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Reason to Persevere

Art surprises me. When I’m working on a piece, whether it’s a photographic image, a page in my art journal, or a poem, I set about the task with a specific purpose in mind. 157 more words


Will I Be Able to Stop in Time?

The wheels of the rusted wagon
Turn slowly.
This hill is steep.
And my load heavier
Than I knew.

Tightening my grip
On the cool, black handle, 98 more words


Painted Peace

If I could open my chest
—A zipper would work,
Snaps, perhaps a button or two—
I’d access my heart each day
And add a fresh coat of peace. 144 more words


You Can't Take This Away

The words I put down on paper
Are mine.
The envelope was addressed
To me.
I bought the pen with
My own



There are days when I am out of bed early enough to wander in the front yard, coffee cup in hand, and notice the dew that covers everything—flowers, weeds, grass, spiderwebs, toys left outside, dropped petals, and brown, fallen leaves. 19 more words


Life Always Has Two Sides

Usually I forget to, or don’t have the time to, participate in Stacy Fischer’s «One Photo Focus». This week I did manage to create something (well, actually I made this 2 weeks ago and scheduled the post) out of 3 bracketed shots that was provided by Benjamin Rowe. 141 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

New on 500px : Enigma by AntonelloCartaVinilomane

A place where it is consumed an act of violence in 1968. Old struggles between the boundaries of the municipalities of Lodè and Siniscola ..in Sardinia. 21 more words

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