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My Love for Jessie Ware

I first heard “Wildest Moments” circa 2012 while browsing music on YouTube. I fell in trance instantly. Just listen to the soothing and melodic tone of Jessie Ware. 655 more words



Most of the time, when people are required to describe me (on report cards, or for activities or something), the most frequent thing I hear is that I’m conscientious, responsible, and so forth. 262 more words


Stop Analyzing What I Said!

I am sure most of us must have read or heard of this piece of advice “Think before you speak”, or “Speak less, listen more”. 202 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Needs Improvement

I had someone tell me the other day that they find my writing easy to relate to. It might be the best compliment I’ve ever received. 415 more words


Choosing Beautiful?

Dove launched a new campaign ‘Choose Beautiful’, in which ladies were faced with two doors, one saying Beautiful and one saying Average, they had to choose which one they wanted to walk through. 240 more words

Growing Up

Accept with Gratitude

I had an experience today where I realized that I struggle with accepting compliments from others, especially people I look up to. I go to work and want nothing more than to hear what a great job I’m doing or what a great therapist I am. 211 more words

Positive Living: Compliment instead of Complain.

Hey my loves ..

I hope all of you are doing amazing. We are enjoying SPRING .. it finally showed up in Canada and we are loving the sun. 490 more words