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Why Do You Call Me Good?

Affirmations, compliments and encouragement used to be a common presence in daily conversations.  This positive vibe appears to be vanishing, replaced by sarcasm, witty comments and venting frustrations.  493 more words


Why does what I look like matter to you?

Growing up is the worst. People love you and your cuteness for all of 3 years, and then you’re thrown to the dogs. Actually, people like dogs… so let’s go with a better example…geese. 704 more words


No One Wants to Date the Dying Girl

I have big beautiful blue eyes.

I’m very skilled in music.

I care about people deeply.

But no one wants to date the dying girl… 103 more words

Compliment Received

Despite the weather, today was a pretty up day. In fact, I am a little hard pressed to choose Today’s Perfect Moment.  However, rather than lay them all out, I will pick one. 181 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

New Type of Compliment

Hello loves!

I’ve decided to write my latest post on a new way to compliment others–compliments not based on physical appearance! This is an important conversation as sometimes physical compliments become too surface, they mean less and they are too obvious. 241 more words


Is “skinny” really such a compliment
When my tree trunk legs
Are all that keep me grounded?

-Kendra Purscell-Jackson



I was always a heavy child.  My mom made sure I knew, throughout my childhood, that my weight was unacceptable.  She’d make snide comments about how much I was eating at meals, but never made any effort to provide healthier options or model more appropriate portion sizes.  857 more words