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Lighten the Load

December is the month to lighten up! All the crap you’ve been carrying – physically, emotionally and mentally – let it go. It’s just a narrow doorway into 2017 and to get through it with ease, you’ll need to lighten your load. 495 more words


The day I stopped trying to change the world to be part of it

There was a time when I was truly committed to finding out a reason for my life. As many of us who cannot be convinced by the idea that we are born, work hard at school, enter university, get a job, procreate and die, I felt a constant dissatisfaction coming directly from my spirit which simply said “hang on, this cannot be all”. 1,120 more words


Structure: Made Of Complex Emotions

To build a new place to be in,
By putting together what is left.
In the eyes of the world what was done was a sin, 156 more words

Cybernetics: Are we learning more by simplifying nature?

Ecosystems are hopelessly complicated. The sheer number of variables influencing any single ecosystem process is staggering; each one has a distinct role to play in that process. 992 more words


President Dwight D Eisenhower - The Complexity of a Fearless Farewell

Never have the citizens of the United States been privy to the true purpose and meaning behind the candid last words spoken by late President Dwight D. 31 more words

Thinking about guidelines

On October 24, 2016, the CauseHealth crowd met with a small group of other philosophers, healthcare practitioners, and members of the guidelines community. We had a rousing discussion that lasted the whole day, with few pauses and enthusiastic participation from all in attendance. 1,053 more words


Catatan yang Terselip

Sudah saatnya aku harus kembali ke kotaku. Meninggalkan kota rantauan yang penuh kenangan. Aku harus bersiap-siap membenahi segala barang-barangku, ahh aku benci packing. 

Ternyata banyak hal yang membuatku terkejut ketika menata, membongkar, membenahi segala barang sampai ke perintil-perintilan kecilnya. 185 more words