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Multi-dimensional Fractals

What we observe
is three-dimensional shadows
of four-dimensional actions.

We don’t know
about the complexity of reality,
yet it’s full of the purest simplicity…

(…that we can only grasp as such… 89 more words


What is Learning?

August 27-29,’16 ~QofDay~ Learning

What is learning?

So many levels one can answer this on.

At one level, learning involves having a system that can respond to external stimuli, and training it in some way to respond “appropriately” – however one chooses to define the word appropriate. 420 more words


Antinomies and Subtilization (6/18/10—Asunción)

Does the process of psychological differentiation consist, in a sense, in breaking down the terms and containing forms of consciousness into smaller and ever smaller units—so that differentiation is fundamentally movement from grosser to subtler forms of awareness—from boulders to ball bearings, and then from ball bearings to fine sand? 220 more words

Exploring the Divided Brain – The One and the Many

20th August 2016 pm – A 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 2 (pm)

This is the fourth in a series of posts in which I am sharing the notes I took whilst attending a 4 day course- Exploring the Divided Brain- run by  1,447 more words

The Divided Brain

Boulding's "Skeleton of Science": And What Complexity and God Mean to Knowledge

This post is a quick introduction to a field in engineering management and modeling and simulation called systemic science. The author of this field, a Quaker, captures beautifully how god plays into the way we think about complex problems. 477 more words


The Power Factor in Adaptive Leadership and Power

By Walter E. Natemeyer and Carl W. Hunt

This series on Adaptive Leadership and Power for Secure Cyberspace Operations began with a look at the requirement to adapt sound leadership principles for operations in cyberspace today. 1,770 more words

American Promise

Homelessness: Complex & Perplexing

Mapping the Stakeholders of Homelessness

Homelessness is both complex and perplexing, evident in my attempts to map the issue. Unless framing the issue from a particular perspective, it is difficult to grasp just how many actors are involved in the issue.  1,801 more words

Homelessness & Social Exclusion