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Change of Season

My mouth is dry,
my tongue thick and heavy.
It feels foreign,
as if it doesn’t belong to me.
Would my body betray me that way? 95 more words


Morning Tea. How to make composite image in Photoshop.

Kindly see the image attached.

Final Image –

This is how i made “Morning Tea”

1. various attempts on dropping coin in a cup.
( i had red color so pour red color in water because knew how to change color later. 83 more words


CIR Annual Report

My department shoots lots of photos for the annual reports of different medical research institutes. For the 2015 annual report of the Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR) 30 more words


Body Garden

Charlotte is gone,
and she’s never coming back.
Amy is as sure of this
as she is of the rose
beneath her nose
(a flower with no scent). 155 more words


Memorializing Mediocrity

I jumped through school hoops
better than all but two of my peers
and was happy to keep my mouth shut.

At college I outplayed most of my mates, 36 more words


Tools of the Trade

I’ve decided that photography and poetry are magnifying glass and lightbulb: one helps me find the details I look at everyday but never see; the other illuminates those dark corners into which I seldom venture.


Logos in Reserve

My word hoard
continues to grow.
Soon there will be
no room for me.
The stack
is becoming
too big,
too teetering,
too good-for-someday only. 21 more words