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compose vs. comprise

Comprise means “to contain” while compose means “made up of” (e.g. The industry is composed of… vs. The industry comprises…)

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Winding Down!

Rhetorical Journal 5

April 15, 2015

 Tools of the Trade

The Electronic Portfolio is today’s innovative technology for showcasing a person’s abilities through a digital medium. 190 more words


Tick Tock

Rhetorical Journal 4

April 9, 2015                                    Professional Timing

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” – Christopher Reeve. 241 more words


6 April, 2015 ---- New app / nueva aplicación

Got a new app and had to test it out. Still learning but found some tutorials on YouTube.

Had lunch with 2 dear friends at our favorite coffee shop. 28 more words

First Impression is Still. . .

eRJ 3

First Impression is Still Everything

The Correspondence Package was challenging indeed and the reasons go beyond educating on good practical business sense. One communication medium, such as sending an email may be considered inappropriate in a highly confidential situations, however in an atmosphere of general knowledge it would be welcomed by all. 399 more words


Composing block?

What the hell is happening to me? I’ve completely lost motivation to do anything anymore. I can’t concentrate on my music and I’ve had no composition ideas in months. 239 more words


My review for Gui Boratto (composer)

No turning back by Brazilian music composer Gui Boratto urged me write this blog. Hence it consists my personal reviews and feelings i hold for his creations. 150 more words