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Video Editing & Production - Week 1

During our first class, we discussed some ideas with the lecturer for our future project in the semester. Just some simple short ideas toss around to see if it can be used and fully developed. 64 more words



Bars to keep you out, bars to keep you in.  Either way, the light has you.

Composition: But not bars at all in fact, only darker stripes on a wall that have been given a high contrast look in… 43 more words


Humming Birds Don't Sing for Bees

Humming Birds Don’t Sing for Bees is an independent film that came out the Art Institute of Chicago. I worked closely alongside the director, Allison Ramirez to develop the score while the film was in early stages of production. 17 more words

Faces - Why & How - 10 Ideas

It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many million faces, there should be none alike.  Thomas Browne

The desire to create a record of someone’s face is as old as time. 501 more words


Final Photobook

I have learned so much from the Communications 300 course. I have learned how to manually set my own camera, how to pose and compose subjects, and how to share my photography with others through print and web. 92 more words

Octavia Spencer Discusses Being Dyslexic: 'Your Brain Functions Differently'

Octavia Spencer is opening up about being dyslexic as an adult, its effect on her and her admiration for teachers.

In an interview with WENN… 276 more words


Astronomi-con FAQ Update

Some updates to the FAQ for Astronomi-con:

  • Lifted restrictions on Independent Characters joining units during deployment.   The current GW Rulebook FAQ has addressed the most pressing issues and having additional restrictions seemed unnecessary.
  • 48 more words