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Technology driven life or clutter-free simplicity?

I sometimes feel my life, and indeed life in general, is a dichotomy of  ideals and desires, a battle of technology and survival.

On one hand there are so many things to take care of like house cleaning, bill paying, car maintenance, going to work, doing the work, coming home from work,  going to church, grocery shopping, cooking, helping kids with homework, playing with kids, tucking kids in to bed, scheduling dentist appointments, eye doctors, regular doctors,  washing clothes, drying clothes, folding clothes, more clothes. 611 more words


Illusion (Illusio)

In life especially as adults a healthy dose of illusion is not a bad thing. When the complexities of life start knocking at your door it is a nice to have a release for a few hours to forget the woes of the world for a few hours. 47 more words