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Yes, so this is a “complicated” marriage.

Isn’t everyone’s?

And, I’m going through a “complicated” grief following the  death of my 18 year old baby girl. 32 more words



I am suuuchabitch.

He has a tender heart.

He told me in the beginning that I could crush him like a paper cup.

At that time I couldn’t imagine doing anything of the sort…. 60 more words


So what am i supposed to do?

I want marriage counseling.  We need a mediator.  Every time I try to express my feelings, even when I say, “I do not mean this critically, I just don’t know another way to say it… this is how I feel;” he becomes immediately defensive and because he is an attorney I will ALWAYS lose this argument that isn’t even an argument. 172 more words


A good man

My husband is not a bad man.  In fact, he’s a really good man.  He has a good job, one that not many people do, one he was elected to do.  314 more words



I stay because I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.  Okay, I could leave but I’m not equipped to provide a life for myself.  It’s my greatest regret.  972 more words