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STALKER, Oleksiy Koval, 2012




4 *–,–,–,– (1-3)


|a,b,c,d,e,f| ≈


#1 [a]
#2 [a]
#3 [a]
#4 b > 1{4[a]
#5 b > 1{4[a] 197 more words

Oleksiy Koval


(This poem is based on the soliloquy of a failed musician, whose entire musical reputation rests in just one composition. In this poem, he enlivens the composition asking it if they’ll be remembered long after they’re gone) 309 more words


Abstract Design

One way I like to design an abstract is to break it down to thirds. This is a good rule used in design composition. If the top one-third section is visually smaller than below, it will feel settled or planted, in the image. 41 more words

Abstract Art

The Second Day - 5 Songs in 1 Week

Day 2 didn’t flow as well as the first day, I wrote half of a song in the morning, but following that I ran out of inspiration of where to take the song so I put it to one side. 256 more words

Music Production

The Importance of Value/Tone

This week I was thinking about the importance of value/tone and value/tonal massing in the design of painting. (Tone and value are the same thing. From here on I will refer to it as Value but just remember if you know it as tone then replace value for tone wherever it appears). 591 more words