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Score and Audio Call January - Results!

The January score and audio call yielded many submissions, all of great quality.  Even though many great works were turned down due to the needs of programming on this blog, we are proud to announce that the following pieces will be featured.  231 more words

Tools For Composers

Creating a Professional Email

The transition into the professional world can be intimidating. There are higher standards and heavier consequences. Skipping class in college could possibly lower your grade, while skipping a day of work could cost you your position. 964 more words



his concepts of past
were a muddled work of fiction

composed, half-baked
and armed

with a barbed pen and leaky well
of violet ink

© Anthony Gorman 2014… 8 more words


I sit and ponder how life would be

If you were still here with us, with me
I know my life would be much brighter… 148 more words


Simply, I've Moved On

Beneath infinite mass of stars

Into the silence of the night

Often feeling so forlorn

I find myself lost in my own emptiness

Solitary shadows of a forgotten love… 119 more words


Why Should you be hired?

People come across with this question very often. Even me too…
So, came up with a different answer… Hope, it would satisfy everyone…

I should not be hired because of my certificates,

77 more words

Do it Insanely!!

Those closed windows, need to be let open for a while.
Those serious faces, need to feel the joy of the smile.
Those monotonic routines, need to be changed with a style. 60 more words