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something new

in the days
who cannot praise
the marvels of complexity
spawned from the dexterity

of maker’s hands
and maker’s plans
that work to bless eternally
with something new perpetually


Hardware Aware Algorithms (part I)

Modern computer architecture has many powerful hardware features that help masking various latencies in the system and ease the software design. The memory/cache hierarchy is a good example. 959 more words


I’m doing a lot of coding these days, trying to improve my Python skills and recover all that algorithms and data structures knowledge that, well, I never really had, but given my resume I should have had. 45 more words

Taming Software Code Complexity and Technical Debt

The project I’m currently on has a good deal of complexity.  Its built on a 10+ year old codebase that has passed through multiple development groups with varying levels of skill and pressures.   599 more words

Software Development

Analyzing Iraq’s complexity from Turkey’s strategic perspective

Turkey is playing a strategic role in the Middle East due to many factors. Historically, the Ottoman Empire was controlling most of what is now called Middle East countries and many other Islamic countries which created long and strong relationship with Turkey. 78 more words

Middle East

What is easy/what is right: balancing complexity

We’ve all seen the promotional videos/photos/stories that claim to have found the silver bullet for solving poverty. We’ve seen the pieces that reduce global poverty and development challenges to a single issue (for just X dollars per day, you can solve this). 579 more words