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Book Review: The Japanese Art of Reiki

The Japanese Art of Reiki was the second Reiki book I read on the subject, and I can honestly say I am very glad to have read this book in my early learning’s of Reiki. 415 more words


Why i like to practice qigong

Qigong is a proactive action; you only gain the benefit if you participate. Plus, you only gain the true benefits if your practice is regular. This is the key to gaining a strong and healthy life. 456 more words


My Favourite Essential Oils

Most people simply begin using essential oils for their aroma; adding a few drops to a base oil for massage, or to a bath, or to body lotion. 1,388 more words


Tambo Massage Workshops

Tambo Massage workshops

The Tambo (stick) is a unique training and fighting method that is Okinawan in origin and was used throughout feudal Japan. Depending on the martial arts school it may differ in size and thickness. 177 more words


Free Tai Chi Taster Sessions at Keele University

Why not come along and try out some Qigong and Tai Chi on this free taster afternoon at Keele University Community Day , Sunday 31st May. 100 more words