthy Cove

Clearing Acne with Sensitive Skin - NOT IMPOSSIBLE

If you have the trifecta of troublesome skin — acne-proneness, sensitivity, and oiliness — I feel your pain.  A lot of skincare products marketed towards acne-prone skin are just way too harsh, and honestly very ineffective. 863 more words


Dried Fruits & Their Benefits (सूखे मेवे के फ़ायदे)

भारत में अनेक प्रकार के फल और सब्जियों का उत्पादन होता हे. किन्तु खास बात यह हे की सभी सब्जियां और फलों का उत्पादन निश्चित मौसम में होता हे.