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Farm Near Duivendrecht

The window above my kitchen sink looks out to the patch of woods behind our house. I often find myself staring at the bare tree branches. 238 more words


What is the complexity?

Well, because everything must start somewhere, let’s do my first post on trying to define complexity.

The funny thing is that there is no formal definition of the complexity. 263 more words

Please do not watch the following video if you are in a good mood

I am SOOOOO glad my lineage had nothing to do with this. It relates to the ayaat in the Qur’aan about the travels of Dhul Qarnain. 187 more words

Aids In The Awaking Process

Complexity Rules...

The human mind, in its current state, is somewhat enamoured with complexity. If there isn’t any, it will go to extraordinary lengths to invent some. If it is not complex then it cannot be worth anything or have any value. 267 more words


What is Authentic Leadership?

How Do We Define Authenticity in Leadership?

Most people would agree that authentic leadership is a good thing. But what does it mean? What qualities do authentic leaders possess that set them apart from other leaders?  380 more words

Ethical Leader

Architecture of the Problem 2

Architecture of the Problem 2

Architecture of the Problem is a term that was concocted to describe the nature of a problem and its formulation which enabled an effective architecture… 19 more words