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The Symphony of a 5th Wheel

I was there

Not just to witness but to experience and feel, the musical symphony I’m curious to hear

Beautifully playing to every tune in an almost perfect harmony… 600 more words

Get Personal



YOU CANNOT BECOME A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER WITHOUT BEING YOUR OWN BEST EDITOR, no matter how brilliant or instinctual your shooter’s eye may be. 423 more words


Reading for ENGL 102 this weekend: Two Grimm tales

Read both of these Grimm tales for discussion in Monday’s class:

“The Shroud,” collected by the Grimm brothers: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/084.txt

“The Story of the Youth who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was,” collected by the Grimm brothers: … 7 more words




One of those rules of composition is to never divide your frame in half. The rule of thirds and all that stuff. Well I say, if it works as 50/50, do it. 73 more words

Equipment I Use

Flying Cavemen - "Ocean Theme"

Here’s another new trackĀ that I wrote for Flying Cavemen. After the cavemen flies over the desert and forest he’ll eventually reach the ocean. This music will play when he’s flying overĀ it. Enjoy!

Video Game Soundtracks

New Knowledge 2

As I search for where or what the new knowledge that my research will discover, will be or is intended to be, I am again looking at my reading about composition. 130 more words