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Dear Boy,

Hello, well…I don’t really know you yet. I don’t know if your older that me or if you like the things that I also like. 138 more words


First Post

As they say, ‘First of anything and everything is always special’, so instead of brainstorming on what to cover on my first blog post, I shall be dedicating this to all those who inspired, encouraged and persuaded me to start a blog and give my savage thoughts a platform to find respite on. 387 more words


Inner peace

I am but dust
stirred by words
blown to a galaxy
of another universe.


Dog Star 12: Math is Nature

Paul Muller with a nice writeup on one of the Dog Star concerts this past June.


Pilipinas, kilalanin natin si Kaloy.


Naupo si Kaloy sa sirang bangko,
Yumuko, mga mata’y sa kawalan dumako.
Mga problema’y sunud-sunod na gumapang sa pagod na utak;
Siya’y humiling: Tama na, Diyos ko, tama na. 533 more words


Calling All [Music] Composers!

I said I would do it long, long ago, so ready or not, here goes: a passel of potential poetic lyrics. When I write, rhyming or rhythmic or not, I very often hear music in my imagination. 431 more words