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a man feels like a mountain
and the souls that pass
bare winds on the black shadow edges

there are no correct answers
to the question what will we become… 17 more words


What Does it Mean to "Do the Right Thing?"

By Linda Fisher Thornton

The “Keep it Simple” approach is good for many situations, but keeping it simple will set you up for failure in ethics. 250 more words

Ethical Leader

Trust me, I know better

Today I was working on fixing some unstable tests. We use Gradle as our build tool, and we’ve built so much on top of the regular Scala-Java-Javascript plugins that it’s staggering: our Gradle files contain more than 50K lines. 426 more words


Even the gray clouds above are beautiful.

I was going to post these beautiful photographs on one of my other blogs, A Small World Full of Beauty, but decided to feature them here! 94 more words

Why do you need network analysis for your KM and rapid learning programs?

Have you considered what complexity looks like in your network or organisational system or how it could influence your Knowledge Management, Human Capital or Rapid Learning project – take a look at the video to find out? 146 more words


Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism and Big Data

Duke Forest conference detailed programme now available. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of John von Neumann’s “Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata”. The C+T sponsored panel below: