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Mia Toro Regale Composite Hardside 26 Inch Spinner White

So like most materials, there are pros and cons and it’s really up to the individual consumer to resolve which characteristics are crucial to them when selecting materials for a new deck. 292 more words

Mia Toro Metallo Composite Hardside 26 Inch Spinner White

4. Stain resistance . composite wood is not highly resistant to staining, and it is a good idea if the material is to be used surrounding outdoor grills etc, that a sealing product designed specifically for composite wood is applied. 290 more words

What can drive stock prices mad? (Part II)

This graph shows the Composite movement since the beginning of April 2015. Noted that since the beginning of 2015 until March 2015, the Composite had gone up uncontrollably. 376 more words


Floral Friday - Butterfly Collages

I recently had two encounters with butterflies busy with flowers and so intent on their business that I could approach with my camera.  The result was multiple shots of the butterfly in different poses and angles.   14 more words


Exciting Things Are Happening!

Earlier this week, while I was working at my desk, I looked up and saw this:

Whoa.  Now that’s a view!  It kind of scared me.   457 more words