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What do we mean by pedagogy? thinking through some conceptual frameworks. (Part 1)

‘Pedagogy: the methods and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.’

Over the past year I’ve been involved in a research project developing masters level research methods provision with a colleague in the School of Education. 941 more words


Philosophical Ramblings~6

Given the complexity of the human brain, it is the most wonderful and intriguing part, with 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. Each nerve cell can be connected to about 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1000 trillion synaptic connections. 258 more words


TEAMWORK & the rapid complexity that arises when your team or small group exceeds 10 people.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This image from StackOverflow shows the rapid complexity that arises when your team or small group exceeds 10 people.”


TEAMWORK & Keys to Developing Leaders When Your Team Grows Too Big

by Lighthouse: A Blog About Leadership & Management, 7/4/15.

…As your team grows, it becomes geometrically more complex to manage your team. As this image from StackOverflow… 358 more words


Building bridges between left and right on policy

One of the basic tenets of Keynesian economics is the importance of aggregate demand or spending in the economy for the purposes of supporting growth and employment. 1,074 more words

Government Policy

Complexity in Service Delivery Research

In our previous blog we identified two objections to use of comparative studies and causal models in the evaluation of service improvement initiatives. The first objection relates to the quest for objectivity and the second to complexity. 955 more words

Richard Lilford

The Learning Environment as a Chaotic and Complex Adaptive System

Thrivability is a novel concept describing the intention to go beyond sustainability, allowing a system to flourish. For a society or organization to be… 131 more words