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Sweet Skulls: Today's Baking Gift Idea Makes Spooktacular Treats

What It Is: A crafty baking pan from Wilton designed to put frightful treats on your table. Designed to look like a skull, this 3D baking pan is cooked in two separate parts – simply use frosting to bring ’em together and if you really want to get creative, use the cake seam to illustrate the grizzly end your poor Yorick met to end up on your dessert table. 75 more words

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Bottoms Up: Get to the Liquor Quicker With This Handy Recipe Book

What It Is: Perfect for bar fiends and cocktail beginners alike, this cute, mod-inspired cocktail recipe book keeps it crazy simple with just three ingredients per drink. 80 more words

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Recipes from Avonlea: The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook Is Here

What It Is: There’s been an Anne of Green Gables renaissance this past year, with the release of the CBC x Netflix Anne series. Of course, Anne has never really disappeared; it just means that more attention to the beloved L.M. 126 more words

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Holy Smokes: A Smokin' Hot Gift Idea from Breville for Father's Day

What It Is: The latest gastronomic trend sweeping the nation happens to be one that’ll be right up dad’s alley: smoke. If you’ve ever had a low and slow-cooked piece of meat over charcoal, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 462 more words

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Lobster Tales

What It Is: Kudos to our ancestors; they were awfully adventurous with what they ate. And perhaps, more relevantly, how they got to it. If you’ve ever been a tricky dining situation where you’ve zero idea how to start tackling dismantling a lobster or swirling your spaghetti perfectly, this book is for you. 137 more words

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What It Is: I’m in a very sweet mood (as in, craving sweets) as I write this, so forgive me for picking an item that is oh-so-geared toward dessert! 121 more words

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Spice World

As many of you know, I love to cook – and I eat a largely plant-based diet. While I was looking for some cooking inspo this past year, I came across… 710 more words

Compliments To The Chef