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Composite Image

For this project, we created composite images. This was done by taking two photographs, editing them separately, then combining them in Adobe Photoshop.  The trick was editing the images together so the final image didn’t look Photoshopped. 113 more words

Digital Imaging

colorized kawaihae reef pre-harbor 1954

This image was made as a composite of two aerial photographs: 1954 and 2000. The later image show remarkable clarity of the reef system. The harbor, resorts and miscellaneous structure after 1956 were masked out.

Coral Reef

Project Five, The Manipulated Image – Composite


There is a tradition of manipulation in imagery that goes back as far as the beginning of photography. Hippolyte Bayard produced one of the first known photographs that used manipulation to tell a story. 594 more words


Creature Composite

The creature composite assignment was a project that I not only enjoyed but that taught me a lot about layers and Photoshop adjustments. The athlete that I chose to use was Michael Phelps. 200 more words


Unreal Composite image

I’m no stranger to composite images, I do them all the time through my work with children.  Children are very good at wanting to be seen in the context of fantasy situations!   122 more words

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