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Compose: v. to combine many subsets to form a complete set

Musical and writing composition is the most common way that we speak of composing something or combining many subsets to form a whole or a complete set. 111 more words

Common Sense

How to Compose a Blog Award Presentation Page...


Blogging isn’t easy when it comes to accumulating followers!  Having filled one blog up already, and acquired three years of blogging experience, there is one method for attracting attention to your site that stands head and shoulders above all others.  695 more words


Writing #9: Ha! What free time?

Wake up.
Put on some clothes and grab lunch.
Get to work -why should I have to sell time for paper?
Put on work personality for 8 hrs. 812 more words


Song Snippets #2

Here are some more ideas of lines that came into my mind

When I asked for your heart/
You asked for my world/

You’re pathetic and you know it/ 75 more words

Creative Writing

Song Snippets

Just a few ideas of lines that came into my mind

Leading a different kind of life/
In a different kind of soul/

Shadows are eating the sun/ 98 more words

Creative Writing

Truth About Ismāʿīlī Gināns

Ginans (devotional songs in Indian languages) are the basis and foundation of Ismailism. Disputing the preaching of a Ginan by a Ismaili would be similar in significance to the contradiction of the teachings of the Quran by a believing Muslim. 3,123 more words

2. Ismaili Beliefs, Prayers And Practices

All the way through September 15th...

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