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Jerry Goldsmith and Alien

One of the greatest movie composers ever, Jerry Goldsmith wasn’t someone I grew up listening too. As the years passed and I heard more and more of his work, I realized just how good he was. 579 more words

Benedetto Ingombranteinfornata

Various articles (for example) have been written as to why the name Benedict Cumberbatch can survive being transformed into Bandersnatch Cummerbund, Bandycoot Cumbersnatch, Bendandsnap Candycrush and more. 191 more words

Eduardo Arolas

Eduardo Arolas, also known as El tigre del bandoneon, was an influential bandoneon player, composer and director of the early days of the guardia vieja… 471 more words

Guardia Vieja

Violinist: Music by Living Black Composers Directory Now Available Online

Violinist: Music by Living Black Composers Directory Now Available Online. “Rachel Barton Pine is determined to make it easier for performers, conductors, and concert programmers to find the music of black composers, and today her foundation launched a free online directory of living black composers called the Music By Black Composers: Living Composers Directory.”

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Complicated Composers | Genii

The Old Piano by Michael Pickett

Someone is scratching the violin and banging the piano.

Is that an oboe?

A cello?

A clarinet, a harpsichord, a bassoon, a viola? 418 more words