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Miss Independent

Proof that compliments are so important: when it comes to past compliments, I have IMMACULATE memory. Do you remember Bebo? The social-media site before Facebook and Myspace came to town? 277 more words

Lover of sweet words

I am a lover of sweet words;
I can’t tell you a lie;
Sweet words please me;
I mean sweet words of appreciation;
Call them compliments; 58 more words

Compliments please me

Sweet words of appreciation
Have a great impact on me;
When someone compliments me,
I feel on top of the world;
Compliments please me.

Am I alone in this? 111 more words

Be a generous teacher

Before a teacher expects her students to be generous, she/he has to model to her students how to be generous first.  One thing we tend to forget is that the meaning of generous is not restricted to money or other valuable things.   1,068 more words


Hi Everyone,

We reviewed prepositions of time used when we want to express a period of time. Here is a chart with use and examples of the prepositions for, during, and while. 461 more words

Just a Pat on the Back

Feedback is a wonderful thing. Whether it is a compliment for a new hairdo or a new outfit, it helps to enforce an action or a decision. 228 more words

My Book

Unpicking the backhanded compliment

As a 20 something new to the real world I’ve had some harsh lessons, but most have been just that – a lesson. Most of the times I’ve felt my cheeks redden and my pulse start to rise I do actually understand what has happened, where I’ve gone wrong or what I could have done better. 1,081 more words

Supporting Eachother