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Patsy (and others)

Meet Patsy, my very first composition doll! :D

Patsy dolls were made by Effanbee from 1928 to 1946 in a variety of sizes.  I haven’t actually measured this one (and the seller mis-listed her as being 11 1/2 inches tall, which she totally is not) so I’m not 100% sure which type of Patsy she is, but she’s about 8 or 9 inches tall (by my haphazard guesswork) which would make her the Tinyette Toddler, Patsy Babyette or Patsyette.   1,558 more words


Wonder Girl

Subject: 1930s Unmarked Composition Girl, her beautiful face is filled with wonder!

Doll Photography

The Attic

Subject: Unmarked 1930s Composition Doll, she should not go, where she is not welcome.

Short Film: The Attic

Doll Photography

Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth 1937

 Subject-Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth Composition Doll 1937- she has four little  baby teeth. Does she bite? 6 more words

Doll Photography

Blue Eyed Composition Doll

Subject: Unmarked Composition Doll with Incredible Blue Eyes.

Doll Photography

Rosy Cheeked Composition Doll

Subject: Pretty rosy cheek baby girl hiding in the grass.

Doll Photography