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Writing Nostalgia

As much as I’ve tried to go completely digital in my note-taking and creating To Do lists, I keep coming back to pen and paper. The process of writing things down just helps me absorb information and store it in my long-term memory. 118 more words

Reciprocity Theory

DIY Beautiful Journal

Did you know that September 22nd is Dear Diary Day? As a writer, I love keeping a journal about my life because it allows me the opportunity to pen down my frustrations, remember the good times, and tell my story. 223 more words

Write Here, Write Now

I made a recipe book.

I followed a youtube video by “MayMay made it”. It’s in 3 parts and shows how to make this cute recipe book using a composition notebook and a 12×12 pack of paper and stickers from Carta Bella called Homemade with Love. 60 more words

elastic composition notebook closure

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m not a huge fan of poly composition notebooks.  They tend to be difficult to keep open, yet difficult to keep closed too.   319 more words

a simple add-in notebook pocket

There are things that you learn when you’ve been a student for a long time.  Maybe they’re not very complicated or fancy, but they’re the little things that make your life so much nicer.   388 more words