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Composite Image

Composite image using the Refine Edge tool


A Statement and A Image

Growing up as a girl in today’s society is a challenge. With the media telling you how to look and how to act. In every magazine girls are set high expectations, expectations that they take upon themselves to be ‘perfect’. 467 more words


The Wrong is Right.

So experimenting with the idea of using the wrong colours to highlight the unrealistic details has worked very well. Outlining some images also was evident in reducing the realistic impression that the models are perfection. 336 more words


In Hindsight.

So from my last feedback session I was advised into looking at ways to colour with almost childlike intention. By using the wrong colours and colouring outside the lines. 86 more words


Prince Lauder

What I love most about feedback sessions is the fact that we get recommended new research in order to contextualise our work further. One of these was the intriguing Prince Láuder aka Carlos Guerrero. 479 more words



Model: Sabrina
Photographer: Sabrina
Brushes used: Oh, so many

The human machine is a strange thing.

Old Art

Judgment Day

First day back and we each brought an image to the session for a peer feedback and print critique. I happened to find this session the most helpful so far, with each person posting anonymous post stick notes around each image. 675 more words