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SUIM to find Single Roles included in Composite roles

Question: How can I find the included single roles of a certain composite role? Answer: Call transaction SUIM, access the menu Roles -> By Role Name, type the name of the composite role and execute. 18 more words


Composites...how and why?

I get asked more than once, “How did you do that!?”

Like this:

How the heck did I get that BIG egg to stand up so little Zach could pose so adorably in it? 178 more words


This is an image I created named ‘Tropical Notes’. It is a composite image consisting of three photographs. The main photo was taken in North Florida, the antique piano and stool inhabit my living room. 745 more words

Portrait Composite Project #1

Hello everyone! As a final project for a photography class of mine, I have decided to dive deeper into the wonderous and powerful Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to further my skills within Photoshop because I believe my style of photography is unique and different from your average photographer. 158 more words