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Smart people make things simple.

For many people, one of the biggest curses of knowledge is that we tend to over complicate things.

Case in point, I have been doing a lot of reading about Lean Manufacture and its application into the service industry. 127 more words

Live Vividly

Solving Things

The key to building a complex, refined piece of software is to step into its problem space, cognitively, each day to solve things.

Software is a metaphor for any accumulating development of intention.


In every complexity lays simplicity

Often times we are confused, lost or deeply miserable about our life situations. Not because of external events necessarily, but simply because we cannot grasp our minds around it. 157 more words

Personal Evolution

Believing you're in chaos can become a self-fullfilling prophecy

One of my new favorite things to do is facilitating Cynefin 101 workshops within my corporate clients.  It allows me to be quite provocative and disruptive (which I’ve started enjoying of late), and I love seeing “the lights come on” when people get it.   609 more words

Complexity And Adaptive Leadership

Helping Young People Become Ethical Leaders

By Linda Fisher Thornton

How do we help young people become ethical leaders? This is an important question because our long-term future depends on how well we prepare young people to make positive ethical choices and honor multiple dimensions of ethical responsibility. 510 more words

Ethical Leader

Shopping and Violated Trust

Rain came down like thousands of meteors each with a distinctive and ominous feel. Wind blew the old world away and corporations brought in the new world order founded on greed without morality, giving the population ample cause to let their voice be heard…maybe. 261 more words