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On Thin Ice. Weaponizing the Right to Free Speech to Mislead Public Opinion

For its remarkable degree of complexity and multivalence (Jamieson, 2014; Marshall, 2014), climate change represents a serious challenge also from a legal perspective. If, on the one side, “global warming litigation represents familiar legal territory”, on the other “it involves threats of widespread injuries that are uncertain in timing, scope, and intensity” while inculpating “corporations, individual citizens, and governments from all countries, and results from human activities fundamental to modern society” (Pidot, 2006, p. 1,353 more words


Davina confesses: ‘No one wants to date me’

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MARRIED At First Sight\u2019s Davina Rankin says she doesn\u2019t expect men to want to date her after watching her behaviour on the show. 10,059 more words

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House Rules winners’ stunning reno

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HOUSE Rules winners Aaron and Daniella Winter admit they had to learn to renovate outside the \u201cTV bubble\u201d when they flipped a $1 million Gold Coast home in three months. 10,000 more words

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Complexity and organisational processes

Do you have a criteria or approach for assessing/measuring the complexity of business functions? This question came to me from a consultant redesigning a business unit.  956 more words


I don’t know about you, but I am weary of user names and passwords. When they first came into use, there were few rules, and many people used ABCD or 1234. 198 more words

Yin and Yang: Bitcoins and Blockchain

Yin and Yang refers to seemingly opposite forces that are interlinked and complimentary to each other. Yin being the dark side and Yang points to the positive side. 1,179 more words