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Composition techniques assignment

Small Compositions 

This is my first piece that is based of a visual stimuli and the style i had chosen was a military feel orchestral piece. 118 more words

About Me

WASP-47: a bizarre planetary system that left clues about how it formed

One of the most unusual exoplanet systems discovered so far is WASP-47.  The first planet discovered in this system was a seemingly garden-variety hot Jupiter… 1,244 more words


Song writing from scratch

With Move Up Day happening this week, students all moved up to the year they will be coming back into in September to get a feel for what it will be like. 57 more words


Valedictory Address: UPCA Class of 2017

Last Sunday, I was granted the greatest of  honor of standing before the graduating class of the UP Diliman College of Architecture, and sending them off with pieces of hope and gratitude carefully woven into the seven-minute speech. 1,464 more words


Special yet Temporary

I used to think that you were my happily ever after, that you were my end game, where I will be happy when I say that it’s game over. 195 more words


Ever - a short, short, very short story.

A smattering of blue sky against the clouds.

Crisp autumn breeze and the click-clack of shoes against the cobblestone.

They are not joyous things in my mind. 89 more words



Hi! So I’ve made a different category which is called “Compositions” where I will post things that I’ve written. This may or may not yet posted on Tumblr so I hope you can check it out. 134 more words