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I See You

Good afternoon tribe!

This morning I woke up to an e-mail that melted my heart.  I sent a thank you e-mail to one of my mentors the other day.   226 more words


National costumes

Come see what the world wears, its all happening in London .  I would say at Celebrations and on Sundays are the times to see an array of beautiful costumes in London.   259 more words

Tas Talks : Love each other

As a girl. As a teenager. As someone who is present on social media a lot it actually hurts me when I seen other girls bring each other down. 544 more words

You are not your body, but love your body

In 2009, I sat with the Lord and we wrote a 6-week programme called Girl Esteem. One of the sessions from this programme is called “you are not your body, but love your body”. 785 more words


Compliments vs. Insults

Over the years, all of us have experienced various life instances some sweet some bitter.
Our deeds have been similarly rated by the people around us, we get compliments if we do something that is ‘GOOD IN THE EYES OF THE others’ and the same people dont forget to insult us when we do something that is ‘Not so good’ in their eyes. 277 more words


An Open Letter to Men Who Love Sundresses

To: Every man who has ever referenced “sundress season”

In a few short weeks summer will be ushered out of our presence with the arrival of fall. 1,194 more words

Why I'd Make A Lousy Ghost

I try to be original

When compliments I make.

I try not to be boring

For the complimentee’s sake,

So purely inintentional

Was my word-choice slight. 12 more words