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On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 4

Choices, choices…despite being limited in the colors & types of fabrics one would use to clothe this precious Mannequin, it is frankly difficult to make the final choice since the practical side says just three dresses – one outfit for each pattern in the set while the fashion conscious side says let’s make three outfits of each style pattern. 185 more words

On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 3

It seems like the restoration is jumping all over the place but since these posts are written step by step to give you all overall idea of how this goes, we will have to jump around a bit.  290 more words

On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 2

Junior Miss, the Butterick Mannequin has had a mild cleaning & has dried.  The next step is to determine what to do about the box she originally came in. 255 more words

On the Workbench...1930's Patsy Baby, Part 2

Now that sipping my bone broth (hoping it helps heal the injured knee faster) & devouring my tasty egg dish is accomplished, it is onward to finishing the work on the Patsy Baby’s pitiful eye situation.   426 more words

Patsy (and others)

Meet Patsy, my very first composition doll! :D

Patsy dolls were made by Effanbee from 1928 to 1946 in a variety of sizes.  I haven’t actually measured this one (and the seller mis-listed her as being 11 1/2 inches tall, which she totally is not) so I’m not 100% sure which type of Patsy she is, but she’s about 8 or 9 inches tall (by my haphazard guesswork) which would make her the Tinyette Toddler, Patsy Babyette or Patsyette.   1,558 more words