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You're Toast

What It Is: Inspiration can strike at the oddest moments. I was in a doctor’s office when I heard about this brand from their little looping TV segment. 159 more words

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Now You're Cooking!

When we’re this close to Santa’s arrival, it’s time to be a little more creative with your gift-giving. You have a few options – you can battle the mall this weekend, go for a gift card, or rush ship something. 737 more words

Compliments To The Chef

Foodie Fridays: The UnDiet Cookbook

Happy almost Halloween folks! This is an overdue on my part on two fronts. First, I haven’t done a Foodie Fridays post in forever. Second, I wanted to feature this delightful cookbook as part of Vegetarian Awareness Month, and judging by the fact it’s the end of the month, we are at the tail end of said month. 1,079 more words

B(u)y The Book

Feeling Saucy

What It Is: I spotted these cute pots during a recent IKEA visit and thought I’d share ’em with you. Sometimes gifts don’t have to be out of this world – just nice – and that’s what these pots are. 112 more words

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Wing Man

What It Is: A way cool collectible for any Star wars friend that also has a practical purpose. This nifty knife block mimics the shape and style of an X-Wing jet, making for a cool piece of counter decor. 114 more words

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Plenty to Love

What It Is: A collection of two cookbooks from famed UK-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi. With multiple restaurants under his belt and a beloved weekly column, the chef’s specialty is making vegetables sing with an unexpected collection of ingredients to make your next plant-based meal lip-smackingly delicious. 184 more words

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Going Spiral

What It Is: Spiralizers are all the rage these days. The reason? They can take your everyday veggies and turn them into lean little noodles that can easily be swapped out for any pasta, creating a low-carb, lip-smacking option to your favourite Italian dishes. 158 more words

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