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Behind the busy brain

One of the things you notice when you work with human systems is that things keep recurring in the same way at different levels. For example, you notice that a difficult relationship between senior leaders is replicated in the relationship between their organisations. 302 more words


be absurd and create the future

If at first an idea isn’t absurd, then there’s no hope for it- Einstein

There’s much we could take from this quote from Einstein. We could reflect on human creativity and innovation, the bravery to be the one who stands alone- the first.

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Five Activities to Encourage Creativity and Collaboration in Writing (Ian Bosiak, VUS TESOL 2015)

The second session of the day was focused on YLs: how to support them in developing their writing skills. It was hosted by the excellent Ian Bosiak who really got the audience engaged, laughing and taking part. 1,564 more words


Connections and Cynefin

Cynefin and cluster connectivity

Hi David,

Only discovered your work a couple of weeks ago, have watched everything you have on Youtube and have read everything I could get my hands on. 272 more words


Worthwhile work and human organisation

Under all sorts of forms of human organisation, people engage in work because they have to earn a living. They work to live, rather than live to work, in a capitalist system as much as in any other. 495 more words


Windows 2003 server disable password complexity requirements

If you are using Windows Server 2003 or later, you might be aware of annoying password complexity requirements.

Whenever you want to create or update the password for your account or a new account, your password must meet the following minimum requirements: 181 more words

Windows Server 2003