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Creating a pragmatic complexity culture / La creación de una cultura pragmática de la complejidad

Community member post by Cristina Zurbriggen

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¿Cómo pueden los gobiernos, las comunidades y el sector privado efectivamente trabajar juntos para lograr un cambio social hacia el desarrollo sostenible? 2,153 more words


Call for Papers: CAA Atlanta

The Simulating Complexity team is involved in two sessions at the CAA. Please consider putting together an abstract for submission. See them both below. Submission system can be accessed through here: http://caaconference.org/ 444 more words



I am humbled by the majesty
Of your presence
The simplicity in which you live
Feels like sand through fingers
So simple and complex all in one… 39 more words


A complex world, demands leadership that can deal with complexity

As I listened to the Trump & Clinton debate yesterday it struck me at how over simplified solutions to deeply complex problems can appear very soothing, even seductive, to some voters.  328 more words


Complexio Oppositorum (4/11/11)

Deeply embedded in my attraction for certain women is a disguised yearning for abandon and for forgetfulness—as I have noted before. Knowing this, should I simply avoid pursuing such prospects altogether—since such involvements, if they happen at all, never last long or satisfy both of us? 1,046 more words

How to Make Right Decisions in the Age of Uncertainty

The threats and opportunities in the Age of Uncertainty

We live in the Age of Uncertainty. From individuals, to families, communities, social groups, governments, business entities, international organisations—we all live in an environment which is much different from what we used to live in, and increasingly so. 976 more words

Strategy Management

Freedom through constraints - Cognitive Edge

I’ve been looking forward you this. Constraint is a word that brings up imagery of wall, fence, rule, hurdle, limitation. Something fixed.

Freedom through constraints…

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