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Composite Art - Into the Light Version 2

After some input, CC and words of inspiration I went back again to my image and did another edit, however I still think it is a work in progress. 99 more words


Composite Artwork - Into the Light

It’s been awhile since I have done any real composite artwork……..I have been concentrating more on my photos, and less on my art. I have been learning new techniques and tools to help take my art to another level. 94 more words


The girl, the drug, the dog, along with dawgs

As were nearing Sunday’s end, Charlie mentioned a few ideas for “games” we could have played, particularly under the chemical circumstances in which we found ourselves. 2,121 more words


New on 500px : A Night With Eclipsed Moons by kawasemi1

This is a composite of shots taken last week, 9/27/2015 from Mt. Tam. The size and positions of the moons are not accurate. I just wanted to have some fun with PS to create something interesting to express my experience of being there. 44 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

All The Same

 All The Same is a series of composites I created about the concept of first person shooters video games, or FPSs. First person shooters are games that put the player into the perspective of the character they’re playing as, and the games these characters are in are usually very violent, with weapons like guns, knives, grenades, and also contain a lot of blood and gore. 182 more words