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Self-preservation & Climate Change

Ideas of “self preservation” or “genetic preservation” (making sure your genes survive in your kids), have been around for a long time and seem popular in a culture of individualism, consumerism and neoliberalism, but they don’t seem to have helped us deal with climate change at all. 464 more words

Climate Justice???

The idea of “Climate Justice” perturbs me. It seems self-destructive, or self- undermining.

‘Justice’ as it works, usually involves two kinds of processes:

1) Defining someone as evil and punishing them for it. 467 more words

AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants

But can AI ever think critically if the question is not fully quantifiable and reducible to a weighted decision tree?

Machine learning is increasingly capable of complex analysis. 10 more words


Weeds, Wheat and God's Field

This sermon was preached at Bethany Lutheran Church on July 23rd, 2017. You can watch at http://www.bethanylive.org. I personally think that the 10:00 a.m. went better! 1,848 more words


Mini-Smorgasbord Monday: School Choice, Nuance, and Opioids

Choice is no guarantee of quality

“…a remark by a DeVos spokesperson last week — ‘the ultimate accountability for schools is whether or not parents choose to send their children there’ — should be seen as an attack on the idea that school quality matters.

771 more words

Subjectivity and Risk Scoring

One common misconception that I was guilty of subscribing to is that while qualitative risk analysis always has some degree of subjectivity, quantitative risk analysis should remain strictly objective. 853 more words