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France Worlds SI's and Other Information Links....!!

I just saw the piece on the blog re the Morgat slipways and did a hunt on the main website re any news on the Worlds (as I hadn’t seen anything). 49 more words

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Carbon FFs and the Charm of Resin.....

Like most Club Racers, I wouldn’t know the first thing about the way boats are moulded. I managed to get to see my Dragon being built at Petticrows which was fabulous. 301 more words

Flying Fifteen

Flying Fifteen Keel Platform....

When I helped VC Phil Tinsley get the keel off a 20 year old boat ready for refurbishment, it wasn’t half as difficult as I thought. 205 more words

Flying Fifteen

Composite Craft - Making the Deck.....

Have you seen the way that decks are moulded?  It always struck me as counter intuitive that they are done upside down …  I don’t know why I’d have that notion – stupid really, but that’s the way it’s done. 101 more words

Flying Fifteen

Ovington and Composite Craft Spinnaker Sheaves.....

After racing last Sunday, we were thinking about the way that spinnaker sheave blocks have been evolving. In the Ovi Mk IX it was a bit agricultural – led across decks, outside tanks and around extra sheaves …. 217 more words

Flying Fifteen

The Composite Craft Flying Fifteen Cockpit....

This is the cockpit of the new Composite Craft carbon fibre Flying Fifteen. Now what can we learn here??

© Charles Apthorp

Well to start with, the cockpit looks a bit roomier than an Ovi, don’t you think?   138 more words

Flying Fifteen