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when your mom says your hair looks nice

You know how everyone has that one thing that they always obsess about; that always needs to be just so? 

For me, that thing is my hair. 228 more words


I was thinking the other day (one of my many thoughts) …

Why is tipping only limited to food places and hair salons?

Personally, I know for a fact that I always try to go out of my way when helping and serving customers, however, I have never ever been tipped!   232 more words


I Don't Care *Cries* I Really Don't

I commented on someones poem earlier on this very topic and my brain was like “Expand it you son of a *****” Obviously I can’t say curse words, I try to make this a family blog some days. 578 more words


You were born to count the stars PART 2

Have you ever received a genuine compliment? I’m sure you have. And have you ever had an opportunity to give a compliment that came from your heart? 684 more words

Conjunction Junction Que es tu Function?

Much like many Latino Millenials out there, we’re growing out of the traumatic parts of our teen years, and coming into our own beings.I will say it is a bit nerve wracking for me to do this whilst raising 4 children-3 full time…but in particular 2 girls. 1,068 more words


Accepting Compliments Without The Bumbling Trappings Of Modesty

In most of my language teachings, the appropriate response to any sort of compliment generally involves some expression of unabashed self-effacement.
“Du rien!”
“De Nada!”
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I wish for someone or something different to walk into my life every day.. and yet right when that wish is made I see your face. 38 more words