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Plenty to Love

What It Is: A collection of two cookbooks from famed UK-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi. With multiple restaurants under his belt and a beloved weekly column, the chef’s specialty is making vegetables sing with an unexpected collection of ingredients to make your next plant-based meal lip-smackingly delicious. 184 more words

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Going Spiral

What It Is: Spiralizers are all the rage these days. The reason? They can take your everyday veggies and turn them into lean little noodles that can easily be swapped out for any pasta, creating a low-carb, lip-smacking option to your favourite Italian dishes. 158 more words

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Secret Weapon

What It Is: A collection of food-safe, non-stick silicon baking sheets with impressive qualities. The concept behind all Cookina products is to replace all of your disposable kitchen ‘papers’ (including aluminum foil and parchment paper) with a reusable sheet that can be custom-fit to whatever shape you’re working with, and washed so you can use it again and again. 196 more words

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Flip Your Lid

What It Is: Proof that great gift ideas don’t have to be mind-blowing when it comes to cost or otherwise. Charles Viancin’s pot lid covers are an ingenious solution whether you’re microwaving food or storing it in the fridge. 152 more words

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Keep It Rolling

What It Is: An ultra cool collection of embossed rolling pins that imprint your favourite treats – like cookies or fondant – with a unique pattern. 132 more words

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Beats and Eats

What It Is: One of the more unique subscription services I’ve come across! Each month, Turntable Kitchen sends out an exclusive 7″ vinyl, a digital playlist so you can listen to their curated tunes anywhere, three recipes, a couple of primo ingredients to help you make the dishes, and ‘tasting notes’. 111 more words

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BBQ Boosters

It’s BBQ season on the Canadian Gift Guide or something – how else can you explain all the fun foodie and grilling gift ideas I’ve been featuring lately? 949 more words

Compliments To The Chef