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Chatbots vs. Ethical Blindness

Artificial Intelligence is on the raise and chatbots are already active in social media or the first line of customer service on company websites. These are text or voice related software, where the app can understand the user’s statement or question and reply adequately to this. 460 more words

Patrick Henz

So be good, for goodness' sake

Predictive technology can help employers find the roots of both personal and corporate noncompliance. Where are the ethical boundaries?

As data-gathering and analytics technologies amass more and more ability to squeeze information out of what may feel like thin air, employers face new questions about using these tools to predict and detect behavior. 1,208 more words


Day 20: Lamb to Slaughter

In a dungeon underground,

with damp walls and bars

and strangers resigned to

our dank, painful fate,

I don’t ask questions.

I sit where I can’t see… 138 more words

Principles for Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability: A Provenance Perspective

A few days ago, the ACM U.S. Public Policy Council (USACM) released a statement and a list of seven principles aimed at addressing potential harmful bias of algorithmic solutions. 1,364 more words


Indian multinationals in the pharmaceutical sector need to operate a tighter compliance ship than before

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing many unprecedented changes. These range from emerging areas of science, new and improved drug variants and specialized services to evolving regulations and business models, making it one of the world’s most developed industries. 914 more words


Ethics has a strong business case, but measurement is less certain

Cross-Industry Compliance Leadership Summit explores corporate behavior

Are a “culture of ethics” and a “culture of compliance” the same thing? How does an organization build an ethical culture, and how can it measure the results? 970 more words


FDA Compliance Deadlines for E Liquid & E Cig Manufacturers (Updated)

FDA Compliance Deadlines for E Liquid & E Cig Manufacturers July 26, 2016 Child-Resistant Packaging Nicotine provided in a liquid nicotine container that is sold, offered for sale, manufactured for sale, distributed in commerce, or imported into the United States must be packaged in accordance with the poison prevention packaging standards issued by the Consumer [ ] The post FDA Compliance Deadlines for E Liquid & E Cig Manufacturers (Updated) appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.