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Air to Be Different

What It Is: The PHILIPS Digital Airfryer is your ticket to enjoying crispy, even food that’s fried up in a matter of minutes – with way less oil than conventional fryers. 149 more words

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Gather Round

What It Is: My family is asking me for gift ideas for the upcoming holidays plus my birthday, and I’m struggling a bit so far! But one thing I’d definitely be interested in is this new installment from food blogger Erin Gleeson, whose original cookbook, … 222 more words

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Nice Slice

What It Is: A too cute for words pizza cutter shaped like a bicycle – with its own stand! Not only does it look adorable, this cute slicer from Doiy Design actually has two wheels to minimize the amount of back and forth slicing you have to do – and maximize your ease of getting to that yummy yummy pizza. 92 more words

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Find of the Month: Present Day

Gift baskets and boxes may have a bit of a fusty reputation – you’re probably picturing something that’s mostly stuffing and waxy-tasting chocolate almonds. That is, until now. 1,023 more words

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Multi-Culti Kitchen

What It Is: A very, very cool subscription box with an eye on the world – yet based right here in Canada! Every two months, Food Trip To packages up about six different products from (or inspired by) a specific country around the globe, such as Finland, Morocco, or Italy, oftentimes importing goods you can’t easily pick up off the shelf here. 723 more words

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Foodie Fridays: Oh She Glows Every Day

As I’m writing this blog post, my house is filled with the aroma of seasoned chickpeas roasting in the oven and my hands have a briney scent to them. 1,808 more words

B(u)y The Book

Smartest Meal of the Day

What It Is: If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll see that I regularly post some ‘bonus content’ related to this blog, oftentimes related to testing things out. 394 more words

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