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Short Story Round-Up

These are some of the short stories I’ve found and loved as I wandered round the net this month. There’s so much good stuff out there! 226 more words

Short Stories

Applying Composed Looks

The next stage of development in SharePoint Designer 2013: Branding SharePoint Sites is Applying Composed Looks. This section covers Understanding composed looks, Choosing a composed look and Modifying a composed look.

Microsoft SharePoint

Chiraq - Jamie Style

Just a note before I get to my regular blog.

My human, Jamie, made this song, “Chiraq” – inspired by the title of the upcoming Spike Lee film by the same name. 55 more words

Emotional Inspiration

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I have the hardest time writing or playing music when I’m angry. Sure, I mentally hear plenty of sounds to use in a track, but I find it very difficult to produce or finish a project then. 32 more words


Tick, tick, tick, tick

It’s driving me insane
The constant ticking
An inch away from me
It’s all I can hear
The world around is blank
In definite stillness… 101 more words

The Abstractions.

Poems & Songs

To write a poem-

To write a song-

Is to let the words trip along

free flow from the brain,

Incomplete sentences remain,

As incomplete thoughts skip beside —  incomplete pictures in my mind.