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How To Select The Right Foundation?

Using the right foundation is the first key towards quintessential make-up. Foundations are meant to give skin a flawless look by hiding any blemishes, pimples, scars or pigmentation and evening out skin tone. 516 more words

Beauty & Make-Up

Lacking confidence.

I’m pondering the benefits of me not having drunk in over a month.  I have to admit, I guess I thought it would affect me more positively. 420 more words

An Average Girl

I’m not a girl so fair,not so presentable
I’m long-legged,thin,shade of peach, dark,has a pair of thick glasses, facial hair,pimples and another few imperfections.

Good looks are like gambling of the genes the father and mother share.Our human nature doesn’t let us be satisfied with what we have.We need better.There is always something that will not be as one would want it to be. 58 more words


First week going sugarfree

The first week was weird. I had one day of constant hiccoughs, a few faint internal pains and, on one occasion, very definite heart palpitations. My diet was pretty consistent. 307 more words


Top 3 Foundations

The process of wearing foundation can go wrong oh so quickly. Often times, people wear the wrong color for their complexion. Do you go lighter or darker.The answer is, … 409 more words



WIP, the term artists use for their future masterpieces that are momentarily just a “work-in-progress.” So that is how I see myself; yes…a future masterpiece! But really, at age 30 I thought I’d have it all figured out. 110 more words


Pro Make-up Tips: The Make-up Sponge

The make-up sponge has been revolutionary in the application of a flawless face. The streakiness left behind from brushes is no more, as this tool can buff any unevenness. 247 more words