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The Evolution of Short-Short Story #1 (Drafts #2-4)

Draft #1 (if you haven’t read it yet) // From the perspective of Minnie

Draft #2 // 500 words or less // Written from the perspective of Minnie’s husband… 839 more words


IBM Acquires Database-As-A-Service Startup Compose

IBM today announced that it has acquired Compose, the Y Combinator-backed database-as-a-service startup originally known as MongoHQ. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. 369 more words


Random Segue into a 4 Year Blog

I started this blog back in 2011, posted 9 entries, and promptly forgot that I ever had a blog that I wrote in just because I wanted to write.   619 more words


Weekly Notes - 18/7/15

This is the first post in a series that I’ll (hopefully) send out every week. It’ll cover the problems I have during the week as well as how I overcome those issues. 523 more words


Breaking, A New Song I Wrote.

Recently, I wrote a song. After my quiet time with God. He gave me some lyrics that I had to write down.

Here’s the song. … 170 more words


Should I create a SoundCloud account...?

Just caught up in a decision making. Should I  create a Sound Cloud account? It’s a site where people usually share their music. If I’m gonna make one, though, I don’t think I can update that account and it might fall into the void of no one to take care of it since there’s a lot of busy things that happened lately. 185 more words

Adventures Other Than VNs

새벽의 연화 팬 뮤직 "새벽에게"

트위터에서 반쯤 농담으로 어떤 <새벽의 연화> 관련 앤솔로지 북이 발매확정이 되면 곡을 하나 쓰겠다고 했더니 그것이 실제로 일어났습니다. 해서, 조금 시간을 내어 뮤직박스 곡을 만들었습니다.

아직 연화는 2권까지밖에 읽지 못했습니다만…연화에게서 느껴지는 무엇인가를 이미지해보았습니다. 구성은 간단하게 AABA. 정확히는 A1-A2-B-A2.5 라는 느낌이려나요.

여튼 약속은 지켰습니다 플럼님 ^ㅁ^)

쿠사나기 미즈호 선생님께도 트위터를 통해 보내드렸습니다. 마음에 들어하시는 것 같아 행복합니다.