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Maybe She was Only Waiting for Me to Look

Her braids take me by surprise.
Is this really my mother
standing in the lake
with her pants rolled
above the surface?
Who was this woman… 78 more words



Portia sliced her thigh
to make a point about secrets
and nearly died for her efforts.
Thankfully, our relationship
requires less extreme measures.
I long ago forgot your deepest darkest, 6 more words


twenty two

© images and words by Emily Hughes, 2016


Proofreader Rejection

In retrospect, I see the foolishness
of offering to enforce the rules
when I long ago stopped believing in theirs.

How does one cross the T’s, dot the I’s, and fix comma splices… 84 more words


Composite Image: Photoshop Creative Magazine

I recently received a subscription for Photoshop Creative magazine as a present, and the timing could have not been better. The latest issue is packed with Photoshop tips, tutorials, updates and real-life case studies. 174 more words

Composite Image

The Process of Becoming

My husband is a list maker. I am not.

For years, I wrote to-do lists in my Day-Timer (usually penning each item in a different color of ink; I had some sort of coding system). 65 more words


Just Write it Down

I’ve written in many journals throughout my life and, on more than one occasion, have shared my thoughts about keeping one. I also have a penchant for reading other people’s thoughts on journaling. 219 more words