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My Natural Hair Journey

This year I decided to start my natural hair journey. I have been tired of wigs and weaves for a while now and I have wanted to try something new, so I finally took the risk. 456 more words


Why Being Called Sexy Is No Longer Flattering

Hello future wives and husbands. One of the most flattering compliments a woman can receive is “You are sexy!” When I was younger, I lived for the guy who would tell me I am sexy. 307 more words


Kindness (Not Silence) is Golden

The other day I was changing Mikey’s diaper in a restaurant bathroom when a little girl, about 7 years old, came out of a stall. She immediately began to tell me how cute and sweet my little one was. 207 more words


You see, everybody lives for something; even when you claim to live for nothing. Whether you live for nothing, truth is, we all live for something. 1,001 more words

Personal Spiritual Development


I had what I thought was a weird compliment, weird in a good way. Totally positive but it caught me off guard and I was like really…. 238 more words


The No Recognition Zone

If you’re in a leadership position then you must know this absolute fact: people need and respond to recognition. If you’re actually going to lead however you must do more than know it, you must actively practice the skill of recognizing those you lead. 405 more words


Sod's Law

My husband rarely says thanks or please. He is not trying to be rude, it is just that it simply does not occur to him that such a formal social transaction needs to exist in such a well worn relationship. 555 more words