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Dans la famille Barjo tout le monde déteste tante Julie. Elle est très bruyante et elle parle beaucoup. La tante Julie est toujours en retard aux fêtes d’anniversaire, aux dîners de famille, et aux réunions de famille. 234 more words


Nimona Composition Project (Epic Soundtrack)

Below are tracks inspired by the Nimona graphic novel. Tracks ranged from epic orchestral to quiet instrumental.


Listen While You Play: Video Game Music

We praise video games for being visually stunting or deeply immersive, but often neglect the music aspects of games. Music sets the tone for the events happening on the screen. 247 more words


श्रीरत्नाकरदारिकामुखमहापद्मार्कधुर्यः प्रभु-
सोऽयं रक्षतु विश्वपाऽतिविमलः श्रीवेङ्कटाधीश्वरः॥

#विश्वपा #हरिः #compositions
#sanskrit #lordship #devotion

(19.02.17, शार्दूलविक्रीडित)


My first international contest

My first internacional contest was the Love Song Project and It was quite the experience.

Mostly because I didn’t take it seriously. I had a song, change it a little bit and basically force it to be a love song. 158 more words


श्रीवैष्णवी तरुणचन्द्रप्रभाविताभा
श्रीवैष्णवी तरुणचन्द्रकिशोररूपा।
श्रीवैष्णवी तरुणचन्द्रशिरोऽभिरामा
श्रीवैष्णवी तरुणचन्द्रसुसेव्यमाना।।

(16.02.2017, 09:18, Delhi)