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Lightfoot strategy

There are many models for strategy under uncertainty but few useful metaphors. Just what does strategy under complex, unpredictable conditions look like? Picture yourself attempting to cross a fast moving stream by stepping on small, irregular, slippery and so unstable rocks. 316 more words


TIME magazine, aliens, and why SETI is a waste

How I discovered Alien Reading Material via SETI: The Search for Edible Things that are Inexpensive

There are untold numbers of planets and celestial bodies in general scattered across a universe vaster than we can contemplate. 1,459 more words


Rain and Rainbows

Life is full of paradoxes. I mean, just really chock completely full of them. Sometimes, the worst things to happen to you are also the best things. 285 more words

Facing Reality


I finally worked all the way through Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Taleb.

An amazing book. Amazing obvious ideas.

I’m now thinking about how to apply this in IT. 244 more words


If "Drift Happens", Is That Part of the Plan or Am I Just Bored?

“Don’t you get, you know, bored?” people ask with equal parts curiosity and skepticism.

It’s not an unfair question, given that I have so radically down-scaled my activity. 440 more words


The opportunity awaits in your blind spot

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard that phrase: “think like a startup, act like a startup”… I guess you stopped counting too. 917 more words

Decision Making