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Body Beauty

I’ve covered skin care, I’ve covered makeup, but there’s another rising star in the beauty world and that’s the body. I’m not talking about how fit you are, but how certain products can make your body look more glam. 472 more words


Pretty Boy

He’s tall and skinny.  Some would call him lanky in a way.  His hair is dark.  Have you ever seen a black hole?  Look at his soft and shimmering hair and you will.  107 more words


Colour Blind

In an industry made up of colour I know other women of colour will relate to the struggle of…well, finding the right colour.

I’ve had it a hundred times where a woman comes in asking for the perfect nude and when I begin breaking down the different types she says “well, what do you wear, can’t I just see that?” Well yes you can see it, but what is nude on me will not be nude on you. 671 more words


Brighten Your Complexion With Reverse

Struggling with sun damage, discolourations, pigmentation of any kind? Then Reverse might be just the right solution for you!

Reverse always makes me think of a warm, sunny day. 110 more words


The Power of Makeup

I know I’ve talked a lot about being comfortable in your own skin. But what you’re comfortable with is subjective. Yes, skincare is important and yes, it would be great if we could stop comparing ourselves to girls on Instagram, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to be confident. 533 more words


Inside Out

A little lesson I’ve learned from experience: how you look on the outside is totally and inexcusably dependent on what’s happening on the inside. I mean that both physically and figuratively. 620 more words


4 Complexion makeup mistakes

Makeup can be complicated and errors are quickly came ! However, some celebrities are not examples to follow and do errors, but don’t worry here is four tips to correct this ! 363 more words

Beauty Mistakes