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January and February Reiki Sale

After such a great start and ongoing Reiki treatments at the beginning of 2016 I’d now like to open this opportunity for Reiki treatments at a once only offer in the year Sale. 65 more words


Book Review: The Inner Heart of Reiki

Book Review by Mark Brereton – The Inner Heart of Reiki – Rediscovering Your True Self

Whilst living with my grandmother as a child, I often heard her repeat the saying – charity begins at home. 530 more words


Book Review: The Japanese Art of Reiki

The Japanese Art of Reiki was the second Reiki book I read on the subject, and I can honestly say I am very glad to have read this book in my early learning’s of Reiki. 415 more words


How i found the True Self Part 1

The Heartbeat

The year was 2006 and I’d recently returned from a camping holiday. A few days later I found myself in a hospital bed wired to an ECG machine. 868 more words

Complimentary Health

Why i like to practice qigong

Qigong is a proactive action; you only gain the benefit if you participate. Plus, you only gain the true benefits if your practice is regular. This is the key to gaining a strong and healthy life. 456 more words


What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? By Mark Brereton

There are probably thousands of online blogs, articles and definitions’ telling us what reiki is, but I wanted to explore this question from a different view point and feeling. 334 more words


Why I like Jikiden Reiki Practice and Learning

I found the reiki path through other energy arts I practice, primarily Tai Chi and Qigong. Although I knew about the hands on and distance healing arts the Chinese disciplines offered I never found a teacher locally that either offered them or seemed interested in them. 379 more words