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day 1659 - millennial 

it can’t get much more rewarding when my senior and manager congratulates me on a job well done. the meeting was a success as i presented my new collection to other department managers. 60 more words

My 365

Non-Holistic Education Complemented by Life Experience to lead to Understanding of the Whole

Victor Frankenstein’s creature is shown to have been imparted a non-holistic view of the world via the “godlike science’ of language that resulted from its indirect teachings from Felix’s readings to Safie.  495 more words

Frankenstein's Godlike Science (11/9, 11/16)

Sad Statistic

Six times in each ten minutes' talk
The average person lies
Six times a future action
Its present word bellies
Six times there is a loss of faith
In someone else's eyes
It's gotten so we feel free to
A teller of the truth despise

Though we forgotten surely have
Two hundred years ago
A straight look from your brother
Told you all you need to know
Among the pioneers 'twere wise
Honestly to go
Or else they didn't hesitate
To find and lay you low

A hundred years before that time
This selfsame river by
The people thought you had to have
Two tongues to tell a lie
Wars were won and wars were lost
But not one person had to die
A warrior's defeat came from
The touch of but a coup stick by

The warrior who touched him
Went back home with other youth
And honestly gave count of those
Who'd felt his gentle tooth
And so also the stricken man
Uninjured he, forsooth
Likewise made his own way home
There too to tell the truth

Our present sad neglect
Of any true accuracy
By no means native to the state
Of human being be
We exercise our lying tongues
The consequences of neglect
Are everywhere to see

The young don't trust the old
Who certainly don't trust them back
Of trust in government exists
A most ludicrous lack
Wives don't trust their husbands
Who don't really have their back --
It's clear that in this modern day
Something is gravely 'out of whack'

I Guess I’m Not So Bad...

It’s a very hard thing to come up with good qualities about yourself when you’re put on the spot. When I was asked to list some positives about myself last week I sort of froze and sheepily said, “I have a good sense of humor” and “I’m a hard worker” (There was probably a minute of silence in between those two things). 260 more words

Me: The Painful Synopsis

My boyfriend put me up to this. He thinks it’ll make me feel better. I’m a little doubtful.

I am extremely insecure. I have zero confidence. 941 more words


Learning to give to others: Thoughtful compliments

First of all, HAPPY WORLD KINDNESS DAY! If you forgot to celebrate, tomorrow’s another opportunity!

Back to my originally scheduled programming… I’m on a mission to learn how to better… 243 more words