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Beautiful Because I Say So

I have an issue with how I look. Don’t we all, though? Think about what it is about yourself you wish you could change while I explain what I’d change about me. 1,022 more words


Downtown Romance

A special two layer collar design on a clean ponte black dress can really jazz up an outfit. It’s an accessory on it’s own that flaunts and compliments the entire ensemble. 41 more words


"Nice isn't a compliment"

As seems to be the done thing following heartbreak, or when you find yourself questioning the meaning of life, not so long ago I was reading yet another “self-help”/words of wisdom e-mail. 361 more words


Why is it so damn hard for some of us to take a compliment like a normal human being?  Could this be leading men to think that I am conceited? 441 more words

Why being called beautiful is my least favorite compliment

A good friend of mine called me beautiful today. He thought that it would boost my confidence. I wasn’t offended but here’s why beautiful is my least favorite compliment. 230 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Wednesday:) Why, What a Wonderful Compliment!

“It is a great mistake for men to give up paying compliments, for when they give up saying what is charming, they give up thinking what is charming.” … 507 more words

How to Improve Communication in Marriage

It’s pretty obvious that communication is important for a healthy marriage. Not only that, but bad communication can devastate a marriage.

When I think through the communication patterns I see in others’ marriages and in my own marriage, I can pick up a few key principles that are crucial to good communication. 594 more words