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a thorn by any other name . . .

. . . is still a thorn. Funny, the side of its target is numb to the pain it represents in the grand scheme of things that reduce the importance of a simpleton such as I to the degree of unimportance assumed. 41 more words


Tears roll forth
Splashing the page
As I realize
How my soul fills
Deep within
With Him
His gift
As I write
His words

Curry And Compose (why you should be using something like ramda in your code)

When it comes to functional programming, the main cornerstone is composability, the ability to create new functions only by composing the existing ones. For example, we can use a function that returns true given a certain condition, and then reuse it in combination with a filter function, to select items in an array. 634 more words


Your song

Those high notes and low notes that you hit during the day?

Write them down. Start composing. Establish a beat.

This is your big dream. This is your song. 22 more words

Personal Growth

Unless... sometimes you dream a lyric

Sometimes you dream a lyric and all you have to do is write it down.

Always have paper and pen at the ready…….

Unless  ©2015  Paul McKendrick… 293 more words



Look up,
look at the sky;
Look at –
the feathered skeletons
gliding across
the azure ground
quivering in unison
like a marching
band in step, 58 more words

The Abstractions.