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Tool #46: Textual Instructions

Sometimes normal notation simply cannot seal the deal.  Sometimes even graphic notation cannot convey what you want.  Luckily, we as composers always have a multitude of languages we can use besides notation.  366 more words

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Tool #45: Relish the Acceptance of Our Age

We live in a time that is quite accepting of other musics.  Whether it is uncovering the past works of early music and its predecessors, to new scholarship on the common practice period, to the ubiquity of 20th century music in today’s conservatories, to the inclusion of popular and non-Western musics–not to mention technology’s influence on electronic music and its progress–we live in an age that accepts into our daily lives all kinds of classical and non-classical musics. 354 more words

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The Big Composer's Notebook

The Big Composer’s Notebook (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

If you know how to write music then this large blank book is all you were looking for. 30 more words

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the transition.

cradle the memories

the fears with it



all else


throw the you

out there


a revival.


Call for Collaboration

Hi All,

As I work to expand this blog, I am looking for collaborators:

  • Do you have a great idea you want to share?
  • Is there a topic you’re itching to discuss?
  • 182 more words
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What makes "good" music? Here's another thought.

In my continuing quest to define what “good” music is, here is another thought: good music is radical, at least in some small way.

Good music doesn’t simply rehash old music, old ideas, old tropes.  342 more words

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The Last Word

Originally published in Compose Magazine, http://www.readcompose.com, written by Seth.

It happens everywhere and all the time. A group of coworkers sits at a table. The server approaches and greets them. 728 more words