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Holy Smokes: A Smokin' Hot Gift Idea from Breville for Father's Day

What It Is: The latest gastronomic trend sweeping the nation happens to be one that’ll be right up dad’s alley: smoke. If you’ve ever had a low and slow-cooked piece of meat over charcoal, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 462 more words

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Lobster Tales

What It Is: Kudos to our ancestors; they were awfully adventurous with what they ate. And perhaps, more relevantly, how they got to it. If you’ve ever been a tricky dining situation where you’ve zero idea how to start tackling dismantling a lobster or swirling your spaghetti perfectly, this book is for you. 137 more words

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What It Is: I’m in a very sweet mood (as in, craving sweets) as I write this, so forgive me for picking an item that is oh-so-geared toward dessert! 121 more words

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Spice World

As many of you know, I love to cook – and I eat a largely plant-based diet. While I was looking for some cooking inspo this past year, I came across… 710 more words

Compliments To The Chef

Qore Principles

What It Is: Lately I’ve been looking into more creative options for enjoying healthy meals at lunch, which in turn led me to the Iconiq Qore… 184 more words

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Fresh Take

Stressed about last-minute shopping? Don’t be! I’m highlighting great gift ideas you can pick up in a flash that still feel totally tailored and customized to whoever you’re shopping for. 584 more words

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Find of the Month: Breville

The holidays are an awesome time to ‘upgrade’ things you’ve already got. When I first moved out, I bought the most bargain appliances on the market, but over the years I have regularly upgraded them to ones that’ll last way longer and perform way, way better. 1,114 more words

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